Jet Set Willy Online

By: Tim

On: October 19th, 2006


The only online game that I’m mildly excited about right now. This horror is being resurrected for the new millenium thanks to bob, smila, the guys from Ovine by Design, scottige and whoever I neglected to mention.

bob posted a trailer video on his web site to whet your appetite. (spot the PHP in screenie for ten points)

See you and your Willy there when this abomination launches.

  • Wolverine

    Sorta cool it being multiplayer and all that… but I’ve despised Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy for over 20 years now and I doubt this will change my mind.

  • Oddbob

    Not even if I said we’ve got a Willy in a Wheelchair? :/

  • Heavy Stylus

    What the…

    So, what exactly are you supposed to do in this game? Is there a goal (as in the original) or has it just been put together for JSW fanboys to have a laugh?

  • Wolverine

    Actually despite my non-liking of the original game here it does make me think about what other platformers could be real fun with lots of people. Main reason the only MMORPG type thing I actually even remotely enjoy is Maple Story is that I really just like playing a 2D platformer with a friend or two…

    Am just picturing about 50 Mario’s running through Super Mario World’s levels… jumping off each others heads, knocking each other into bottomless pits, trying to jump over turtle shells sent by other players… everyone trying to sabotage everyone else to get to the end. Ah the chaos!

  • Derek

    Wolverine, that’s an awesome idea! I think they implement a 2-player version of that in NSMB, but it would be great with 50… or more! Or team deathmatch with 50 Marios on one side and 50 Luigis on the other…

  • Oddbob

    @Heavy Stylus

    At the moment we’ve got 4 game types in with a few more to come. We’ve got “race to” games, where its say, first Willy in space or to The Off License. (I’m pushing for “Choirboy”, first person up The Priests Hole, but I don’t think anyone else will oblige me on that one), First to collect amount of objects, Timed games from 5 to 45 minutes and Willy Tag (my personal favourite) where one Willy starts off pink and has to taint the others with his pinkness. The survivor wins.


    Yeah, there’s loads of scope I reckon for more of this kinda thing. Honestly, up until I actually seen what Stu had got up and running I was utterly convinced it was going to be worse than the original joke that started it all (which was pretty dire) but having spent 20 minutes laughing my head off playing it last night, I’m convinced its ace now.

    There’s probably far better games suited to a proper MMO setting (like Mario) where you could do a whole lot more with them. JSW is pretty limited in what you can do (and we’ve stretched it beyond the pail I think)

    Minions got the start of a MMO Defender running and thats pretty sweet so far, if slow progress because there’s only Min working on it unlike the 4 man team we’re running with.

    This could either be the best trend in ages or the worst ever ;)

    Only time will tell.

  • Wolverine

    Multiplayer Defender?! I made 3 player Defender on AMOS on Amiga :) Was a split screen thing with 3 thing horizontal things and a radar at the top showing the whole level and positions for everyone, two joysticks and one keyboard thing. I remember trying to save up for AMOS Compiler to get the speed up though the game was pretty nippy as it was. I’d be keen on seeing Minions one sometime.

    And when I can fix the disk drive on my A1200 I might spend a weekend or so going through all those hundreds of disks and pray the one that had my game on it still works so I can transfer it to the PC.

  • Wolverine

    Argh why did I write the word ‘thing’ so much in that third sentence? Thats what comes of not getting any sleep. I meant three horizontal screens obviously, one for each player.


    I really need to move out of this damn place…

  • Sergio

    I wish there was a Lyle in Cube Sector MMORPG…

  • Some dumb guy

    I’ve never even heard of this game before.

    What is the point?

  • BeamSplashX

    I’d like a “Willy beats up little kids and old people” mode.

  • prio

    Yeah, what the dumb guy said.

  • BeamSplashX

    Uncalled for, sir.

  • BeamSplashX

    Oh wait. Crap. My trigger finger’s still itchy from X Operations.

  • Shabadage

    Heya, just a quick drop in to let you guys know that I still walk and breath. Will make more posts soon, just been really busy working on my own project(s).

  • Raiden

    his latest post bashing portals is funny. Although to be fair, I think the portals were really just trying to fob the original guy off in a kind way, as his game was probably pants.

    It is official now: if you use the word ‘addicting’ you are a retard.

  • Some dumb guy

    So I guess no one has played Jet Set Willy before.

  • prio

    Yeh, what the dumb guy said. Is JSW like the Sci-Fi sequel to Custer’s Revenge?

    Um also I actually played that Sokoclone game mentioned in the latest post, for like 10 or 15 levels or so. It’s… eh. Eh. Yeah. Ehhhh.

  • Slowjo

    My reactions ain’t what they use to be! Any chance of there being a save game option in the future for us old crusties? I keep getting killed!