By: dessgeega

On: June 6th, 2006


zi (which i am hosting on my webspace) was developed by alan gordon as a class project. it’s a puzzle game similiar to the “same game” where clicking a tile removes all adjacent matching tiles. zi has a bit of panel de pon mixed in, though—you can drag tiles to rearrange them before clicking to remove them. your score multiplier is always falling, so keep making matches.

in addition to the standard game, zi includes a “trendy” game mode which is an homage to mizuguchi’s meteos—in each stage the player has to cope with different conditions, like color-changing tiles, low gravity, and delayed matches. pretty trendy, and coded entirely in python!

  • j

    err…not very good, really

  • theSamo

    well, i like it.

    is this going to be open-source?

  • zi

    hmm what is this name with my name as title..