Game Life

By: Derek Yu

On: February 25th, 2007

Game Life: Part 1
Game Life: Part 2

I thought this was funny as hell. By Joakim Sandberg, aka konjak. Check out other comics by TIGForumers (more than meets the eye LOL) in our awesome TIGSource comic thread!

We’re looking for somebody to potentially do a weekly comic for TIGSource about indie gaming. Interested? Might be a nice way to pimp your work and website.

  • Julian

    This is good! Really good.
    I like the first row. Imagine you want to stand up in the morning and this guy is always saying in a obtrusive funny way “Level …” and .. just every day! LOL

  • Jimmy

    This is just awesome :)

  • haowan

    Great work konjak :)

  • RatherBeBiking

    This is great.. I’d like to see more similar stuff.

  • meist3r

    Great strip. I really like it but can anyone give me a hint to what this is an innuendo on? Is there a specific game? I’m just curious. I can see the point of the comic but I still wonder if there is something I missed.

  • Maria Monaco

    pretty much its like your life is the video game.

  • powerdarnell

    that dude got a mustache. did you see that?