Spam Go Boom

By: Derek Yu

On: February 1st, 2007


I just went all Defcon on some m’f’in spam. Unfortunately, I deleted a handful of real comments in the process.

Sowwy. :(

But we (i.e. Jeff) just installed the latest version of Typo (our blogging software), so I’m hoping the amount of spam will drop significantly. And can someone confirm whether the RSS feed is still borked? I was hoping that upgrading would fix that, too.

  • BMcC

    Yeah, the real comments on MY posts!

    COINCIDENCE?! Yeah, probably. :P

  • Ozeki

    OMG! You guys are running Typo?

    I always though this was DotClear of even WordPress.

    Typo is one hard m’f’er to master…

  • DrDerekDoctors

    Take the hint, BMcC! ;)

  • DrDerekDoctors

    Waaait, what does BMcC stand for? Is it Brian McConnell?

  • DrDerekDoctors

    Oh, no, it ain’t. Just checked the “About Us” page. Well, there’s some more comments you can safely delete. :P

  • haowan

    Man, the fucking spammers are getting worse by the day ;)

  • BMcC

    Bwahahahaha, classic.

  • Rich

    Your feed is still doing weird things. somtimes my feedreader tells me that there are 10 or more new tigsource posts, when there is actually just one.

  • Zippy

    I think its fixed now.

  • Kornel

    Yeah, seems as the RSS feed is Fixed :) [at last ^_^]

    Rich – that is the fault of the RSS feeder not being able to cope with the changes. It should be ok again after some time.

  • Jeff Lindsay


  • trav

    a bit late with this one but I think I got a heap of repeats when you upgraded but it seems to have sorted itself out now. Thanks for fixing this one, it was getting pretty painful

  • BMcC

    Jeff! Many props to you, sir.

  • Twisted Rabbit

    Sounds very good.

  • spam


  • hmmm

    why not add a security code?