Interview with God

By: Derek Yu

On: December 20th, 2006

Kenta Cho

Kento Cho was interviewed by MTV and here’s a YouTube vid of it. If you want to read a transcription, you know Tim’s got you covered. His English is quite good. And I hear he benches 300. Is there nothing this man cannot do?!

He’s got that crazy Miyamoto smile!

  • Sergio

    I vote there be a “Kenta Cho” category.

  • Dan MacDonald

    Dang, I wish my Japaneses was as good as his English, that’s pretty impressive.

  • Ryan A

    Oh my god…….*faints*
    What a badass. Time for a round of some Gunroar.

  • fartles

    No. No, there is nothing that He cannot do.

  • The Arsecast Host

    Soooo… Am I the only person here who doesn’t like his games?


  • Teeth

    I’m not a great fan tbh, they have limited appeal for me and imo would benefit from longer dev times. Hikoza beats Cho in my view. Cho deserves the credit he gets for what he does though.

  • negative zero

    tumiki fighter’s gotta be his best…the rest are pretty good. wat a mad dude.