Tim Langdell: The EDGE of Insanity?

By: Derek Yu

On: May 29th, 2009

Tim Langdell

Mobigame’s award-winning iPhone game Edge has been removed from the App Store, pending a legal battle with Tim Langdell (pictured at right) over the trademark “Edge.” What’s troubling is that, according to a GameSetWatch article by Simon Carless, Langdell, who founded and owns the company Edge Games, has had a history of using his trademark to cause creators grief and to link himself with various high-profile media projects, including, but not limited to, games.

“We have legal issues with a man named Tim Langdell,” says Mobigame’s David Papazian. “If you already asked why Soul Edge (the Namco game) was called Soul Blade and later Soulcalibur in the US, you have your answer.” (via Fingergaming)

If you look on Tim’s Wikipedia page, you’ll notice that he is associated with Edge Magazine, a Malibu Comics character named Edge, and also the movie The Edge, starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. What Tim actually did on any of these projects is questionable, but my guess would be that it’s about as much work as he will do for Edge, the iPhone game, once all the dust settles. Namely, he threatened to sue the living fuck out of anyone in his path (mind you, this is conjecture).

Anonymous Ninja

You may also notice that the Wikipedia entry is oddly detailed and poorly cited for a man who no one has really given a shit about until now… it’s also under a neutrality dispute. And no wonder – the entire page is almost single-handedly the creation of user Cheridavis, who, very coincidentally, shares the name of Tim’s wife, Cheri Davis Langdell. When pressed on the issue of neutrality, Cheridavis wrote: “You are mistaken. I am writing a book on founding members of the game industry and noticed that Tim Langdell was one of the only people missing from Wikipedia. The article I created is based on my research, not on being Tim Langdell or knowing him personally.” That would be Tim Langdell, the husband of Cheri Davis Langdell, the founder of the game industry, the producer of such notable titles as Fairlight and Snoopy: The Case of the Missing Blanket, and the man who participated in these three roundtables at GDC this year:

- Who Controls a Game’s IP and Who Reaps the Financial Benefit?

- How to Design Your Game So That its IP is More Valuable to Hollywood

- How to Sell Your IP to Hollywood (Without Selling Your Soul)

If you’re wondering where Simon’s article for GSW went, it is, for whatever reason (heh), not available anymore. Unless you go to NeoGAF or any of the other places the article has been reposted. And if, after reading this, you’re wondering, like I was, about Mirror’s Edge, you’ll be happy to note that Mr. Langdell’s EDGE Games is currently working on a new game called “Mirrors a game from Edge,” which I’m sure will not conflict in any way with the popular parkour-inspired FPS.

Jokes aside, the most frightening thing about this entire debacle is not how greedy and disingenuous human beings can be (you should be used to it by now), but that Mr. Greedyguts himself is a board member on the IGDA, a non-profit organization created to empower game developers and advocate on their behalf. Which is, in this author’s distinct opinion and should in no way be construed as a fact, somewhat like having Joseph Mengele on the board of the Red Cross. It’s absolutely fucking ridiculous and brings the credibility of the organization to serious question. How does this happen and what are they going to do about it?

Thanks to mklee for pointing this out, via TIGForums. Thanks to John Nesky for pointing out the GDC roundtables.

Update: The IGDA has responded, and so has Tom Buscaglia, the “Game Attorney” (and also an IGDA board member).

Update 2: The follow-up to this article can be found here.

  • Not me guv, honest.

    Christ, is he *still* at it?

    FTR, he didn’t write Fairlight. He only published it. It was written by the uber talented Bo Jangeborg and really was quite good indeed.

  • Michael Rose

    What a sad, sad man.

  • Paul Eres

    mainstream games industry drama, pass on by

    companies, groups, and people editing their own wikipedia entries are the ruin of wikipedia

    edge is one of the best characters in the entire ff series

    copied from my post in the forums: this is one guy misusing the law in a way it’s not intended to be misused. trademark law is intended to avoid imitations — e.g. some guy opening up a store called mcdonald’s which is not actually a mcdonald’s. it wasn’t designed to avoid people using words for games because a guy already used that word. he would probably lose these court cases if the juries were sensible.

  • Lyx

    Wikipedia doesn’t need others to ruin it – it does a very fine job at that, by trying to be everything simultaneusly, but only succeeding in fucking up in every possible regard.

    Back on the topic: That certain kind of people exist, doesn’t make me go wow. What i consider interesting about the article is the stuff near the end:

    “Jokes aside, the most frightening thing about this entire debacle is not how greedy and disingenuous human beings can be (you should be used to it by now), but that Mr. Greedyguts himself is a board member on the IGDA, a non-profit organization created to empower game developers and advocate on their behalf.”

  • avoidobject

    This is fucking unbelievable. I’m sorry but that’s all I can say. I can’t believe this shit.

  • avoidobject

    Completely fucking ridiculous. I am at a loss for words to even express how I feel about this. How the hell can such people even exist is beyond me.

  • http://mile222.com aeiowu

    He’ll do what he does, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to call for his expulsion from the IGDA.


  • Stwelin

    It’s all very simple, Mobigames, just stick and L in front of the title and everything will be honky-dory.

  • alspal

    Everyone should call their games Edge now.

  • Person what enjoys indie games

    What an asshole.

  • plvhx

    has anyone actually played the iphone game in discussion? it’s bloody wonderful. shame.

  • Person what enjoys indie games

    This is what I hear… it looks fun too.

  • http://www.pesternester.com Mailman

    Wow, that’s incredible. Also ridiculous, what a greedy bastard!

    My thoughts: Anyone want to set up a new IGDA?

  • Cobalt

    Just name your game something like Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. You don’t see Grasshopper Manufacture being sued now, do ya?

  • raigan

    This reminds me of the time Jon was threatened by the makers of Bubble Thing for his TOJam game “Bubble Thing”:



  • raigan

    Wait, THAT guy is the guitarist from U2?! He has not aged well.

  • J_John

    I think I know that ninja.

    Also, great commentary Mr. Yu.

  • Loki

    I really would like to see something shameful and embarrassing happen to this pitiful man.

  • Rebecca Clements

    Look at the way the second section of the Wiki article is phrased:

    “1971-1990, The Early Years: Forming an Industry”

  • Ninomojo

    I hope Mobigame gets informed help. Langdell is a douche. I’m all for a petition demanding his resignation from IGDA.

  • Craig Stern

    This is just appalling. I’m ashamed to learn that he teaches at my alma mater. :(

  • http://www.oxeyegames.com Kinten

    Haha! Thank god for people like Tim Langdell, they make life so much more inteesting!

    I thought you were kidding about the “Mirrors…. Edge” thing. Haha! I’d like to ask mr Langdell what the view is so far up his own ass.

  • http://FingerGaming.com jonglover

    As Simon said, the dude is hyper-litigious so I appreciate folks picking this up and running with it. David and I were actually exchanging emails for several days (the actual email “interview” runs paragraphs) but we had to be careful as, up until yesterday evening, they were still trying to work something out with Langdell.

    It came down to, “Fuck it, guy’s crazy,” so we threw it up in its neutered state. I don’t think you have to look past his Wiki to realize he’s a disingenuous megalomaniac and last I heard from David they’re probably just going to bite the bullet and change the game’s name.

    Bummers abound.

  • Ken Raw

    What a Wanker.
    And yes, I realise my rather humorous and totally-not-just-made-up-name is an anagram of Wanker.

  • Gainsworthy

    God damn. The word “EDGE” is tradmarked by this guy? How does that even work?

    Wonder if there’s anything that can be done?

  • Flamebait

    This is hilarious. Can’t wait to see him try to defend himself.

    By the way, presumably there’s a legitimate connection between his company (that I’d never heard of before) and Edge magazine, since they both use the same font for their titles. Edge magazine sucks. Regardless, his work on the comics and film must’ve been infantile bullying for profit.

  • Gainsworthy

    OH HOLY SHIT HE MADE THE CLASSIC “Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal (1987)”. I think we should back off a little.

  • fabamatic

    If I owned EDGE I would rename the game to Tim Langdell Is a Douchebag

  • Not me guv, honest.

    Flamebait, only in the sense that he “licensed” the Edge name for Future to use, I believe.

    Make of that what you will.

    I’ve friends who’ve had run ins with this fine chap before now and I can only echo what Jon said above really. Strangely enough, he’s got a miraculous way of getting folks backs up.

    Can’t possibly think why.

  • Prio

    “How to Sell Your IP to Hollywood (Without Selling Your Soul)”

    Don’t have a soul to sell, I guess.

  • http://www.stegersaurus.com/ Stegersaurus

    ahh… buh… wha… AHHH!

    There’s idiotic people like this up the ying-yang, but why does the IGDA associate with these people? The IGDA keeps letting me down and it feels like we need a new association, or at least a new board considering the issues we seem to be having rampantly lately with how the IGDA is run. Do we have a board that’s full of people who encourage poor QoL and trademark trolling?

    I’m really wondering about my next branch meeting, considering I’m supposed to present…

  • Langdelleatsshitpie

    His name is Tim “Cocksucker” Langdell…

    Can you dig it? Get it right!

  • Deacon Blues

    I’d go in for that petition.

    And also a compo where everyone calls their game “Edge”.

  • http://www.sophiehoulden.com/blog GirlFlash

    I dont get how he lays claim to the word edge, is he the copyright holder of the dictionary or something?

  • Craig Stern

    Trademarks just protect against substantial likelihood of confusion among consumers. He doesn’t own the word–he’s just bullying people who either don’t know their rights, or don’t have the money to hire lawyers who can defend them.

  • Eighteen-tee

    Does this mean this anus owns U2 music genius The Edge?


  • Xiagan

    Huh. That is thick/sick.
    I vote for another “I’m OK” (I’m over the Edge), based on lobbying, destroying game makers and becoming nevertheless board member of an institution like the IGDA.
    Maybe he even made some (honest) proposals you can use… :P

  • xerus

    I’m not going to contribute to a public hysteria that’s going to cost. Lives.

  • Ezuku

    Ah… this is so rediculous it’s literally funny.

    His IP seems to literally be the word “Edge”.

    But yes, I like the idea of renamming the game to Ledge, or “Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly”, which is a much better name anyway. One word dramatic names are so 90s.

    Anyway, has any of these actually gone to court? Or has he just been threatening people. Because I’m relatively sure he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in court, “Edge” is in common usage.

  • Flamebait

    @Not me guv, honest: “Flamebait, only in the sense that he “licensed” the Edge name for Future to use, I believe.”

    Right, I was just pointing out that it must’ve been a mutual benefit thing, unlike Langdell’s adventures in edge-based extortion. Yu jumped to conclusions on that particular one. AFAICT he didn’t on any of the other ones.

  • Astrofra

    How long until he finds (google-alerts) this post and sues TigSource for libel ?

  • Jasper

    Just looking at the Edge website I noticed he is about to release all the old C64 games on WiiWare, as the author of one fo these games I wonder if the honest chap is going to pay me royalties, mind you he never paid any when the game came out.

  • Novichock

    He looks like a Jeff Foxworthy.

    The main difference appears to be that Foxworthy isn’t a dickhead.

  • tirco

    haha Jasper are you serious? you know him? tell us more!

  • Foppy

    Maybe a bit over the top to mention Mengele in this context.

  • Foppy

    I agree it’s not nice to claim the ownership of a normal word though.

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    How is possible to trademark a word like “edge”? Also, for example, if i make a game called “Edge 2: Tim is an asshole” and if i live in a state that’s not UK nor USA, so not under those laws… how it can apply to me?

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    I’m so going to trademark “polygon”, “triangle” and “vertex”…

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    Anyway i really hope Electronic Arts will counter-menace him or suit the hell out of this douchebag now

  • raiten


  • raiten

    I want to know why the article was pulled from GameSetWatch. Will the real Simon Carless please stand up

  • dacowboy

    im in for the EDGE game compo. never made a game before but hey, this is the perfect occasion to do so.

  • http://dariusforigda.org Darius K.

    His legal actions notwithstanding, Tim Langdell is on the IGDA Board because he won the election to get on the Board.

  • Madgarden

    Yay, Edge is in the Canadian App store… Canuckistan forevah!

    I agree, TIGS needs to have an EDGE-themed game competition. That would be too grand.

  • Not me guv, honest.

    “Right, I was just pointing out that it must’ve been a mutual benefit thing, unlike Langdell’s adventures in edge-based extortion”

    It depends how you define mutually beneficial, I guess.

  • Amanda

    I reckon somebody needs to actually take him to court on one of these things, because he won’t win; you can’t copyright a word. Is he gonna come after me if I tell people “I’m on the edge of my seat”? Come on, this is ridiculous. Somebody sue this guy.
    Also, rename the game to “Edge; with no copyright to Tim Langdell cause he’s a douche”, and then people can shorten it to “Edge”. Let’s see him sue every user of the game.

  • Lurk

    “Langdell has been lead producer, designer and writer on all of EDGE”

    Which in the game industry means he was part of meetings, made the dev staff’s life miserable with his ‘suggestions’ and was incidently the only team member with more than enough free time to self-promote his career to the press and throw in a couple of empty buzzwords and theories about how to make games. If his ego had stayed in this harmless, classic god’s gift to gaming stage we see too often with big-head designers today, that would be unremarkable. But hindering others in their own endeavors is really appalling. Just goes to show how the IGDA is becoming nothing more than a podium for these superstars to stroke their miserable all-important selves.

  • 7p83h

    he is not the problem,

    he is just an ass having his way within laws. like your neighbour mowing his lawn at 8am.

    the judicial system is to blame for this being legal.

  • qnp

    I have acquired the rights for the word “the”.
    Henceforth anyone wanting to use the word “the” in any of their game titles, please contact my lawyers and we can arrange a monthly payment settlement.


  • raiten

    I’ve acquired the rights for the name Tim Langdell.

  • qnp

    Just checked out his Wiki entry and obviously the anger has finally/already reached his page as the first line reads:

    Tim Langdell…is a video game producer, game programmer and game designer as well as a university professor and a **douchebag**

  • RazputinOleander

    @raiten: Goddamn! It’s about time! :D

  • NiN

    You should see what is says now. Just

    “Tim Langdell (born ~1653 in Oxford, England) does not deserve a wikipedia page. Good day.”

    “Occupation: Video game designer; massive douche”

  • lurker

    Tim Langdell (born ~1657 in Oxford, England) does not deserve a wikipedia page. Good day.


  • raiten

    I’d like to draw people’s attention to the fact that Tim Langdell is now posting on the forums, using the nick “mopius” (he’s not doing that “cheridavis” mistake again!)


  • Schoon

    The IGDA is a democracy. The Board is voted upon. There are that many ignorant game developers, even among those who are actually caring / voting members, which isn’t that many to begin with… End of story…

  • sqrrl

    this is taken from the wiki entry for Edge Games:
    “Edge Games is a British video game developer and publisher headquartered in Pasadena, California and with offices in London, England. It has not created a video game in over a decade, and is now primarily concerned with rehashing old “hits” to make a quick buck while they focus on stamping out young, talented developers under their heel of the EDGE copyright.”
    lol, somebody should temporarily name their baby Tim Langdell, and then buy the copyright for that name.

  • Foppy

    > “We have the trademark EDGE in Europe (where the game is still available),” Papazian tells FingerGaming.

    What does this mean?

    Are they doing the same thing Langdell does?

  • cactus

    Incredible. What a guy :D

  • beemoh

    Also, the rotating E image near the bottom of his site has actually been lifted directly from an old Edge Magazine website, circa issue 90.

  • Burk

    I love how he claims to own everything with the word edge in. I thought trolls were just 12-16 year olds who believe they are funny, But I guess some people stay immature.

  • Thward

    I looked Langdell up on the USC website. He is listed as having taught classes there, but he is not in the faculty directory. Even professors far less douchebaggy (neologism, FFS) than Langdell would throw a conniption fit if they weren’t listed as being part of the faculty. Some more research is necessary, but his claim to be a “professor” at USC (as opposed to teaching there) seems a bit of a stretch.

  • Greg

    Tim Langdell ( tim at edgegames dot com )
    Independent Game Designer & Developer / Lead Game Professor, National University
    Tim Langdell

    This is going to be a tough year ahead — never a greater need for the IGDA to serve its members even more fully, and if elected I will help.

    I am passionate about the game industry and fortunate to have been part of it since the late 1970s when I founded EDGE Games. Having worked on over 200 games, from AAA games through to mobile games, I am currently designing several original console games, an MMO which I am really excited about, and an original TV-Series/game tie-in where I will also be producing the TV show as well as designing the game.

    Since 1990 I have been doing all I can to “give back” to help build the game industry:

    * Co-founded the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in the early 1990s — my original vision was for it be a vehicle to standardize game industry credits through an annual awards show.
    * Instigated game classes at USC’s Film School in 1992, taught there 14 years, and am now lead game prof at National University where I run the MFA program in game production out of San Jose , LA and San Diego . I’ve been working to find ways to use games to motivate at-risk kids and help young adults with learning disabilities.
    * Been working tirelessly to integrate the efforts of the IGDA with film/TV industry by liaising with the Producers Guild (member of its New Media Board), the Writer’s Guild (Vice Chair of its Videogame Writers Caucus), and the Television Academy/Emmys (member) to coordinate game credits and advocate games. I was very proud to chair the WGA committee which launched the first 2008 WGA Award for Videogame Writing, and am now working on the first ever Producers Guild award for game producing.
    * I’ve been an active member of the IGDA, written books on games, and given numerous conference papers.

    If elected to the board I would have three key goals:

    1. 2009 is going to be a rough year and I if elected I would urge the IGDA Board to help its members through these tough times.
    2. Further empower the IGDA special initiatives like Credits Standardization, Quality of Life and Games Curriculum – great progress, but we need to do more.
    3. Advocate equally for everyone in the game industry from indie developers to AAA studios.

    Feel free to check out a more in-depth bio here.

    Tim’s volunteer contributions:

    * Member, Writers SIG Steering Committee
    * Advisor, Los Angeles Chapter
    * Liaison Committee Chair, Game Writers SIG
    * Contributor and sub-editor, Writing SIG book “Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames” (2007)
    * Contributor, Game Education SIG
    * Advisor, Student Game Development Club at National University

    What a fucking joke.

  • Paul Eres

    everyone: please stop confusing trademark and copyright. i know you guys aren’t legal experts, but at least be the type of people who look up stuff and learn about stuff, cause they’re completely different things.

    also, saying juries ‘allow’ this to be legal may be incorrect: we don’t know if this has actually ever reached court. far more likely people just can’t be bothered with a legal battle and just bow to his pressure.

    similarly, the igda is elected by paying members. join and vote against him (there is a fee, but indie developers are allowed afaik). the reason he wins is because we people aren’t usually bothered to research something before thinking we know about it enough to act on it or talk about it.

  • Flamebait

    @Not me guv, honest:”It depends how you define mutually beneficial, I guess.”

    Well, no, it depends on what really happened. Langdell demanding that they use his typeface is implausible to me. Them using his typeface after shovelling over money to use the word “edge” is also implausible. Langdell stealing the typeface from Edge magazine after the fact is possible but not the most likely case. But who cares? It’s not important in the face of everything else this twat’s done.

    Mopius is probably Langdell- I can see someone disagreeing with the consensus, but why would some random guy register just to throw around insults at people who don’t like another random?

  • Loki

    Ahaha, the edge games wiki entry now has a swastika.
    Screenshot for posterity: http://i40.tinypic.com/29z25on.jpg

  • boomlinde

    Edge game competition, anyone?

  • DarkFalzX

    Shit like this really makes my blood boil. An unscrupulous scumbag that scams credit, and possibly royalties from talented but poor, or possibly legally-clueless people. Why have we never heard of Langdell VS EA lawsuit over Mirror’s Edge (and no, I don’t mean the “Mirrors new game from the EDGE”) for allegedly infringing on his trademark – because it’s legal nonsense! If anyone would’ve had the resource to take this sleazebag on – the case would’ve been thrown out of court as trademark is a very, very VERY specific kind of thing, and every specific situational use of the trademark requires its own $300 application (so to cover a broad range of media, as this douchebag has assumed we would think he did, he’d need at least, say $50 mil).
    Moreover, I have been fruitlessly searching through US Patent and Trademark database for his company – and so far – no dice!
    Additionally – him stealing the EDGE magazine logo looks like the most plausible explanation as illustrated below:

  • v1510n

    You can copyright a word, given a specific range. What about “Tide” detergent?


    “Edge” related to Games is not generic. “Edge” for shaving cream is suggestive. However, courts really have been slow on IP. They’ve been especially slow on the internet and probably extremely slow on video games. One thing they should realize is that with video games, the producer’s name has very little to deal with the products they create.

  • O

    Thing about trademark is you really do have to be able to justify it when it’s tested in court. This really is just a huge bluff.

    It’s a shame attention was brought to this now, actually. EA would’ve legally steamrolled the motherfucker.

  • jim

    awesome deconstruction of someone who sounds like a total asshole. just like those domain squatters really.

  • headcrab.

    If there is any justice in the world, this man will get raped a man with a chainsaw penis.

    I am, of course, referring to myself.

  • ptoing

    How about a TIGS Compo where all the games have to have Edge in the title and also some gameplay mechanic involving edges and such. :P

  • anamegoeshere

    The EDGE compo must happen. It’s too good of an idea for it not to happen.

    Derek, or whoever runs the site. Please make it a reality. Please please, pretty pleaaaaaseeee!

  • ZombiePixel

    Absolutely – the EDGE competition must happen immediately!

  • avoidobject

    i second this notion

  • http://www.burningnorth.com/ George

    Throwing my support behind the EDGE compo. Hell, we should all just storm the IGF with EDGE games this year. That ought to set Langdell’s teeth on, err, EDGE.

    Does this mean we won’t get any more *Phoenix Wright* titles in the states? There’s a character named Edgeworth, fer chrissake!

    We can’t call innovative games “cutting edge” anymore? (though on second thought, that might be refrshing)

    And what of GameStop’s infamous EDGE card? Sweet Raptorchrist, IS NOTHING SACRED?

    On a more serious note, however, this is fucking ridiculous. If I find that he’s trolling the TIGS forums with a fake username, I may have to call him out at GDC 2010. How childish and unprofessional. At least *I* think through my venom enough to feel comfortable using my real name.

    What the hell kind of standards do we have in this industry? And to think we were all SHOCKED when Heather Chaplin called us a bunch of little boys. With guys like Langdell running amok, I’m amazed she didn’t just flat-out explode during her rant. Even *I’m* furious right now, and my level of maturity is highly suspect.

    I don’t know who should be more ashamed: Langdell for being such a maniac, or all of us for somehow electing him to the Board without knowing what he had up his sleeve.

    God, this guy makes me almost as angry as the Houser brothers.

  • Enzo
  • Enzo
  • Enzo

    sorry, right link:


    Digg it, let’s get this out there

  • http://digg.com/gaming_news/Trademark_Troll_Gets_Mobigames_EDGE_Taken_Down raiten

    click on my nick above for a functioning digg link


    Hey Tim,

    I played Garfield big fat hairy deal on the Amiga, didn’t pay for it got a copy of course lolz and it was a terrible game and really depressing for some reason, always made me feel down because the world in it felt so lifeless and horrible… now I know why because you’re fucking dead inside

  • http://www.greg-anims.com Greg-Anims

    what a scumbag

    im all for an edge games competition

  • Secret Admirer

    Man, what a fucking weasel.

  • Anon

    Someone needs to slashdot this.

  • http://shinji16.110mb.com Shinji16

    On the EDGE site, there is a number for corporate. I’m calling tomorrow. Because this is just like how Monster (the HDMI cable company) sues everyone, even if they’ve been using Monster in their title (Monster Energy Drinks, for example) longer than Monster (hdmi) has been around.

    Seriously, fuck this guy. And I hope this causes a shitstorm large enough for a lawsuit over Mirror’s Edge and copyright titles.

  • http://www.tombuscaglia.com Tom B

    I am speaking now for myself and NOT on behalf of the IGDA or as an IGDA Board member. But as me, Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney.

    This dispute relates to a company enforcing its properly registered Trademark. While you or I may not agree with the laws related to Trademarks, they are what they are. Moreover, the IGDA represents the individuals who make games, not the companies that make them. So, although no one is more committed to independent developers than I am, this is a legal dispute between two companies regarding an alleged Trademark infringement. So, while I laud your efforts to fight for the little guy here, these matters are for the court of law, not for a public opinion.

    I think this matter is a bit more complex that it has been presented too…As someone who has litigated intellectual property cases, I can tell you that these cases are never as simple as they might seem, especially when one only has access to one side of the story. I suspect that is you had spend 20 odd years building a Trademark to brand your studio and games, and paid to have a Trademark registered, you might also feel compelled to enforce your trade name. BTW, if you do not enforce your Trademark, you may lose it. So you may want to also take that into account in your analysis!

    Trade and service marks, usually both called “trademarks”, are words, symbols and other things use to identify the source of a product in commerce. Some little know trademarks are Kodak Yellow and the sound of a Harley. Both are protected. But usually trademarks are names and logos. This description of a trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office may help:

    “A trademark is a word, name, symbol or device which is used in trade with goods to indicate the source of the goods and to distinguish them from the goods of others. A servicemark is the same as a trademark except that it identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than a product. The terms “trademark” and “mark” are commonly used to refer to both trademarks and servicemarks.

    “Trademark rights may be used to prevent others from using a confusingly similar mark, but not to prevent others from making the same goods or from selling the same goods or services under a clearly different mark. Trademarks which are used in interstate or foreign commerce may be registered with the Patent and Trademark Office.”

    I personally do not think that lobbying the IGDA to intervene or even take sides in a legal dispute is the right approach. If Tim’s position is correct (and I do not have enough information to determine that issue one way of the other) you are recommending that the IGDA potentially support a party who has infringed a legal and enforceable Trademark..and that’s just nutty!

    So, I just do not see that as a viable position for the organization under any circumstances. In any case, I do not see any Board member vigorously enforcing his legal rights as contrary to the code of ethics in any way. I regret that Bob’s thoughtful response did not satisfy you…but I agree with his position on this matter.

    Tom B

  • Not me guv, honest.

    Tom, I appreciate your response but it’s woefully missing the point. No-one is asking the IGDA to intervene in a legal dispute.

    The issue at hand is one of Mr Langdell’s repeated behaviour. Repeated deceptive behaviour in the eyes of the UK registrar and certain courts in the US and how it’s completely at odds with the core values of the IGDA. How it makes a mockery of those values also.

    I’m sorry the board don’t see that as an issue. I’m more sorry the board can’t see why it’s an issue and are instead focusing solely on the current EDGE case rather than the more far reaching issue at hand.

    With all the good will in the world, Tom, it’s still an issue of trust and asking the IGDA board members to uphold the values they espouse. Mr Langdell has repeatedly proven that level of trust can’t be applied to his actions as an individual and on behalf of his organisations.

    This is the core of the problem, not specifically the current ongoing case.

  • ptoing

    The problem is that normal words can be trademarked, which as far as common sense goes is fucking retarded.

  • http://www.dyson-game.com Alex May

    I think I’ll *not* be checking out that IGF Finalist Kit you emailed me Tom. Thanks anyway.

  • Lurk

    The community is not reacting to the legality of the matter, its reacting to the human side of it. That is, a well established, wealthy veteran of the industry gunning down an emerging independent developer. It’s his legal right I guess, but it’s just disgusting.

  • Greg

    What “Not me guv” said.

    This issue, alone, could be seen as someone being maybe a bit heavy handed in enforcing and defending their trademark.

    However, the thing that really gets people burning up is that when you look at Tim’s website, when you look at the poor quality (did you see Galactic Edge Spacelines, Tom) of his work, and in fact, the sheer lack of any documented work what-so-ever, combined with his history of being extremely touchy and deceptive with regards to his “Edge” trademark, not to mention the Wikipedia editing done by wife Cheri Davis Langdell, glorifying his achievements in the gaming community.

    I could understand if Tim was actively using his trademark, if Edge was actually pumping out quality games and merchandise. The single game they have an advertisement was supposed to come out in 2004, and it doesn’t even have more than 10 screenshots that I managed to dig up, and they look like modified Diablo II screens!

    Look at it from a consumer standpoint Tom. On one hand, you have Mobi, who have created an original, well recieved iPhone/iTouch game that stood out from the drivel that invades the App Store, and on the other, you have Tim L and Edge, enforcing a trademark that, by all views from the consumer’s eye, may just as well not exist.

    Gamers are a fickle crowd, if a company doesn’t release SOMETHING of note, we think “What’s the point of this company existing?”. Edge may have been the proverbial shit back in the early 90′s, but this is almost 2010, and that kind of stuff doesn’t fly in this day and age.

    Gamers want games, not litigation.

  • The Doctor

    Who the hell is Tim Langdell? Seriously. Who the hell is Tim Langdell?

    Am I supposed to know who this guy is because right now it looks like he’s just another has-been who’s using the (worthless) American legal system to make the money his games fail to.

    I tried to look at his website but the early ’90′s site design coupled with unnecessary use of flash kind of makes it impossible to actually figure out what’s the big deal.

    Okay. After looking a little harder it looks like he designed six hundred computer games including Wizardry and some other stuff that moved by too fast on the flash intro and mobygames says h did something with God of War.

    I’m still puzzled about who this guy is though.

  • O

    This isn’t a matter of the legal system failing so much as people confusing the rightful care they should take with copyright with the much more common-sense trademark law, and one huge cunt who takes advantage of that.

  • Derek

    I just wanted to point out a mistake I made in my post. The three “lectures” that Tim Langdell gave were actually roundtables. Thanks to Chris Hecker for pointing this out, and apologies for the confusion.

  • Greg

    Yes, on his website it says that he is recognized as one of the top 5 leading industry experts on game design.


    Yeah no.

  • http://shinji16.110mb.com Shinji16

    Hm, my second comment didn’t post.

    Just wanted to say I rawkfist at the idea of an EDGE competition. Bonus points if it’s surreal text-adventure games only. Cuz that’d be edgy. Or some other lousy pun on this whole debacle.

  • Paul Eres

    that top 5 list gives me an idea for a fighting game — a fighting game of famous game designers! it’d also include some indies, like cactus and increpare. they’d battle it out sf2 style.

  • Paul Eres

    oh, and langdell etc. would be the joke characters / dan hibiki’s

  • Not me guv, honest.

    Greg, in fairness, it doesn’t say who he’s recognised by! It could be his mum for all its worth.

    The Edge had a couple of pretty neat breakout hits in the UK during the Eighties. Compared to the powerhouses like US Gold, Codemasters, Ultimate/RARE and Ocean – heck, even Mastertronic, they were mere blips in the grand pantheon of gaming. That’s of course, before we start accounting for international stuff too.

    Naturally, I’d hope folks would remember the talent behind the games over the publishing house regardless. Mr Jangeborg, Mr Glaister et al.

    The ironic thing is that as Softek, Mr Langdell was more than happy to indulge in fairly blatant riffs on other folks IP with the games he published. Fair do’s it was the eighties and pretty much de rigour at the time, but still…

  • Eric

    I think I might’ve actually voted for this guy. I read his IGDA bio, believing they were fact checked by IGDA. Well, my mistake.

    I won’t be renewing my IGDA membership. There’s so many problems, which can’t be easily fixed when the org is being used as a footstool for businessmen and fake developers.

  • shinygerbil

    @Paul Eres: Don’t underestimate the power of the Dan. In the right hands he is perfectly capable. :D

  • http://www.dyson-game.com Alex May

    I know tons of people who won’t be renewing IGDA membership after this and that other dickhead Mike Capps. Fuck the IGDA, honestly.

    And Tom Buscaglia should be ashamed backing this guy up after he’s gone after so many indies. Fuck you Tom, offering to help out indies in the IGF – now you’ve shown your true colours. Indies stick together.

  • O

    Yeah, I was disappointed to read Buscaglia’s blog post, which starts off with something like “Langdell’s older than you so shut the fuck up”.

    Mengele was a qualified physician long before I was old enough to masturbate — apparently Tom’s benchmark for whether someone deserves my respect.

  • Paul Eres

    Yeah, Tom B’s “So, although no one is more committed to independent developers than I am” was hilarious.

    I understand that if you don’t protect a trademark it can be used against you — the way the law works, if you aren’t actively protecting your trademark, anyone can use that as a legal excuse to use it. However, calling a game edge when another game company that hasn’t published a game in decades is also named edge isn’t trademark infringement, especially when it’s such a common word. it’d be like introversion suing someone for calling a game “introversion” (perhaps a social sim a la kudos?).

  • chutup

    Thanks for your response, Tom Buscaglia, but it’s kind of obvious that you just copied and pasted it from your blog. It’s heartwarming to see that you respect Tigsource enough to remove section that refers to Langdell as “someone who has been making games since before you old enough to choke your chicken”.

  • Tyrone

    “Alex May said: I think I’ll not be checking out that IGF Finalist Kit you emailed me Tom. Thanks anyway.”

    I’m going to have to agree with you Alex.

  • O

    Paul Eres: Bad example. Introversion’s case would be massively stronger. It took me a moment to remember that introversion means something besides Introversion, such is the strength of their brand.

    Ultimately, the purpose of trademark protection is to prevent consumers by preventing brand confusion.
    Introversion has a legitimate and active brand to protect, all-caps Edge does not. There’s no chance of me buying Edge because I thought it was EDGE because EDGE doesn’t have any products that aren’t fucking imaginary.

  • O

    Oops, I meant “protect” consumers. “Preventing consumers” is this Langdell fuckhead’s game.

  • http://shinji16.110mb.com Shinji16

    @Tom B – tl;dr at the bottom if you’re in a hurry.

    Hi! Common sense here, thought I’d check in and say a few words.

    When you’re trying to name your brand or company a single, very common word, obviously mix ups or accidental associations can happen.

    So, let’s say your company is Focus, with that word being the core mentality of your company’s mindset, etc… and a game comes out called Focus. The company making the game Focus is clearing showing it’s from their group, and in no way is showing similarity to yours. No similar fonts, logos, music, style…

    Would the best course of action to be to jump right to litigation? Or maybe an email, or less hostile form of communications be a better route first?

    The fact that Langdell jumped straight to sue or using legal force (I’ve yet to find any evidence contrary) is what is making him the villain here. I agree he can defend his company’s trademark name, I’m very closely involved with the Bemani game community, and familiar with Konami’s legal team going after smaller music game spin offs, but the manner in which you defend your property is key. Tim’s history of “sue sue sue!” isn’t helping his image, nor his case in trying to keep whatever good standing he has left.

    Langdell is going about this very poorly, and the fact you can’t see that and acknowledge it is… just baffling to me.

    tl;dr part 2
    Tim is being a lawyer happy douchebag, and you agreeing with him stating you’re “The Game Attorney” isn’t helping, and only damning the IDGA by proxy. Way to go!

  • http://www.dyson-game.com Alex May

    Yep – bad reps being fed here all round I think.

  • Paul Eres

    I think introversion’s case may be stronger, but I don’t think it’d be sufficiently legally strong to win. Introversion is a common word. But you’re right that the example isn’t perfect.

    How about a game called “Steam”? Or a game called “Blizzard”? Or a game called “Id”? Or a game called “Rare”? Or a game called “Square”? I think those would be confusing, but they’re common enough words that I don’t think any games with those names should be sued, especially if they were by indie developers.

  • avoidobject

    The IGDA’s response is a complete red herring. What should be addressed is the credibility of the organization and how this guy completely contradicts what they stand for. Instead they decide to selectively talk about the game having to change its name and saying we’re all lunatics for even thinking they can do something about it, when we never even suggested that in the first place.

  • anddy

    so, what would happen if all the IGDs left the IGDA?

    Apparently it’s run by at least one, if not a few, people who don’t have the best interest in Independent Game Developers.

    What strikes me is the response from IGDA, if that is how they see and react to this, then I’m more liable to group the rest of the board members in with Tim–which is a person who makes money off of games but does not actually contribute anything to (independent) games, and reminds me of the GDC IGF Mega64 video.

  • fucrate

    Yeah! We could start the Independent Game Developer Association! Wait…

  • http://mile222.com aeiowu

    Alex, you’re dead on.

    Just because it’s within his legal rights doesn’t make it ethical. Have a fucking heart.

    ps. Edge’s shitiness is directly correlated with the ferocity with which they go after these crumbs. They suck as a developer/business, so they resort to exploiting talented people by leveraging their only decent asset: a common word. By definition he is a bottomfeeder.

  • http://fingergaming.com/2009/05/28/update-edge-pulled-over-alledged-trademark-infringement/ cactus

    “We have the trademark EDGE in Europe (where the game is still available),” Papazian tells FingerGaming. “And we are trying to register it in the US.”

    This sounds pretty weird though. Wouldn’t that basically be forcing Langdell to take action if he wants to keep his trademark?

  • fucrate

    Ooh, or we could call it the Entertainment Developers Group of Earth. Indie devs unite!

  • The Doctor

    Why hasn’t Tim sued EA. Mirror’s Edge(!) is an OBVIOUS attempt by these nobodies to use his companies good name to their own benefit.

    As Tom Buscaglia said:
    “First, it is a totally punkassed remark about someone who has been making games since before you old enough to choke your chicken! Maybe you think that everyone in the industry over 40 should just walk out onto he ice flows…I mean really. Totally cheap shot there Max! At least he has game credits. So perhaps you should back off on and snide remarks.”

    You could take these guys on, Tim! They might look tough but it’s all beach muscles, so what if they’ve killed off more companies then you’ve ever worked for?

  • Joe

    You’re all nutty in the head. You guys oughta be in the loony bin, not on the internet acting like you know a thing or two about making games. This site is a joke. You’re the same kinds of people who would rather have it so there are no such thing as copyright, or even laws for that matter. Anarchist nutbags. I bet you all pirate all your games too and try to justify it by saying it’s the right thing to do. What a bunch of kooks.

    How about instead of trying to bring down a guy who has actually done something in his life (while you on the other hand just pretend to be game developers, and role play as that on this nutty website), you actually finish college or get a degree in something useful, hell even something related to game design for that matter? Bunch of basement nutbags coming on the internet acting like they’re big shot game developers. What a joke. You think you can make a difference in the IGDA? You think opinions from people who are completely nutty in the head have any weight on what the IGDA does? Seriously, get a clue and get a life, you schmucks.

  • Kobel

    Super post, Joe. The terms ‘quaint’ and ‘troll’ so rarely intersect.

  • Joe

    And by the way, I’ve known Tim for several years and I can’t think of anyone else I would rather have as a board member of the IGDA. That’s more than I can say about any of you guys, you no talent hacks who think making a thing or two in flash makes you a game developer. Give me a break.

  • ARelativelyHotGirl

    Joe has wandered out of the retirement castle and isn’t sure where he is.

  • Joe

    And by the way, I’ve known Tim for several years and I can’t think of anyone else I would rather have as a board member of the IGDA. That’s more than I can say about any of you guys, you no talent hacks who think making a thing or two in flash makes you a game developer. Give me a break.

  • fucrate

    I actually am a no talent hack who’s only made a couple things in flash. That cuts deep Joe, that cuts deep…

  • KingRabbit

    Hey Joe Mangas, aka Mopius, aka Cheri Davis, aka Tim Langdell is here, what a chance!

  • Tyrone

    Joe said 3 days later:

    And by the way, I’ve known Tim for several years and I can’t think of anyone else I would rather have as a board member of the IGDA. That’s more than I can say about any of you guys, you no talent hacks who think making a thing or two in flash makes you a game developer. Give me a break.

    Actually, Joe/Tim/Whoeveryouare: I’ve been in the game industry for over 15 years, but I don’t go lording it around. I’m working on Cave Story and Night Game for WiiWare at the moment. What are YOU doing?

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    Don’t worry about Joe, Tyrone — all his posts are from different IPs, not to mention probably a joke.

  • http://mile222.com aeiowu

    Joe, what you said to fucrate was out of line. I work with him. Please take it back.

    He just left the office shouting “Fuck this world! I don’t belong!” I think he’s on the roof. Joe. Please. I’m begging you. You can save a life, just apologize!

  • avoidobject

    Wow, the IGDA are a bunch of douchebags.

  • Not Me, Honest Guv

    And so, the world passed Joe by.

    Things changed. The shape of gaming evolved. And there he was, stuck watching the world going by as the revolution happened without him.

    Bless. Look at him, all shouting at the world. Calling other people crazy.

    Aww, it’d be sweet if it wasn’t the actions of a total tool.

  • avoidobject

    fucrate no need to repeat yourself, i think the IGDA and their supporters can read your first post just fine

  • Joe

    You think I’d give away my real IP to a bunch of lunatic nutjobs like you? I don’t even use my real IP while editing Wikipedia, why should I use it here?

    Not to mention, some of you are threatening my good friend Tim Langdell here with violence, saying things like you want to kill him a chainsaw. Yeah, that’s real classy. I’m glad you’re logging IPs, you’re going to need them when the FBI is looking for you crazed loonies.

  • avoidobject

    Wikipedia? Who said anything about Wikipedia?

  • fucrate

    Hehe, good one Joe. You should start a blog, it’ll be a laugh riot. Call it “Old man shouting at kids to get off his internet.” You could have an old lawn chair as the logo. It should have red and white stripes.

  • avoidobject

    Joe, more like Tim, am I right?

  • fucrate

    High five.

  • http://shinji16.110mb.com Shinji16

    1) Don’t reply to Joe. You’re just feeding the troll.
    2) Get back on topic.

    What can we do, realistically, as a group of upset people on the net, some with industry cred, some with out, etc… to try and take action against all this BS?

  • Joe

    “some with industry cred”

    Ha ha ha, yeah right. Keep dreaming kid.

    As far as what you can do? You and bitch and moan and demand the IGDA to do things that are just simply nutty and give us all something to laugh about. You guys are completely out of your mind and out of your league. Keep fantasizing about things that will never happen. I’m sure you’ll change a lot of things that way.

  • fucrate

    What we can do is the same thing we can always do, tell the industry groups to collectively fuck themselves pray that this shit doesn’t happen to us.

    The bottom line is the US civil court is royally fucked, the only way to win is to have more money than the other guy, which is why EA put out Mirrors Edge without a problem. EA has more money than Tim L.

    We will never win these cases if they go to court and the system isn’t gonna change any time soon. Mobigames should just change the name of the game and be done with it, which totally sucks if they’ve already sold a lot of copies.

    We could try to form an advocacy group like the IGDA, only less useless, but the bottom line is money. I almost have enough cash to cover rent, I could probably chip in $10-20. Is that gonna be enough to win some court cases?

  • Tyrone


    The best thing to do is to calmly and logically get the word out, but it’s really up to the Mobigames more than anyone else. It’s really their battle and one that they might not be able to fight because of pending litigation.

    Maybe start a website: http://www.reasonstoavoidnamingyourgameedge.com

    Partially in jest, but if developers know that using this generic word will land you in a world of legal hurt it’s pretty easy to avoid. It’s not like Langdell’s patented the jump button–we might have a problem then.

  • Not me guv, honest.

    Joe, bless you man.

    You can call everyone loons and kids all you like, the only thing it serves to do is make you look like a massive prick.

    Stop it, there’s a love.

    You’re not the same Joe who said that Langdell is the only “indie” from the Eighties still around are you? Man, I best go tell some of my friends they don’t exist.

    They’ll be heartbroken.

  • http://mile222.com aeiowu

    “Keep fantasizing about things that will never happen. I’m sure you’ll change a lot of things that way.”

    Because Jules Verne & Leonardo DaVinci were huge dumbasses.

    ps. I’ll go on record as being one of the guys that will “kill him a chainsaw” any day of the week. As much as I disagree with Langdell, my hatred for chainsaws runs much deeper.

    pps. if we do an EDGE compo, that’s totally what i’m doing. Kill as many chainsaws as possible with your EDGE® Blade.

  • avoidobject

    sign me up for that compo, because that sounds freakin’ awesome

  • Derek

    Joe is obviously a captain of industry, here.

  • Joe

    Not only is Tim an “indie” from the 80′s, but he’s the real deal. He’s not some punk who just made a game in some “Easy Instant Game Maker 2000 Pro Edition” in two minutes and decided to call himself a professional game developer. No, he has actual experience in the field and has more games (actual games, things sold at retail) credited to him than you’ve had hot dinners.

  • Not me guv, honest.

    How many did he actually make, Joe?


  • Joe

    I really don’t know what’s worse, your jealousy or the fact that you think you can actually challenge those with actual credibility in the games industry. How about you stop pretending to be game developers and actually gain some real credibility (maybe even graduate from high school or college, possibly start a successful game business) before you try to knock those who are more successful than you?

  • fucrate

    I’ve had a lot of hot dinners. Estimating at least one a day, considering I’m 24, 365 + 10 for food-friendly holidays, 24 * 375 = 9000, plus 6 for leap years, around 9006, give or take 1000.

    All in all it comes out to about you are an idiot.

  • http://mile222.com aeiowu

    hot dinner is for suckers. you’re right.

    Another game idea…

    Eat more hot dinners than Langdell games. Control all of your teeth with every button on the keyboard and chow to victory. Watch your burnt tongue meter though, hot dinners are dangerous.

  • Derek

    So real he had to edit his own Wikipedia page! So real he’s purposefully creating brand confusion (“Mirrors Edge”)! So real that a guy named “Joe” has to exclaim loudly on the comments of a blog that he’s real and, in the process, insult the indie developers who Tim, Tom, and the IGDA purportedly care about!

    Joe the Plumber, meet Joe the Game Developer.

    If he’s real, his work should speak for itself.

  • Not me guv, honest.

    I’m not jealous Joe. Is that the best you can muster, you potty mouthed peanut?

    So, I’ll ask again.

    How many did he write, Joe?

  • raiten

    Wow, this is incredible. Is this the same Joe that actually is Cheri Davis that actually is Tim Langdell that now is suggesting he knows Tim after saying he didn’t on the forums? Oh this web of lies! Or is it just a bizarre joke?! It’s damn hard to tell!

  • The Doctor

    I still have no idea why Joe/Tim Langdell is supposed to be so great after all this.

    The only thing he seems to do is sue small independent companies and tell other devs (That I’ve actually heard of) that they suck compared to him because indie devs aren’t real devs according to him. (Why the hell does he work for IGDA if he seems to think that?)

  • raiten

    Dude, he sues big companies too. or at least objects to their trademark registrations, see the Namco case. THAT HE LOST, I might add, despite what Joe/Tim/Mr. Space Crazy has suggested.

  • ben2theedge

    I AM jealous. I wish I had anonymous alias trolling forums to defend my honor. And I wish I’d invented the word EDGE(tm). How do you get a sweet gig like that?

  • fucrate

    Obviously, Joe/Tim/Cheri has never watched any of those movies where the dad tells the son that he can’t do a thing, and then through a series of trials and events the son does the thing and the dad says “I’m sorry son, you were right. Good job doing that thing.” Then they hug and shit.

    This is the same situation, only instead of hugging I’ll probably piss on Joe’s grave. Because he is old, and will die of natural causes soon. Most likely from heart disease as it is the number one killer in America today. Second is Cancer, so he better watch out. Cancer uses a baseball bat.

  • RazputinOleander

    I actually thought Joe was serious at first. :D Forgive me, I’m a little slow with these “internets.”

  • http://Www.dyson-game.com Alex May

    Best tigs comments thread ever? I’m drunk though, it’s a factor we should consider

  • Jesus

    If Tim Langdell had more games credited to him than I’ve eaten hot dinners, then according to…. gee I don’t know, everywhere, like http://www.mobygames.com, I’d have died of starvation.

    Grats on fail, Tim.

  • FBI

    This is the FBI. You’re all under arrest for saying mean things about insane has-been wankers who’ve filed more frivolous lawsuits than you’ve had hot dinners. Remain where you are, you will be collected. Thanks for the tip, Joe.

  • Tim Langdel

    hey guys, just dropping in. Unlike you nut jobs and douchebags, i am totally amazing. I invented a word, and i get my wife to make me wiki articles! I have so much respect, and i am a legit “game developer” from the 80′s, my most known work is a special thanks credit on God of War, which makes me famous like the friends,family,coworkers and children of the people who really did make that game.

  • friendly observer

    tim looks like the manchild of hitler, and the dude(big lebowski)

  • The Doctor

    Tim Langdell once beat a nun to death on the steps of a church.

    Tim Langdell finds it impossible to become aroused unless something dies in front of him. He has several well used VHS tapes of executions for this purpose.

    Tim Langdell next game is going to make you his bitch. It’s going to be worth TEN (10) hot meals.

  • avoidobject

    Please make the EDGE game compo happen. I want to make games regarding hot dinners with gameplay that will put you on the edge of your seat.

  • ben2theedge

    Think of your favorite videogame. Odds are that Tim Langdell developed it at the same time as he was romancing your mother. And he never called her back.

  • RazputinOleander

    Tim Langdell singlehandedly invented the first computer solely to play videogames; created Atari, Nintendo, Sega, EA and Square; then spawned the internet with Bob Dole.

  • fucrate

    Tim Langdell once strangled to death a puppy that had just recovered from lung cancer.

  • Nino

    Genuine questions for Joe:

    Hi Joe,

    I’m asking honestly, because you’re the only one here to agree with Langdell it seems.

    1) If you are or were in game development and you know Tim Langdell, can you tell us your real name? No one is really anonymous on TIGsource, may they be hobbyist or pro. So you don’t have anything to fear, since you seem proud of your point of view, please tell us who you are. This will back up your stance on this issue.

    2) Tim Langdell’s credits are hard to find on the internet. According to you his Mobygames credits aren’t anywhere close to complete, so please can you list some of his credits?

    I hope you will answer and not insult me. You must realize though, that your behavior here doesn’t make Tim Langdell look any better. To which you will say it doesn’t matter because our opinions are those of worthless wannabes, but still.

  • someone

    My house is rigged with so much explosives that I could blow up the whole district.
    I’m wating for the FBI with one shotgun in one hand and a chainsaw in the other hand. And the chainsaw is for you Tim langdell. I’ll be there when you don’t expect me. Baltimore downtown is nice in the spring.
    I hope you don’t mind if I wear your skin.

  • Max

    The totally cheap shot Tom B refers to is this:

    “The last time Langdell developed a game worth playing Madonna still had all her original body parts.”

    That was about the time I started working in the games industry and I can truthfully attest that I have never once choked a chicken or any other poultry or fowl.

  • chutup

    “Easy Instant Game Maker 2000 Pro Edition”

    haha you have to give him points for that one

  • raiten

    Joe said: “I really don’t know what’s worse, your jealousy or the fact that you think you can actually challenge those with actual credibility in the games industry.”

    Yeah, because Tim has a lot of credibility left. Like, when people are considering inviting him to give a speech for whatever event they’re hosting and Google his name they’re not going to be the least concerned that this guy apparently forged his own Wikipedia article, is being referred to as a “trademark troll” by major gaming site Kotaku and seems to be the laughing stock of the entire industry.

    Who are you trying to fool? Try and convince yourself they’re going to miss all those articles and just zigzag their way to your LinkedIn-profile. Maybe that will help you keep the tears back at night, but it won’t become reality any time soon.

  • ben2theedge

    Because game maker requires NO SKILL! You don’t have to be a good game designer or artist or anything, it does all that for you, right? Right?

    I’m going to make games like Uncle Tim from now on. I’m going to start by inventing the word “War”. That should give me a lot of titles to slap my name on!

  • Paul Eres

    the interesting part about langdell, joe, and that “game attorney” guy is that these types of people — self-aggrandizing folk people who harm those less successful than them and don’t care about it and then put them down as wannabees etc. — are not just crazy corner-street bums, but actually are the people who rule the industry, and the world

    to address what joe said earlier: no, most of us are not against copyright, and most of us don’t pirate games and make up excuses about that. many indies such as myself have in fact sold games and have had them pirated; most of us feel that copyright in some form is necessary.

    but trademark isn’t copyright, and the purpose of trademark is to avoid consumer confusion by having two similarly named products or companies in the same field. but there’s obviously no chance of consumer confusion between a company named edge which hasn’t created a game in decades and a game called edge on the iphone. trademark law is intended to serve people, by avoiding confusion, not the owners of the trademark who don’t even use the trademark anymore except in court. using a common word that someone else used already happens, and the careers of indies should not be endangered or destroyed over using a common word in a game title.

    tim langdell is “successful” only in the sense that he’s weaseled his way up the social ladder through hook or crook (mostly crook). like, i suspect, most of the board of the igda. but this is a different age. in the information age of the internet, as politicians are learning, you can’t as easily lie about yourself and claim to have done things you haven’t done and get away with it forever. there’s just too much easy access to information and history on the internet for it to be possible anymore to fake your way through life.

  • hot dinner

    when does the edge games competition start?

  • The Doctor

    Tim Langdell has a douchy smile.

    Tim Langdell is the embodiment of “Big ego, No fame or skill”.

    Nobody really knows who Tim Langdell is or what he’s done. This has nothing to do with him being an 80′s game developer. He’s just that bad.

    Tim Langdell’s number one hobby is grabbing cats by the tail and swinging them around until they come loose and fly into a wall.

    Once a year Sid Meier dons a red coat and hat and delivers presents to children around the world.

  • Super Joe

    Hey Joe. Can I interview you? Thanks in advance.

  • ben2theedge

    What’s also probably not coincidental is that Joe and Tim Langdell both seem to have an unreasonable disdain for little developers. Joe mocks them for, in his opinion, accomplishing nothing. Meanwhile Tim sues them when they get too accomplished.

    Something about little people working hard for very little financial gain simply because of the passion for their craft really rubs Joe and Uncle Tim the wrong way. I wonder why that is?


    Hey, just thought I would mention that prefacing your statement “this is opinion” doesn’t insulate you from defamation liability. Think the Jersey Boy type statement: “No disrespect, but your mother is a whore.” The “no” preface doesn’t actually do anything.

    Saying it is opinion might make it less reasonable for people to interpret a border-line statement as defamatory, but will not protect you if it is, in fact, defamatory.

  • O

    Yeah, so just as a guideline; when dealing with a yeasty litigious cuntbag it’s better to call them a smegma-chewing megadouche than anything
    concrete like ‘extortionist’ or ‘baby rapist’. Or just abuse ‘allegedly’. If you’re a pussy.

    Also I love the sudden burst of activity on tigs today but does anyone else get the feeling that it’s an attempt to push this thread off the front page?
    I get it if Derek’s sick of Cheridavis fagging things up and stuff but this is has been a really fun read.

    Sorry if I’m way off the mark with this terrible accusation.

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    Nah, Classics Week was planned in advance. :P

    Also, this thread gets funnier and funnier.

  • Lurk

    Paul Eres” these types of people – self-aggrandizing folk people who harm those less successful than them and don’t care about it and then put them down as wannabees etc. – are not just crazy corner-street bums, but actually are the people who rule the industry, and the world”

    This sentence has power.

  • mangum44

    Oh, lookie what I found.

    Tim Langdell, ladies and gentlemen, screwing up game artists with more talent and less money than him since the C64 days!!

  • http://infinitelives.net jenn

    I feel bad for Tim Langdell. He must be the unhappiest man in the world. All this to quite literally make a name for himself.

    I wonder how he threatened GSW to get that article pulled.

  • ARelativelyHotBoy

    Where did Joe go? :

    He’s right, I am like a little kid in my parents’ basement. I need a big, strong, forceful man to teach me the ways of the world.

    To take me in his arms and make everything right.

    Why don’t you save me from my own fragile innocence, Joe?

    You could make me yours forever…

  • tims face

    i am sad

  • tims neck

    where am i?

  • Michael Yamada

    I am entertained. And upset. And angry.
    But still entertained because Joe is thinking up the lousiest arguments to defend himself. Ha.

  • beef

    most unfortunate life was bestowed upon his soul.

  • Update
  • g3kko

    “I propose this article be kept. The reasons given for deletion, although justified a few days ago, have now been addressed by multiple editors. The reason for the recent vandalism is because there is a current controversy over trademarks. That is dying down now. But this case could become a memorable landmark for determining acceptable behaviour on trademark disputes between trademarks of company names and game titles. And so for that reason I suggest it should stay. But I won’t remove the delete tag myself because I have a conflict of interest in that I am a member of the same organisation. (Paul Sinnett) (talk) 23:48, 2 June 2009 (UTC)
    I certainly doubt that this case will go to court. My guess is that Mobigame will rename their title rather than go to any expense. But I think this story might represent a memorable example in forming opinions of acceptable use of trademarks; certainly among many independent game developers as represented by groups like tigsource etc. Then again, maybe a page about Tim Langdell is not the place for this… (Paul Sinnett) (talk) 00:30, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

    From soon to be deleted Tim Langdell Wiki page – discussion section.

  • Close to the hedge

    Guess my new game is screwed then…


    HEDGE – the everyday tale of a british childrens pastime – hedgehopping.

    actually this is kind of fun and should be a competiton

  • edge games competition

    when is it?

  • http://www.dyson-game.com Alex May


    Paul Sinnet is organising the London chapter of the IGDA and is doing his best to improve the image of the organisation. He’s a level-headed guy, and has my full support. He certainly isn’t a fan of Langdell from what I’ve read.

  • http://www.the2bears.com the2bears

    His reputation is expanding faster than the universe.

    He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.

    He lives vicariously through himself.

    He is the most interesting man in the world.

    “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis” – Tim Langdell

    The Most Interesting Man in the World

  • Paul Sinnett

    I didn’t know anything about him before this weekend. We (IGDA London) are having a meeting tonight. If anyone wants to come along and make their feelings known you’re more than welcome.


    For my part, I promise to report any views back to the board and the other chapters.