Ludum Dare Compo

By: Tim

On: January 21st, 2007

ssswarm3A new Ludum Dare compo is set to happen soon (Jan 26 to 28th), with active discussions to be held in the competition IRC channel #ludumdare on

An accompanying wiki page should be up shortly. The theme will be nominated and voted on Jan 26th. More info posted here .

Previous competition entry Galcon has since graduated into a full-fledged indie game, but toosh is still the champion of Swarm Racer.

  • Jormumzgae

    Stupid question but what’s the origin of the name ludum dare?

  • PoV

    Latin. Ludum boils down to something to do with games, and dare… well, dare has some odd meanings.

  • DrPetter

    I believe it means something along the lines of “giving games away for free”, though in a cryptic way…

    Anyway, this instance of the thing isn’t going to be a full traditional compo but rather a 24 hour warmup run to keep us from getting too bored while waiting for the next proper one.

  • MrMerekMisters

    Wish we could find some proper brits.