By: Tim

On: November 24th, 2006


TIGSource high score competition week one: Kenta Cho’s Titanion. Post your best score in the comments section.

Show the world that TIGSource regulars are shooter experts (or just all talk).

  • http://www.BestGameEver.com Dylan


    Great game! Maybe I’ll play some Gunroar now too.

  • Xander


    In my defense… it’s 1AM in the UK at the moment. Neat game indeed (Like he’d make a bad one?)

  • crackers

    452327 wave 34

    This is easily his most visually accomplished game.

  • I prefer to try and get the lowest score. 2741 wave 20. Only 6 shots :)

  • raigan

    250000ish and around wave 20.. it was yesterday, i can’t remember..

  • mmodule.com

    178552 wave 19… meh…

  • http://www.TScreative.net BMcC

    Like, 140. Wave one.

  • Master Mark

    In Modern, wave 15.

    Only my second try though, I’ll try again.

  • crackers

    Modern – 4333750 wave 42

    Does anyone else share my view on how version 0.2 has changed Classic mode for the worse?

  • Master Mark

    Modern – 551084

    Not sure what wave, around 18-20.

  • Master Mark

    How did crackers possbly get over 4.3 mllion? Is that a typo?

  • Master Mark

    Sorry to post so much.

    I see that 4.3 million is possible, my current highest is 1,041,626

  • crackers

    How did crackers possbly get over 4.3 mllion? Is that a typo?

    Consider it a typo now, I just smashed that score with

    6071035 wave 45 Replay

    I’m not happy with the end. By that time I was having a conversation with a family member which affected my concentration a bit.

    Does anyone know if there any other sites that are running Titanion hiscores?

  • Master Mark


  • TIM

    Wave 27

    Ths s my second time trying the game!!

  • Triple T

    modern: 2673813 phase 37 (first try :/)
    classic: 267153 phase 36
    v0.1: 379517