Swarm Racer

By: Derek Yu

On: August 24th, 2006

Swarm Racer

What is it about Lexaloffle games that I love so much? Everything about them is so endearing, from the cute graphics and music to the easy-to-understand (but hard to master) gameplay. The games are just so earnest and polished. Playing one is like putting on your favorite sweater and having some tea and a scone on a blustery fall afternoon. It’s like what I imagine New Zealand to be like. Or maybe getting nuzzled by a unicorn. Does that sound “ghey?” ‘Cause I really don’t care.

Swarm Racer is a new game from Lexaloffle and it’s a racing/gem-collecting game where, instead of controlling a single car or something you control a group of bees. It’s a simple idea that is executed just perfectly. My only qualm is that there aren’t enough levels, although trying to get on the online leaderboards extends the life of this game some.

Hey Joseph, users need to be able to build their own levels!

  • Teeth

    Haha, awesome post. I think describing Lexaloffle games as “earnest” is just about perfect. Three cheers for Lexaloffle!

  • http://www.joy90.co.uk Moschops

    Was fun for a bit. Not too bothered about topping the online high scores. Only problem I had with it was the camera would sometimes track the wrong swarm, but otherwise a great little game :)

  • Moose

    It would be better if the controls didn’t lag for about 2 seconds. :) Just saying.. :)

  • Mazapán

    I definitely get the nuzzled by a unicorn feeling. Great game, I enjoyed it a lot.

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    They don’t. Just sayin’.

  • NO!

    Bleh, SDL sucks, game did NOT work for me, so as Game Tunnel reviewers would say, IT SUCKS cause I couldn’t play it. Period. And if you say otherwise you are against the whole indy game industry, you felon!!

  • failrate

    SDL is awesome; which OS are you on?

  • NO!

    Win98SE, I blame it on the crap of computer I got, though…

  • failrate

    Hmmm, I know NAGI uses SDL, and I had no trouble with that on my old Win98 box. Is it giving you compile errors or runtime errors (I’m guessing Runtime, innit?)?

  • NO!

    No errors, it just won’t start. I run it and all I can see is a black screen, I waited like 1 minute and nothing. Tried it several times, still no luck.

    Only lame Gamemaker games take more than 1 minute loading, but they have loading screens, so I thought this wasn’t the case…