Pixel’s Shooting Game?!

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: November 15th, 2006

Make those cat heads SUFFER.

Not so much!

But here’s a shooting game Pixel helped create, along with some other Japanese guy who goes by “BA2.”

The game is called Die Die Galaxy and is actually quite fun! (Click the cat head at the bottom of the page to download.)

It’s kinda like Space Invaders, but instead of shooting aliens with lasers, you shoot alien cat heads with rockets. The game ends when you run out of rockets.

Left/right arrow keys to move, space bar to shoot and select.

My high score’s 61. It’s pretty challenging! Also, I suck.

BONUS NEWS! I mentioned this in a comment earlier, but Pixel’s last journal entry for October read, “My goal for November: finish the shooting game.”

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    *Finally* the server works again!

  • Wolverine
  • lex500

    Looking for the different ways the heads line up is good fun. My best: 70