By: Tim

On: January 4th, 2007


New shooter in development by the author of Counterclockwise.

choice comments:

– fecking gorgeous
– Those WIP pics are having sex with my eyes
– Lush, lush, lush, lush. Did I mention that it looks lush?
wanks cock

  • haowan

    Nice look, hopefully a demo will confirm the awesome

  • queasy

    everyday someone makes a game that looks like it’s a billion times better than mine :(

    now i have to take a shower.

  • So…

    Clearly the Arsecast Host has hacked into Tim’s account?

    I don’t have any other way to explain the wanking…

  • TIGDev367

    No, see, those are comments that Tim quoted from the forum thread. I was confused, too. I thought maybe he was ill.

  • The Arsecast Host

    Wait, am I the only person in the world who wanks?! Man, you guys have got to try it – it’s ace!

    As for the game, I think something like Deathchase 3D in the hands on Nenad is a good thing indeed, as long as it keeps the break-neck thrills of whizzing through a forest. The shooting in Deathchase was always a means to an ends (ie, to get to the more exciting tree-packed levels).

  • Well…

    Yes, we all wank, but not usually on game-related blogs.

  • dan

    i love wanking to my own posts. BUY GIBBAGE

  • Xander

    Wankage and Whoring in a nine word post. TIGSource continues it’s decent into madness…

    …though those screenshots -are- deliciously fappable. MOAR PICS NAO PLS!

  • http://poocast.poo NOT desgeega or The Arsecast Host

    *wanks off to Xander’s post*

  • the2bears

    Well, I’m sitting back and smoking a cigarette…


  • ravuya

    Yet another game that looks better than mine. The hell?

  • err

    It looks like ass?

  • Poopface

    i love posting large images and my penis is small.

  • queasy

    ravuya: oh, i just meant it looks really awesome… i should just made a wank-related post :)

  • The Arsecast Host

    Hmm, maybe it is time TIGSource started forcing people to register before they posted… ;)

  • Rz.

    definitely, The Arsecast Host.

  • The Arsecast Host

    By that I mean the opposite. Yup.

  • Derek

    Yeah, I don’t know how to force people to register with the current blog software we’re using. :(

  • nenad

    Come on guys, who’s idea was to put this up as news? Now I actually feel obliged to start working on it for real ;))

  • Sluuuuuuurp


  • crackers

    That looks yummy.

    There should be an option to change the background colour since that’s the kind of thing that appeals to me.

  • crackers

    Something else about this post also appeals to me. ;)

  • crackers

    It also looks yummy…

  • trav

    you can’t say cock on the internet! SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  • 11

    <3 roosters.

  • Random Chicken

    I love Asians!