Cholo Remake

By: ithamore

On: November 9th, 2006

Cholo Start

Ovine’s Cholo Remake, which has reached its first anniversary, places you in control of a “RAT” droid, which must be used to free your fellow citizens and yourself from the bunker after generations of imprisonment. Eventually, you will collect specialized droids strewn about the robot controlled city to aid your mission.

In the website’s archives, there is plenty of backstory provided in the pre-nuclear war news of the city and in a copy of the novella that had been included with the original game in 1986. I appreciate the extra content, but it’s not necessary for getting into the game. Although, some helpful hints can be gleaned from the news.

It’s a very open game that not only encourages but demands exploration. Besides having to find the droids and Rampaks need to complete the game, there are plenty of hidden secrets to discover.  It has a slow pace (which is very fitting for its atmosphere) and can easily take 5 to 10 hours complete. There is a light FPS element to Cholo, you shouldn’t expect it to get intense.

Cholo Rizzo

In addition to all the venturing in the game, I admire its Tron-ish look and its futuristic, ambient music. Ovine could have made the city larger, but this game shines in so many ways that I have no real reason to complain.

Now, please excuse me. The computer has reminded me to drink my Choco while it’s still warm.

  • Oob

    Already been posted.

  • ithamore

    With the millions of websites out there, it is very probable that Ovine’s remake of Cholo has been posted elsewhere, but it’s a first for Furthermore, this remake is of a higher caliber than most remakes, so it deserves all the publicity it gets. However, that could be the Choco talking.

    As a side note: I had forgotten to mention that Ovine has implemented a spiffy feature for the game to display high scores and quickest times online.

    Update: I see, you mean it was on the old TIGSource.