6 Days a Sacrifice

By: Derek Yu

On: January 28th, 2007

6 Days a Sacrifice

6 Days a Sacrifice, the fourth and final installment of the popular John DeFoe series of adventure games by Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw, is now available. I’ll be honest, I only played 5 Days a Stranger, and I didn’t even get through that. But it was quite good, what I played of it.

I heard this rumor a while back that the game was originally going to be called “8 Days a Hamburger,” and you were going to play a possessed hamburger. But then again, how would a crazy homeless guy without computer access know that kind of information?

Complete walkthrough of the game in the extended (highlight to view):


– Get flyer


– Talk to guard
– Use hands on guard
– Give paper to Sam
– Talk to Sam about the console, then the door in the north wall
– Go east
– Keep walking east until you get to the blast doors
– Go east
– Enter the first door (sleeping quarters)
– Get guns from Janine
– Head east until you see Sam
– Give her the guns
– Talk to Sam and Janine about everything


– Go east (dream)
– Talk to Sam about everything
– Go west
– Get guard to follow you, then enter medical storage room (next to medical room)
– Call Sam and tell her the guard is gone
– Go back to main corridor
– Talk to Sam
– Talk to Canning about everything
– Go west
– Go to sleeping quarters
– Use hands on locker
– Enter the code: ‘OPEN
– Use hands on locker
– Get keycard
– Go to Canning’s office
– Use the computer
– Release level 1 security
– Go east
– Take spectacles from near elevator
– Enter security room (symbol is a security camera)
– Use hands on blue screen
– Select camera 4
– Select ‘review footage’
– Use lens on big screen
– Go out
– Keep heading east to get to blast doors
– Use keycard in left-hand panel
– Enter code 7759 in right-hand panel (have to have seen it on the screen)
– Phone Janine and have her come help
– Go east (dream)


– Use phone to call Sam (note down numbers)
– Phone Janine and talk about everything
– Go to medical storage
– Talk to Trilby
– Enter far right door in main corridor (now open)
– Talk to Trilby about everything
– Go to security room
– Use blue screen
– Select camera 5
– Enter code 2741
– Download the image
– Call Janine and tell her about the Hub
– Go to the quiet room
– Talk to Canning about John DeFoe
– Tell him Dr. Harty was a cloner
– Go to medical bay
– Search Sam’s corpse
– Go to hub entrance
– Talk to Janine about ID card
– Go back to clone lab
– give ID card to Trilby
– Go to Canning’s office
– Get pile of documents
– Look at pile of documents in inventory
– Go to security room
– Open fusebox
– Use staple in fusebox
– Go back to the hub entrance
(long cutscene)


– Go out
– Go into medical storage room (door has changed)
– Get pickaxe
– Go back to sleeping quarters
– Enter kitchen
– Stand next to hole and wait
– When Janine is fairly near the hole, use the pickaxe on it


– Wait by the door
– Talk to the man in red
– Interact with the usable wall at the back of the cell
– Wait for the delivery
– Get the parcel from the dropper
– Look at the parcel in the inventory
– Use knife-key in door
– Walk all the way down the stairwell, watching flashbacks
– Talk to the body
– Use the knife-key on the body
– Use life force on dying man


– Go to hub entrance
– Walk through the big door
– Go east
– Get machete
– Go west
– Use the front door
– Go upstairs
– Enter first door
– Get welding mask
– Go back to the foyer
– Use the front door
– Go upstairs again
– Enter far right door
– Get apron
– Back to the foyer
– Use the front door
– Enter west door
– Go west again
– Use outfit on hole
– Interact with tarpaulin three times
– Try to leave by the steps


– Walk east
– Interact with the Arrogant Man


  • Dracko

    Too many ideas being juggled for it to work. Some of them are excellent, others are ridiculously cringe-inducing. Not nearly as scary as any of the others, and too reliant on narrative to have any intriguing puzzles.

    At least the ending is clever.

    It’s good, but not as good or refined as Trilby’s Notes, which, for all its flaws, is still the best in the series.

  • MattC

    Gah! Google Reader disagrees with colored text.

  • axel

    “Use hands on guard”? Sounds kinky.

  • DanDanger

    Another fantastic adventure from that yahtzee bloke. I love this series of adventures, and find this one another excellent addition.

    I still think however that “Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment” is his best work, and a criminally overlooked work of absolute brilliance.. so there ^_^


  • Xander

    I think it was a great ending to an interesting series. What started off almost being a story about a haunted house and a madman with a machete, ends up being an epic chronicle beyond time and space that spans countless ages. That’s perhaps a little over the top, but I just FINALLY finished the Sacred Grounds in Cave Story, so forgive me if I’m overly cheery today.

    I do love how each game in the series tried to tell a continuing story that also experimented with various ways for players to experience them (6DAS – Point and Click/Trilby’s Notes – Text..input..stuff). Shame the puzzles were pretty easy in this one, but I guess it worked best to finish off the story. Can’t wait to see what Yahtzee cooks up next! Or… codes. However you guys make games. Is it some kind of dough you have to kneed or… I’ll leave it to you.

  • Advenith

    Sadly, I would have played 8 Days a Hamburger. Many, many times, in fact.

  • Xander

    I had to quote this by ‘Supersh’ on the Fullyramblomatic Forums;

    “ProgZMax over of the AGS Forums suggested that this episode should really be called “The Trouble with Trilbies” ”

    If only…

  • Sergio

    A quote of a quote… I must quote you now and add to the cycle. Ten points if you can find it somewhere on the Internet.

  • ugh

    Most pretentious piece of crap i’ve ever played. and i’m an artist!
    Do yourself a favor..play 5 days a stranger then stop. The second one is like a bad friday the 13th. The third one is extremely pretentious..and this one (as i reiterate) the most pretentious piece of crap i’ve ever played/read/experienced.

  • SparkTiger

    I personally liked Trilby’s Notes the most, but then, I’m a Silent Hill fan, so the whole dark world thing seemed pretty awesome. 7 days has some strange puzzles in it that are very difficult to solve. As for Yahtzee’s next game, I definitely think he should make another Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment game, but with a little more content and less emphasis on the adventuring side and more exploring space. Of course, I’m also Star Control fan, so that affects my judgement. Or he could to a parody game of the “Days” series, maybe along the lines of 8 Days a Hamburger.

    All-in-all, the last two games seem to be more of a Lovecraftian departure from the inital generic haunting, which I personally like (you guessed it, I’m also a rabid Lovecraft reader). I wonder if Yahtzee did some horror research before doing Trilby’s Notes, since I see elements of Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill, the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, and the King in Yellow in it.

  • Chinasky

    I’m stuck in the cell and the walkthrough says:
    – Look at the parcel in the inventory
    – Use knife-key in door
    – Walk all the way down the stairwell, watching flashbacks

    So…I do just that and guess what?…I’m still there reading “I don’t think so.” over and over. What’s with this game? Did I not use the knife on the door in the right fashion..am I drinking the wrong tea…what the..? I just want some good flashbacks.

  • theodore

    NOTE: what i write may be somewhat of a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played the game

    I like all of yahtzees games but this one was one step down the ladder. I really enjoyed the story thou i didn’t get much of it acctually ^^ Apart from that i think it was kinda bad that dacabe guy didn’t hook up with janine , that part of the game honestly moved me. The story was a bit hard to get, i mean i got lost kinda in the middle of it, what where chzo’s motives? Why did he want that dacabe guy? where does the story end? is there a end to the story? The story seems to raise more questions than it answers, which i think is kinda annoying. Everything seems to be presented in such a sloppy way, i realise this is obviously to confuse the player. But in that case i think it would be better to take away the half of the story which you dont understand :) And/or just keep the dialogs.

    Another thing i liked about the game is how he kept using the same character names and physical traits throughout the whole story. Makes my wonder how philips children looks like, or if he had any?

    The puzzles where kinda easy as for the rest of the series (maybe except 7das). But sometimes the story can get so confusing so you sit and think of it while forgetting what to do etc. which make you end up trapped in shit-easy situations, that you’ve easily could have solved but is trapped in because you have no clues.

    All in all the whole series seriously owns ass, and is by far the most scaries horror-adventure games i’ve ever played(omg what 7das was scary). Thou im glad it finally had come to an end, even if not a particularly great one. Thou i must admit it was kinda smart.

  • Liz

    I cant find the pickaxe!

  • Liz

    help help help help!! please?!

  • theodore

    when janine (defoe) is chasing you, the pickaxe is in the right of the corridor. Inside the room with the ordinary door.

  • Liz


  • Mike

    The ending really dissapointed me… Didn’t make any sense.

    But at least it wasn’t as bad as the ending to 7 Days a Skeptic. I am glad that it elaborates on what happened after the end of 7 Days, though.

  • Adam

    Awesome game. It isn’t pretentious at all; in fact, I would like some proof to support that claim “ugh”. I think the ending was MEANT to confuse the player, much like Silent Hill games often d. It’s just another way of adding to the fear of the unknown that those games employ. Intriguing story and I especially liked that the “arrogant man” got his just desserts at the end.

  • http://myspce. Celestine Lovie

    i enjoyed the storyline, though some may call the gameplay brittle in itself, but the idea was quite indulging.

    for, and this will spoil the ending for those who choose to continue reading. this is the way i viewed the storyline. the guide, the arrogant man, chzo, and the caretaker were always there, like constant figures.

    they were life, they were history, and they were endless. chzo may have wanted nothing, for he received only life-force from the arrogant man, and thus insuring 7DAS.

    trilby was a necessary component in the regard of him being the guide, the catalyst, if i may be so bold, to ignite the “fire” of the DeFoe spirit who would become DaCabe who would become the arrogant man.

    the “caretaker” only was there to monitor the events that were to happen, not to interfere, because he held no opinion, but to initiate. and lastly, the arrogant man is just chzo’s constant tool. killing the guide only because that’s all he knows.