Indie Brawl – First Public Release

By: Derek Yu

On: August 26th, 2009

So I’m happy to announce that Indie Brawl, one of our two community projects (the other being BMcC’s Balding’s Quest), is seeing a public release today. IB puts many of the virtual heroes of indie games together in a multiplayer fighting extravaganza. This build has three “complete” fighters to choose from (Naija, The Golden Knight from Bonesaw, and Liero) and several WIP ones (The Dwarf, Trilby, Nikujin, Xoda Rap, and Iji).

One of the things that makes me really proud to be a part of the TIGSource community is that our collaborations and projects see fruition. It’s not an easy task to complete a project over the ‘tubes with so many disparate people – it requires a lot of dedication from the community and management on the part of the project leaders. That we have people who are passionate enough to take a "hey, that’s a cool idea!" and turn it into something real is nigh incredible.

Big props to Soulliard, the tireless team leader and programmer, without whom Indie Brawl would not exist. And also to godsavant, Oracle, and Clemens, who put a ton of work into the pixel art. And Josh “TwiTerror” Whelchel for the music. And everyone else who contributed! Hope you enjoy the build! Remember, the project is always looking for more help!

  • Soulliard

    Thanks for the front-page! I look forward to seeing the response. :)

  • seth

    holy moly this is coming along

  • Adamski

    Looks pretty darn cool :) Good job on the music, too :)

  • Rocket Slug

    ZOMG that looks so awesome! I saw so many characters I recognized I was squeeing so hard.

    My guess is that you’ll need the creators’ permission if you want other characters like Quote in there? Still, DeathWorm appearance was awesome. Please put in the rolling boulder, too!

  • konjak

    Wow, Iji has double the work in progress!

  • Smithy

    Been watching this for a long time on the forums. Great to see the public release!

  • Radix

    Oh, brilliant. I can’t see it or anything from where I am but I’ll check it out later.

  • Warwick

    You know who should be in here? The Ninja from N by Metanet. He would have no attacks whatsoever. All of his moves involve him dodging missles, lasers, etc. so that they hit his enemies.

  • Snow

    That game kicks ass! Will it be online multiplayer capable (or is it already)? I have to wait to be able to download anything.

  • AClarkFS

    Well done.

  • Valzi

    That is so pretty. Downloading now.

  • Shakespeare’s nephew

    It’s like Smash Bros. with indie characters. That does some serious rocking. Looking forward to seeing how this one comes out!
    Very promising.

  • Adam Atomic

    I mean this in the very best way possible, but I seriously never, ever, EVER expected for this shit to EVER get released. Too big, too ambitious, too spread out. This is really awesome that you guys pulled it together. Congratulations to everybody!!

  • Foppy

    That looks great, I like the sand worm.

  • Sparky

    You guys are a bunch of troopers. Good work, you guys, and many happy future releases!

  • guy

    the soundeffects are annoying, why can’t they use ones based off the games they’re from?

  • Eclipse

    they’re not annoying, only too loud compared to the music

  • BMcC

    Oh shi– I was gonna make some TIGS posts this morning, but now I mustn’t!

    Awesome, awesome work, everyone! The Death Worm stage is so rad I can’t stand it.

    High fives all around!

  • jeb

    This looks totally awesome! AWESOME, I SAY!

  • Delmore

    I’ve seen lots of development on the graphics, but not as much on the actual gameplay, which bums me out a bit since it’s pretty clunky and hard to control at the moment. Hopefully that’ll all get sorted out later though!

  • robert

    this is amazing, congrats

  • JoeHonkie

    Man, that looks pretty solid. Good job.

  • Mark

    Man, love that bonesaw guy.

  • Codemonkey

    I have to say, after watching the video it doesn’t seem like a joke anymore!

  • Rad

    As excited as I am over this, I’m also dissapointed. Indie gaming was supposed to be the mecca of creativity and experimentation. I see it still has as much fandom and repetition as console gaming

  • Soulliard

    The sound effects are placeholders, until we can find something that sounds better. It’s still better than nothing.

  • Tye The Czar

    If only people would have considered Hakurei Reimu to be a fighter…
    People have no idea how popular and influential(maybe) the Touhou games are, especially for an indie/doujin series done single-handedly by one guy(not counting IaMP and SWR). Hell, you could just model her after her IaMP version. Having her in here just as a summon character doesn’t do justice to Touhou.

  • Soulliard

    Reimu has been on the roster for a while… assuming we get permission, of course!

  • Battlerager

    Yeah, she is planned.

    Also, to all who wonder, Quote was actually completed, but permission was denied. Everything that’s in the game so far is 100% approved by the respective creators.

  • Josh

    In regards to the music, there are lots of other contributors as well, including lamppost and superaj127 at the moment. Good work everyone (:

  • Jay

    Looks to me like Death Worm pwns all.

  • Andrew

    I suck! I get to the choose character screen, but I cannot start playing! How do you get into the game beyond the character choose screen?

  • Battlerager

    Its very unclear if a character is selected or not at the moment.

    You probably cancel the selection out again and again.

    Selecting a character is done with the Shift and G buttons, respectively. (That is if you are using player 1 and 2 and use the default controls)

  • Soulliard

    All players need to select a character (by pressing the attack button)

  • Dan MacDonald

    I love it that the nikujin guy is in there :)

  • undertech


  • Blade


    If indie gaming is ‘about’ anything, it’s creators making the games -they- want to make, without any sort of corporate pressure or oversight. This means they’re free to make wild experimental titles with surreal graphics if they want to. It also means they’re free to make traditional sidescrolling platformers or FPS’s or what have you.

    It’s about having the freedom to create.

    I’m tired of hearing people act like indie development is some sort of hipster thing, and looking down their noses at anything that isn’t experimental or ‘arty’ as ‘not indie enough’. That attitude needs to go away.

  • Lez

    How can I help!

  • Soulliard

    That depends on where your talents lie. Mostly, we need graphics and audio, but there are a whole list of jobs needed that you can find here:

  • Guy

    Hmm, I get a black screen when I run this game.
    Though I can hear the menu(?) music playing.
    Perhaps its because I am on vista?
    I remember I played a previous version on my older computer and it worked fine.

  • Soulliard

    Go to the settings.ini file and change ‘quality=1′ to ‘quality=0′.

  • Guy

    Yea, it works now.
    Now I need to find someone to play against. :/

  • A Name

    So will this have online play or not?

  • Battlerager

    It will.

  • Tye The Czar

    Since Touhou has buttloads of doujinshi and even fan-made games plus CDs, it’s pretty hard to not get permission from ZUN… that is if he’s afraid it might bring the franchise unwanted mainstream popularity *cough*Touhou Anime*cough*.

  • xerus

    Golden Knight is top tier.

  • Rostiger

    Yeah, high fives all around!
    Thanks for the front page mention, Brandon (Clemens is spelled without a ‘t’ though, but that’s ok ;) ).

    Also: must… finish.. nikujin sprites >_<

  • Rostiger

    Oh, oops, mixed that up, I thought Brandon made the post. Well, it’s thanks Derek then.. ;)

  • Apprauuuu

    This is so great I can’t explain!
    Except Little fighters there aren’t funny fighting games on the PC…
    And an online mode would be so cool!

  • Q

    how do I get the big bonesaw?
    I got it several times while jumping, but never on purpose

  • Q

    appart from the screen positioning (wich is playable on low gfx quality for me) it runs really good on wine!

  • BMcC

    **@Rostiger:** Yarr, I would have, but I was asleep! Anoush started school this week — been waking up way too early. :

    **@Blade:** Right on. :)

  • mr

    How about getting in touch with Nic Destefano and seeing if you could get permission to use Lyle of Lyle in Cube Sector?

  • mr

    Or maybe Mia from Eternal Daughter. (Shouldn’t be too hard to get in contact with Derek about that one, since, well, he runs this site :) )

  • Soulliard

    @Q: You charge the Bonesaw by hitting opponents with your attacks, or by absorbing their projectiles with his down-special.

    I’m really glad to hear it runs on wine! I had my doubts that it would work.

    @mr: We’ve already got permission for Lyle. He’ll probably be the next character we work on (we’ve already got a few sprites).

    We’ve got permission for Mia, too, but she’ll probably be a support character. Naija and the Spelunker are both going to be main characters, though, so you’ll still be able to play as some of Derek’s characters.

  • IceNine

    Congrats to everyone involved, I didnt know it was this far along already.

  • MeatGrinder

    Is the soundtrack assembled from tracks from the games the characters come from or is an original score being composed? Because if it’s the latter… I would like to help!

  • Soulliard

    The soundtrack is composed mostly of remixes (though in a few cases, an original song done in the theme of the game could be used instead). It’s all composed specifically for Indie Brawl, though.

    Here’s the music thread, complete with a listing of which levels still need music:

  • Soulliard

    The soundtrack is composed mostly of remixes (though in a few cases, an original song done in the theme of the game could be used instead). It’s all composed specifically for Indie Brawl, though.

    Check out the music thread on the Indie Brawl forums for a listing of which stages still need music.

  • skaldicpoet9

    Wow, just wow. A big congrats to everyone that made this possible. I am going to download this right away. I am only sorry that I couldn’t have been more of a help throughout the process. When I first heard about the project I was thoroughly excited to say the least. It is great to see all of the hard work that has gone into this project. Kind of inspiring actually :)

    Anyways, keep up the great work guys

    ;”;’ ;’”‘.
    .’, ;; ‘;’
    | ; | | :|__
    | | ;| | _ |
    | | |’ || | |||
    | ||| | | ||| <-my first ever ASCII
    | ||| ‘| | | | Congrats!
    | | | | :|_|||
    | | | | | |

  • skaldicpoet9

    Oh, oops the very last lines of that post was supposed to be an ASCII beer. Well, I am sure you guys get the point. Grats! :beer:

  • daleMO

    liero is reeely overpowered, other than that i love it, sux that quote wont be in it though ):

  • mr

    And given that La-Mulana is being given the Wii treatment too, I’d imagine Lemeza would be off limits too. (Still, the Spelunky guy is probably close enough.)

  • Battlerager

    Indeed, permission for Lemeza was denied. So far, only games that are being ported to wii were outright denied. Interesting, huh…