Reactor 09

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: December 8th, 2006

Oh man, bad news.

Tim said I could post this one, which means I must post this one or he will find me.

So Bernie‘s new graphic adventure is out! It’s called Reactor 09 and as it turns out it is “mature,” as was foretold.

The game has you playing as a scientist convicted of murder trying to escape a doomed prison with the help of a CO. Throughout the game your decisions will affect the officer’s trust level and, as a result, the arc of the story. There are four different endings in all, though apparently the game itself is pretty short.

Now, Bernie claims he’s not happy with it, but I think he’s probably just nervous with it being his first “adult” title.

Left-click to walk and right-click-and-hold to manipulate the environment, ala Full Throttle. Enjoy!

  • BMcC

    Thanks Tim!

  • Home Improvement

    I don’t know about that Tim.

  • omer

    damned water pipe puzzle!

  • null

    Um, hi! There’s a R09 hints thread at the AGS forums ( It has the solution to the pipe puzzle. And to some other stuff.

  • Jimbob

    Just got the good good ending, loved some of the puzzles, didn’t mind the length (meant that finishing it in one sitting didn’t destroy too much of my free time :P) and another great release from Bernie. The man’s obviously a machine…

  • Tim W.

    Sorry about stealing your Darkside Adventures post. :)

  • BMcC

    Haha, you didn’t steal anything. :)

    On a related note… What came of your car, dude??

  • Xander

    Wow, it wasn’t as short as I was expecting it to be, although I guess I didn’t spend an extra 20 minutes in 5 Days a Stranger trying to find newspaper clippings… (though it was totally worth it)

    I thought it was a bloody great game. The trust system worked well, and kept my from just trying everything I could until something worked. The puzzles were a nice mix of classic gags and rather clever-if-damn-difficult three dimensional problems. The script was nice too, Clyde and the CO had a great relationship, and for me to be gripped by the relationship between two characters in a short AGS game is a very impressive feat. Congrats on some damn fine gamage Bernie!

  • manny

    nope, the man isn’t a machine. for that he will have to release much bigger games. i would love to see something bigger from bernie. with more animations.

  • Bernie

    Thanks for playing my game, Xander & Jimbob! :)

    Bigger games? Better not, I never finish them. I’d rather just make short/medium length games. My job doesn’t let me spend much time on game development, too.

    If I spent even more time on my hobby, it simply wouldn’t be fun anymore.

  • BeamSplashX

    So you’re a robot, then?

  • Bernie


    I’m a robot, but only at work!

  • BMcC

    You rock, Bernie! Do whatever you need to do to keep putting out sweet games.

  • Bernie

    I’ll try, but I never know how my games will turn out, so I can’t promise you that they’ll be sweet. :)

  • BMcC

    I’m sure they will. ;)

    I can’t wait to see what you do next!