Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns

By: Tim

On: May 29th, 2006

Noitu Love

Let’s talk about love. Noitu Love, that is.

We have seen plenty of excellent platformers released in the past few months, and among many this particular gem did best to remind us how great the Rockman series were before it was turned into a collectible card battle.

Controls are stripped down to basics, featuring the standard punch and jump plus two more attack variations assigned to both the left control and shift key. Much like Capcom’s mascot, Noitu Love can utilize certain devices to change form and access special powers. The first few levels may seem repetitive but the game does get better after the second stage.

Most of the highlights occur during boss battles, where each leader has to be defeated using different strategies. The final boss encounter is simply amazing, even when compared to other platformers freeware or otherwise. A word of advice, you’ll miss out on quite a bit if the easy difficulty setting is chosen.

Do you feel the love?

  • Contacing TIGSource?

    Off Topic: Dear webmaster, I am an independent game designer and I would like to show you a game I have been working on for almost 2 years, but I don’t see any way of contacting you.

    On Topic: I like the site, this game looks great… I’ll be downloading it shortly!

  • AlecXander

    I really liked it.. but I think I screwed myself over. In the fourth stage there was a point where I blew up a barricade and then decided to use the pod again to transorm into the animal form, but then there was an encounter and I couldn’t leave the area, attack or change back. So… I never got to fight the final boss.

    Just a heads up.

  • Albert Lai

    Oh geez, what an oversite. (Get it? Site? Sight? Laugh or die.)

    I imagine that simply posting it like this is enough to tell us about it, but I believe we’re also setting up a way to contact us (Or, if we haven’t, we’ll be doing so shortly), so it won’t be as untidy.

  • Jimmy

    Well, the game doesn’t run. At least that means it’s short!

    “Cannot load ModFusionEX.COX” … yes.

  • DrPetter

    Jimmy: That’s odd… the zip only contains three binary files and a readme, and it works fine here. Google for modfusionex, I found some interesting stuff. You might have to upgrade DirectX.
    Anyway, the game is pretty awesome. I particularly love the third level, it’s very moody and crazy :)

  • null

    Spell “Noitu Love” backwards.

  • AlecXander

    You sir, have just BLOWN my mind!

  • Sergio


  • BeamSplashX

    I can’t believe I didn’t notice that yet I picked out Yagsi Giarc from Project 053.


  • Advenith

    And Fallen Angel keeps churning out great games…

  • Gurrah

    is there any way I can play the game fullscreen? it’s a bit small in window mode…

  • Gurrah

    note to self: rtfm first…

  • Circy

    Full screen.

    Press ALT and ENTER at the same time.

  • Zack

    You know, the first Mega Man Battle Network is actually pretty good despite its image — better than most of the X games, really. ANYHOW, Noitu Love was adorable.