Scientology Pwned?

By: Derek Yu

On: March 22nd, 2007

Tom Cruise = Dickface

Despite how simple and repetitive this game is, the graphics, effects, and music (by Everyday Shooter creator Jonathan Mak) really add a lot to the gameplay. I like how the screen shakes when you fire your weapons. Makes it really feel like your squeezing some heavy rounds out!

But where’s the Tom Cruise boss battle? You should have to blast each of the teeth off his shit-eating grin to reveal his alien brain.

(Source: Independent Gaming)

  • Xander

    “Are you a bad enough dude to pwn scientology?”

    Why yes, yes I am! Although, this game has got me thinking it wouldn’t be that bad being a scientologist. Sure we’ve got Tom Cruise and other douche bags doing whatever the hell they do there, but no one ever told me the high ranking members could launch missles from their brain-caps. That’d be pretty awesome…

  • axel

    I can just swear I saw this on [url=]Daily Click[/url] the other day.

    Badass game, I likes it!

  • axel

    Bah, stupid mockup code.

  • Radix

    “You should have to blast each of the teeth off his shit-eating grin to reveal his alien brain.”
    Hey, wow. I made a game where you did exactly this in high school, only it was a kid I didn’t like rather than Cruise. Almost got me suspended when the vice principal found it on the network.

  • raigan

    good times..

  • Tom Cruise

    You are threatening me with death. I’m recommending to the authorities that you be forced to see a PSYCHIATRIST! We’ll see who has the last laugh, heathens.

    Praise be to Hubbard.

  • god

    har de fucken har.

    what if I made you all a little glowing dot? huh? huh?

  • Jonathan Mak

    that’s not funny!

  • BMcC

    It was _kinda_ funny. :P

  • god

    LOL. i thought it was pretty funny.

    (also, mak, you should go see a doctor soon. i just gave you scabies.)

  • zixiao

    I also accidentally stole sfx from derek. So props to him. I’ll add credits in the next build.

  • Tom Cruise

    You’re confusing Derek Yu with Arthur Lee (aka Podunkian). Lee, not Yu, made Operation: Sitting Duck.

  • Tom Cruise

    (I don’t blame you. All you Asians look the same.)

  • Xander

    *Looks at above commentor*

    Oh my god it’s Ethan Hawke!

  • Derek

    At this one party at GDC this guy talked to me for like an hour thinking I was Jonathan Mak.

    He also had a beer in each hand and thought he was _sooooo_ cool because of it.

    Loser! ;)

  • zixiao


  • Suri