Freeware/Indie Game of the Year

By: Tim

On: February 3rd, 2007

“But Tim, It’s only February! How can you say that, you’re nuts!”

To be honest, this might as well be my last post. There’s no other game I can write about that’s more addictive than Blocksum anyway. Pack my bags and head off into the sunset…

Err… translated instructions?

Join a number of tiles together by using the Z key, and their corresponding number increases. Gather a large group of blocks with the same number to make them disappear. Grey orbs can be used to remove all blocks with the same number on the field simply by connecting it to a tile. Hold the X key to move the tiles upward. Press the C key to access a pause menu. Requires the latest DirectX version to run.

As pointed out by Tomas, this game must be slapped a Health Warning.

  • Sergio

    How can a game that involves maths be fun? Huh? It defies logic.

  • Twisted Rabbit

    I like it a lot. but the year?! i don’t know… We shall see

  • DanogNellows

    Looks awesome but I keep getting
    errors when I try to run it.

  • Rz.

    this has destroyed my life

  • haowan

    This game could kill the world. It’s powerful.

  • Shinji16

    One install, 3 rank ins, and 4 hours later I finally quit the program.

    Good god this game is good.

  • pragma

    Wow. Even watching the *trailer* is a rush.

  • Faunis

    Oh crap, where did those five hours just go!?

  • Shinji16

    “Faunis said 1 day later:
    Oh crap, where did those five hours just go!?”

    Um… I lost about 8 today. Has anyone watched the NUL highscore replay yet? It’s fucking scary. They would have kept going but run out of time…

  • Sephiroth

    Lumines rip off?

  • Sephiroth

    subtract the lumines part and ad the original part…

  • Mario

    FF7 rip off?

  • OMG

    This is just like Doom except its a puzzle game!

  • haowan

    Heh. Yeah, if you play it you’ll see it’s got absolutely nothing in common with Lumines.

  • DOOP

    Come on. It’s not that fun.
    I got bored after an hour or so playing it.

  • Shinji16

    DOOP, I’m sorry, but I have no witty reply aside from you’re either fucking retarded or wouldn’t know fun if it raped your family. And made you watch.

  • Alan Gordon

    There goes my chances of getting anything productive done this quarter.

  • whatever

    DOOP, surely you haven’t learned to count to ten!


  • Xander

    That’s it. My university studies are offically screwed thanks to this (Though apparently my math skills are terrible, so actually I may never have gotten through it anyway).I think my PC will actually have to top itself to free me from this games diabolical clutches!

  • Shinji16

    Xander, you may eat your words. I almost fucked up a quiz and I did miss a homework assignment thanks to it.

  • Tim

    I DID warn you guys. At least your maths improved! :D

  • Faunis

    Every time I saw a number in calculus, I was pressing the buttons in my mind and trying to combine them.
    This game is a government conspiracy.

  • Echo

    Hmm. How long, I wonder, will it be before we’re playing Blocksum clones with Aztec themes?

  • Don Filbert

    If by “playing” you mean “paying for”, then soon.

  • Iv4n

    What DX really needs to be installed? I’ve got an error message and I’m unable to run the shit.

  • Shinji16

    Echo and Don bring up excellent points…

  • Rezwhore

    I get some crazy message about not having d3dx9_21.dll. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Echo

    Yeah, you need the up to date version of DirectX that was released a couple of days ago. Here’s the link!

  • BMcC

    Very cool! I like it.

    But I guess there’s no point in making any more games this year. ::shrugs::

  • Bill Gates

    Why haven’t people learned to install DirectX yet?

  • moi

    I think “Stack attack” the Anti-casual game is already better than this one :)

  • zaph

    You have to be some kid of shill. That “Stack attack” game is nothing compared to Blocksum. In both quality and gameplay.

  • ptoing

    Lol, I would not even consider Stack Attack a game. It’s devoid of… everything making games fun.

  • Carlosfocker

    This game needs to ported to a handheld system(PSP, DS) so bad. Lumines is great but this game is crazy.