Sam & Max Coming October 17th

By: Derek Yu

On: September 12th, 2006

Max World

Sam & Max… god, what an awesome game that was. I’m excited that Telltale Games is bringing these characters back from the grave. I think the jump to 3D is alright, too. I’m not excited by the fact that it’s episodic.

You’ll be able to testdrive the first episode via GameTap on October 17th and then purchase the full game from Telltale on November 1st. Click here for the official announcement and links to some gameplay videos.

The voices for Sam & Max seem a bit off, don’t you think? Maybe I’m just too used to the ones from the original.

  • Teeth

    Ya, voices ain’t perfect but they’ll do. More concerned about the humour, possibly feels a little strained. have to try it and see for certain.

    Always preferred DOTT myself…

  • http:// Jake Birkett

    omg, this better be good. And yeah I agree of DOTT, that game tripped me out.

  • Advenith

    Lucas Arts is dead. Long live Sam & Max!