By: Derek Yu

On: September 13th, 2006


Hey, guys! It’s me, Derek Yu. Me and my friend Alec are working on a computer game and it’s in IGF. I figured I might as well be the first to tell you about it.

I’ve already written long descriptions of the game twice today, once for the official site and once on my personal blog, so you get the cliff’s here: sprawling, non-linear action/adventure game set in an underwater fantasy world. For more info and screenshots, hit up either of the links above.

This is my first foray into the world of shareware. Whereas my previous efforts have been all gratis, I’ve finally bit the bullet and am going to try and make a living making games! I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Whew, I’ve been keeping this secret for quite a while now. Feels good to finally let it out!

EDIT: It says on the site, but just to make it clear, we’re planning on releasing the game in Spring.

  • Drake

    Looks fantastic. Looks Metroid-y. Excellent.

    Good luck with the IGF!

  • Sergio

    I still love you with a passion, Derek.

  • Dan MacDonald

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to take it for a spin. Maybe I SHOULD got to GDC this year :)

  • The Arsecast Host

    Maaaaan, that’s beautiful! Like Scuba Dive only so pretty my eyes might burst.

  • Alexander

    Woohoo! It looks great Derek. I’ve gotta say I’m becoming increasingly fond of minimalistic HUDs ever since Shadow of the Collosus blew my proverbials off. Good luck with the IGF, I think you two’ve got one hell of a chance!

  • Dan

    This looks like the bomb! F’n A on taking the plunge, man… welcome to the club. ;D

  • Greg at Rockstar Games

    Looks awesome – on this evidence I reckon you won’t have any trouble making a living out of making games.

  • Wrestlevania

    Sounds intriguing – especially the controls – and the graphics are quite beautiful, too.

    Best of luck.

  • BMcC

    Lookin’ great, Derek!

    ::crosses fingers for an IGF win::

  • NO!

    Looks great!, I’m not too happy for the mouse based controlls, though, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

    Hope you can really make a good living making games, we want more Derek Yu games even if we have to pay!

  • Lorne

    My favorite part I’ve seen is the awesome cephalopod in the lower-middle screenshot on the official page.

  • Albert Lai

    It looks really nice – you’ve definitely got a title that will be accepted in any contest of your choosing.

    Anyway, it looks to be one of the titles I’ll try out – possibly even buy!

  • John B

    From playing your previous games and the description/screenshots from this one, I can safely say that you already have my cash.

  • Shabadage

    Damn dude! That’s absolutely beautiful! So jealous!

    What’s it being made with?

  • BMcC

    Computers, mostly.

  • Alec

    Code-wise its OpenGL / C++

  • Shabadage

    @BMcC – Yeah, I walked right into that one I guess.

    @Alec – Cool, good luck guys. Looking forward to trying this out.

  • Derek

    Thanks, guys! I’m glad you think it looks cool. It plays pretty tight, too. ;)

    There will be a demo available eventually.

  • AndrewLW

    Looks amazing! Any chance you could post a few screenshots that would be suitable for desktop backgrounds?

  • Dan MacDonald

    Out of curiosity why did you yank your blog post? (on your personal blog)

  • Derek

    Hey, Dan! I didn’t yank it, my host lost it in a server transfer. Ugh.

    There’s a new post up now to replace it, however (same link).

    @AndrewLW: I’ll see what I can do!

  • Eos

    It feels good to see that you’ve “finally let it out!”

    And what a marvelous sight it is!

  • PoV

    That looks freaking great Derek. Keep up the goods.

  • Teeth


  • MedO

    I’m with John B there, I will definitely buy this game.
    As your customer, I must now say: PLEASE do it right. I can’t say anything about how, because I’m not a game designer and I do not know much about this game yet. But some games rock and some are lame, and some, like Eternal Daughter, are so great they keep you tied to the screen, until you finally beat the last obstacle and stare with tears in your eyes as the last chapter of the story is told… err… I think I got carried away a bit. Anyway, you really make me hope this will be another game like that. Please make it happen again :-).

  • Advenith

    Hey, this’ll be the first shareware game I actually purchase the full version of!

  • ryan

    got some dollars earmarked for this one. I sortof semi-heard what you were planning, but THIS.. dang, dude, THIS is amazing! I’m happy that you’re taking the time (and working your ass to the bone, it sounds like) to really make this satisfying and complete. TAP Merfolk wallet looter!

  • Jay

    The screenshot looks great, Derek! Good luck finishing it up and with the competition.

  • Liquixcat