X Operations

By: Shabadage

On: August 13th, 2006

Well, considering it’s my first post here at the good olde TIGSource; I figured I’d share one of my favorite freeware games with you guys. The game in question is called X Operations. It’s an FPS made by two Japanese fellows; and while the the graphics will not blow you away, the gameplay is solid, and it’s a hell of alot of fun. It’s available in two flavors; single player and multiplayer.

Single player Xops takes its cues from Timesplitters. You’re given the choice of 17 levels, and each of these levels has multiple layouts with their own separate goals. You’ll be protecting VIP’s from zombies, breaking up gang wars, and even assassinating/protecting Bill Gates and Saddam Hussein. The great thing about these missions is this; you’ll spend at most 5 minutes per mission. Making the single player version great for a quick shooting fix. The only downside is that the mission descriptions are in Japanese, so it may take a bit of trial and error before you “get” the objective.

Multiplayer Xops is a whole other ball game. While it’s your standard “Kill the other team” affair, the game randomizes teams each round, making it harder for one “Clan” to rule the field. The same levels from the single player version make re-appearances here and, with the exception of one or two levels (Duel comes to mind), they play just as well, if not better than the single player versions. The only problems you may run into is the relative lack of native english speakers, as the game is Japanese in origin, and that there is a slight lag before you actually shoot, meaning you need to lead your target.

All in all, if you’re a fan of the FPS genre; you owe it to yourself to at least try Xops. It may not win any awards for innovation or graphics; but its damn fun.

QUICK TIP: You have to run the Config4Xops before you can play the game. This goes for both versions (single and multi) and is included in the zip.

  • Uija

    It doesn’t work! The program says: “config data open failed”

  • Shabadage

    Here’s a quick explaination of the single player level types.

    EXT – Exterminate the enemy

    KT – Kill Target (Assassinate)

    DEF – Protect the VIP (AH! ZOMBIES!)

    RE – Release hostages

    CAP – Find and grab the briefcase and escape

    ESC – Escape (Hard one to guess eh?)

    DE – Destroy specified target, then escape.

    Hope to see you guys in Xops online soon!

  • Shabadage

    That’s because you need to run the config program first. Config4Xops is it’s name I believe.

  • anonymous

    damn, I love counterstrike!

    how do I play? go terrorists!

  • Sum Yun Gai

    Cool game, Shabadage! I’ve only been playing single player so far. I like the simplicity of it and don’t mind the spare graphics. At least it runs smoothly. There’s an addictive quality to it.

    I’m a little confused, though. Sometimes, on KT levels, I kill the target but the level keeps going. After I killed Saddam, I had to kill all the enemy soldiers to finish the level. However, on some levels they don’t give you very much ammo at all. Is there a way to pick up more ammo?


  • BeamSplashX


    Go to hebisXOPS and download it. Makes the guns look MUCH nicer. The site also lists the hidden commands, so you can give yourself any gun (cool) and change into any other character on the map (AMAZING!).

    Press the home key to make the character’s hands show so you can see your gun firing. Much cooler, I think.

    And to Sum, you can’t put more ammo into a gun, you’ll have to drop what you have and walk over a dead enemy’s gun to pick it up.

  • K


  • K


  • Potsticker

    Looks like the download from the first link does not include the Config4Xops file. However, the link to the single player game does.

    Additonally, this game is really fun.

  • BeamSplashX

    It works randomly for me. Anyhow, I’ll just upload it myself. Unzip it to the data directory.


  • Ryan A

    thanks BeamSplashX. :) Neat little game, i’m still trying to figure things out though.

  • BeamSplashX

    Trial and error, my friend.

    Since the web pages are kinda slow, I’ll post the info here for the “magic keys”:

    F5 + Enter = press and hold to fly upwards and release to fall down, you can shoot and move in the air

    F6 + Enter = add a full magazine in increments suited to the current weapon (so if a full clip is 17, each use of this function adds 17 bullets to your reserve).
    Also, the ammo in your current clip and reserve ammunition don’t change if you change weapons, which is nice since you can get an M249 and reload it for 100 bullets in your clip, then use this function to switch to the M1 shotgun. Now you don’t need to reload until you’ve fired 100 shotgun shots!

    F7 + Left or Right = change your weapon to any other weapon

    F8 + Left or Right = change to any other character in the mission (your mission objective changes, as well)

  • http://xoperations.fcpages.com Dylan Mather

    I Have an English X Operations Site you guys might find interesting. I made it due to the fact that there was a lack of information and downloads for the game in english. The address is http://xoperations.fcpages.com . I update at least once every 2-3 days, though usually more (sometimes multiple times a day, depending on how much enthusiasm i happen to have at the time) It includes Info, Downloads, a weapons listing, screenshots, guestbook, forum etc……. Take a look!

    [email protected]

  • Shabadage

    Just to clarify, the top link leads to one of the main Xops pages, where you can download the exe patches.

    The individual links on the Single Player and Multiplayer lead to the full version zips.

    Sorry for any confusion.

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