Doom, the Roguelike

By: Derek Yu

On: November 30th, 2006

Doom the Roguelike

Peanut butter and hamburger, teaching elementary school and being nude… there are many great things in this world that are NOT better together. But Doom and Roguelikes? Those are two great things that are incredible together.

Whereas other Roguelikes require you to remember a zillion key commands and little tricks to get by (“Oh wait, I’ve got to press ‘q’ to ‘quaff’ this potion of troll buggery…”), DoomRL is quite easy to get into, with only a few important commands to remember. And Kornel Kisielewicz, the author of the game, has added just enough to the Doom universe to keep the game interesting, but without losing the flavor of the original FPS.

And if you’ve already played the game a year or so ago, it’s time to try it out again, as the latest version ( has a buttload of new features, like difficulty levels, challenge modes, advanced traits, and new special levels. And arch-viles!

So yeah, as you can see, I’m a big fan of this project. Play the game and then join the forums. Kornel is great about taking user suggestions to improve the game! Check it out – it’s fun.

  • Tim

    ascii is way cooler than pixels.

  • Dan MacDonald

    Wow, this is awesome.

  • Dan MacDonald

    “C:Documents and SettingsYu Family…”

    Still playing games on your mom’s PC derek?

  • Derek

    Haha, I’m home visiting (and doing some work down here). :)

    Gonna take that out, though – it’s kind of weird.

  • Tim

    it’s not that surprising. it’s not like he came out of the egg of a phoenix or something. :)

  • dessgeega

    the castlevania roguelike is better.

  • Dog the Bounty Hunter
  • Jimbob

    Weren’t you making pixels for this Derek?

  • Derek

    I was and am… not sure if that’s supposed to be a secret or not. Probably not!

    Keep an eye out. ;)

  • Teeth

    I’d like to see the castlevania roguelike. The doom one is awesome.

  • Xander

    The DoomRL is kickass. I seem to suck quite badly at it, I only managed to get to the 7th floor. I dread to think what the later difficulties are like. Great game though, I like games that start and end in a single playthrough, no matter how long it is. It’s fun to play your characters a little differently each time (My Pistol Marine was great, until I accidentally hit the switch that exploded the surrounding aread… ow)

  • NO!

    Real women are better.

  • Xander

    Real women don’t do -6d3- damage to cacodemons

  • raigan

    damn it, i was finally getting over my addiction to this game.. and you had to go and alert me to an update.

  • randal

    ASCII women have their charms… especially ‘B’ ;)

  • crackers

    ASCII women have their charms… except when they steal your items and teleport away.

  • dessgeega
  • surlyben

    Have you ever had Peanut Butter on a hamburger? It’s delicious, believe it or not. It’s helpful to get past the squick-factor if you think of it as a type of peanut sauce…

  • Teeth

    Thanks dess :)

  • Teeth

    Oho, a metroid one as well. Doppelthanks!

  • Teeth

    And here was me thinking we were done with the impostering :)

  • Toothbrush

    Hey, try using me once in a while! :(

  • Lega

    Aw… all the links to the other RLs are down. And I was here getting all psyched about playing Castlevania and *gasp!* Metroid in a deliciously innovative, text-based environment.

    I gotta have my fix, man! I just gotta have my fix!

  • Teeth
  • nipple slip

    Buenos Noches indigo valenico grates tuta!