Big Spelunky News!

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 2nd, 2009

Spelunky! First of all, Derek Yu‘s super popular platformer-roguelike Spelunky has finally reached version 1.0! I’m assuming everyone here has played the game. If not, give it a try already — it’s one of the best freeware titles ever, absolutely.

You can find the latest version here, at Spelunky World.

The other, almost bigger news is: Spelunky will be coming to XBLA in 2010. Derek says, “it’s going to be much more than a straight port of the PC game – I’m planning on stuffing it with new graphics, audio, and other features for XBLA users.” The game will be developed under his new label, Mossmouth. (Support of the original will continue, of course!)

All in all, pretty exciting. Check Spelunky World for more information as it’s released.

  • Codemonkey

    Awesome! Downloading right now.

  • Codemonkey


  • BMcC

    Hahaha, yes! :)

  • TeeGee


  • Ivy

    Wow, that’s big news! Congrats Derek, you totally deserve it. That also reminds me I never beat your game. Gotta get on that.

  • Craig Stern

    Hey, Congrats! :D

  • BMcC

    **@Ivy:** You never beat Monkey Island either, so…

  • Fancy Pants

    Release it for download on PS3 and I’ll be happy. It’s a shame so many indie games are being released for a console whose gamer base wouldn’t even bat an eye at.

    That said, congrats derek! It’s good to see good games going places.

  • Fancy Pants

    Or even wii-ware! I’d like an excuse to dust that bloody thing off.

  • JoeHonkie


    Congrats, Derek.

  • Ivy

    @BMcC Hey, I told you that in confidence! …at that Denny’s. ;)

  • pogo

    Great job, Derek!

  • Gutter

    Bravo! This game deserve more attention IMHO.

    Anything that take “randomness” away from Roguelike would make me happy, and Spelunky does it while being fun.

  • Dot

    Aww, why XBLA and not something like Steam? I really hate when indie devs put 2D games that probably any PC in the world could run on a service that requires you to have an extra $300 box you may not even need for anything else!

  • FISH


  • Ein

    Congratulations Derek!!

  • handCraftedRadio

    @Dot: why not steam? probably because it is free to download on pc.

  • Kian

    I love the Mossmouth name & image. Super sexy! Also, can’t wait for the XBLA release!

  • crukid

    I’m totally in for the XBLA release. Awesome!

  • Kinten

    Haha! I knew it!
    Wonderful news!
    Congrats Derek!

  • mr


    (That said, I hope this doesn’t mean Derek will have to retract his permission for the Indie Brawl crew to use the protagonist in their game…)

  • Anonymous

    TIGDB is missing an important new entry. :O

  • geist

    Roguelike? That’s an odd way to describe it. I guess a lot of stuff qualifies as being roguelike these days, even games that aren’t even RPGs.

    Spelunky is an awesome game though, and it being on XBLA is great news.

  • splotki


  • Humus

    Very happy about v1.0. Not happy with XBLA.

    Anyway Spelunky is still awesome.

  • Mark

    Great job! This is one of my favorite indie games, and I’m glad it might make you a little bit of cash! Enjoy it!

    I’ll buy it to support action-based roguelikes. :)

  • Megidolaon

    I hate even turning my 360 on these days. Seconding the motion for a PSN release!

  • Radnom

    Congratulations! I’m sure it will do very well.

  • Tye The Czar

    I just hope the XBLA version is different enough for any fan of the PC version to warrant buying it.

  • Alex

    Very nice job, thank you for the update Derek! I wish you all the best with the XBLA version, my only regret is that I won’t get to try it for myself.

  • Bob

    Hey, the transparency glitches on Windows 7 are gone! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
    That said, I came across two glitches I’ve never seen before on my first play on the new version.
    The first was a snake in a cobweb, glitching out, that was also halfway in the wall. The second was a spike pit that didn’t kill me on the first and second jumps (the third one got me though).
    I also still think that the random level generator could be better, but hey, it could also be a lot worse.

    Anyway, congrats on the XBLA thing! Kind of makes me think how you’ll target those who have never heard of Spelunky.
    Hopefully the process of porting the game to XNA won’t be too difficult.
    Hopefully I’ll have a 360 by then as well :).

  • Alex

    Oh, and Derek? I’m not quite sure how Xbox achievements work, but make sure one of them is “killing a huge spider with only your whip”, I remember feeling quite proud of accomplishing this the other day :-)

  • Patrick

    XBLA? Shame. I’d certainly pay for a premium PC version with all these planned extras, tho.

  • Anthony Flack


    I’m really quite in favour of this whole business of popular freeware games spawning commercial sequels or re-releases. I definitely don’t see it as selling out or anything like that. I think it’s good news for everyone. And providing the commercial game is able to retain the spirit of the original, it’s got to be good for the games as well.

    Basically you get to release commercial games that are free from the distorting influence of commercial pressure. It’s nice.

  • raigan

    I only wish it was for DS and PSP as well! Portable Spelunky would be awesome.

  • Nicholas Lee

    I’ll try my hand at it again, but like many of Derek’s games, Spelunky is a bit too challenging for me.

    And I am a diehard Castlevanian.

  • pkt-zer0

    @Dot: XBLA has the added limitation of only being available in 27 countries, with a lot of countries where PC gaming is more prevalent _not_ being among them. Why not give the existing fans of the PC version the option to support the developers through the purchase of the special edition?

  • Jumps

    ooh i like snakes and caverns and shit. i will have strange dreams tonight let me tell you. now, where is that whacky backy of mine

  • Synnah

    Wow, if there’s one thing indie gamers love, it’s complaining about indie games being released on consoles. Even when the game is freely available on PC!!

    Awesome work on the XBLA deal, Derek! Considering the amount of effort that’s gone into Spelunky, this is well deserved. Now, I really must get around to completing the game; the ice levels kicked my ass last time.

  • superflat

    Good news and bad, really happy to see this take commercial flight, but sad I won’t be able to get it. Unlike Fez, though I’d hope that a PSN release was at least a possibility!

  • jimmykane

    Here’s hoping this will somehow end up in the game being playable in Linux eventually. Spelunky has become the only reason I boot into Windows…

  • Ezuku

    Congrats on the XBLA deal, but…

    TY TY TY TY for the bug fixes. Now no more horrible maiden – fly crash.

  • Daniel

    Any chance for this going on PSN?!

  • ed

    This is now my number one reason not to get rid of my 360, or allow some horrible household accident to befall it!

  • BMcC

    Don’t jinx it, ed!

  • Kyo

    Yeah, I got both the glitches Bob 31 mentioned too.

    Anyway, great stuff mr. Yu.

  • http://[email protected] Al3xand3r

    WiiWare and PSN too please, don’t restrict yourself to one platform :(

    Sure, there’s more competition on WiiWare, what with it getting Cave Story and La-Mulana, but hey it’s all extra sales, I’m sure it’d do well anyway.

  • Epitaph64

    I am definitely buying this when it comes out >:D

  • Mattlocker

    PSN please :(
    Or even better, PSP

  • skaldicpoet9

    Wow, congrats Derek. I can’t think of game that deserves to have the XBLA treatment than Spelunky. One of my favorite freeware games for sure (actually it’s right up there with Cave Story and Dwarf Fortress for me). Unfortunately I don’t have an X-Box anymore but hey, who knows, with this and Fez and a few other games being released for the 360, I just might pick one up again….

  • undertech

    Will Super Joe still make the credits for the XBLA version?

  • Mix

    This is pretty cool news, going to XBLA. I own a PS3 so I can’t play it on the console, but 1.0 on the PC sure is nice, I like the small detail changes you made.

    Congratulations, wishing for your continued success. :D

  • Tye The Czar

    Come on, Derek. Just WHEN are you going to make some big bugfixes that are overdue for Eternal Daughter?
    I know that game is about 4 to 5 years old, but seriously!

  • Alan Gordon

    Good heavens, I will never stop spelunking.

  • Derek

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! :’)

    Hope to do you proud!

  • XBLA sucks

    Fucking XBLA fail.

  • Firesword

    Good work Dork Yu, ops i mean Derek Yu..


  • someonespecial

    @ all the people who are requesting PSN and WiiWare releases: You do realize this shit costs money (and time), right? It’s not like you can go “So yeah, I’m an indie dev without corporate backing, and I’m making this game and I’m gonna release it on this and this and this platform” I don’t know the exact figures but I’m sure an “average person” simply couldn’t afford it.

  • Sparky

    Hey, congratulations, Derek! This is wonderful news. I’ve always loved this game, and it totally deserves it.

  • mr

    This game reminds me of a quote from a famous game from about a decade ago. Not the game itself, just the quote:

    “This castle is a creature of chaos. It may take many incarnations.”