PAX Teaser: Enemy Starfighter

By: Alehkhs

On: August 15th, 2013

You expected to smash the colony ship and its escorts. What you didn’t expect was a Federation military fleet jumping in before you were finished.

Back in December of 2012, my radar lit up when a prototype gameplay video of something called Enemy Starfighter hit the web. I hadn’t heard of it before then, but I immediately knew it was something I had been waiting my life for: a dogfighting space simulator with an integrated “planning phase” akin to that seen in early Rainbow Six games. Select the ships for the job, customize their weapon loadouts, designate their targets, and begin the assault – then jump into the cockpit of the wing leader and engage the enemy directly. It all seemed like a game I would dream up while playing Wing Commander or Homeworld when I was younger, and it was real.

Today, Enemy Starfighter has come quite a way from that original prototype video. It is still far from complete, but developer Mike Tipul has seen fit to show us its current state in a new teaser trailer and several new screenshots over at the game’s website. Enemy Starfighter is the debut game for Tipul’s one-man dev studio Maurader Interactive, and he has been working on it non-stop for the past year. Both the intense dogfighting and the beautiful planning phase that we saw in the original video have been polished, and larger ships have been unveiled, including capital ships, carriers, and even beam frigates.

For the finished project, Tipul is planning to inject a bit of a roguelike element into the game by means of a procedurally-generated campaign. Players will be tasked with leading the Empire’s Harbinger Fleet from system to system, crushing any and all Federation forces that lie in your way. Every time you start a new campaign, the game will generate a new galaxy for you to conquer with different systems, different enemy forces, different missions, and – hopefully – different emergent stories for you to tell of how you crushed the Federation beneath your heel.

Enemy Starfighter 5
Enemy Starfighter 4
Enemy Starfighter 3
Enemy Starfighter 2
Enemy Starfighter 1

Enemy Starfighter

  • Stuart Bradley Newsom

    Reminds me of a Dogfighting version of Homeworld…i’m absolutely pumped for this! Oculus Rift support please. :D

  • spillblood

    Looks like a combination of TIE Fighter and Flotilla by Blendo Games, also reminds of the look of Homeworld. And this 80s/70s like cover is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Of note – the retro-style poster was done by Janée Meadows. Check her out at for more awesome posters.

  • spillblood

    Cool, thanks!

  • mobius1

    Reminds me a bit of Ace Combat, especially the lock-on system.

    Which is great because I miss when Ace Combat was in its prime during the PS2 days. Now the series is a joke and it saddens me.

  • Anonymous

    It started so slow that I wanted to stop playing. The music was so good that I decided to see if it would get better. It got much better. I love this game. However, it’s in Flash, which my Firefox has trouble with for some reason, so I stopped playing for now. I hope I remember to go back to their website to finish sometime.

  • Ashish

    Great 1……. enemy starfighter one of my Best Game Thanks for sharing!!

  • Kumar

    Awesome….thanks for share,enemy starfighter is one of my Favourite Game

  • Rakesh

    Yes looks like a tie fighter and flotilla by games and also it reminds us home world.

  • Anonymous

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