By: Tim

On: December 17th, 2006


The basic objective in Counterclockwise is to destroy enemy chasers, either by shooting at them or using the EMPs supplied. Your craft can only make 90 degrees sharp turns in four directions – left, right, up and down.
Use mouse to move cannon aiming crosshair, or hold the right mouse button for the mouselook feature.

Ammunition is limited, but it’s possible to replenish them by collecting power-ups or executing tricks. These special moves can be practiced in a special trick trainer section.

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  • Splinter of Chaos

    I was so obsessed with this game a while back.

  • jcsw

    was THAT the objective? I thought it’s to keep getting higher scores till you die… I usually go for getting 10-trick combos, then EMPing stuff.

  • zx

    Main objective is to score high, not to destroy. Most efficient way to do it is by making combos. Although, killing enemies is fun too, it doesn’t get you as much points.