Chocolate Castle

By: Derek Yu

On: April 2nd, 2007

Chocolate Castle

Joseph White’s games are always brimming with charm and atmosphere, and Chocolate Castle is no exception! Really, as soon as you see that wonderful Lexaloffle logo, you know you are in good hands. Little details, like the windows in the castle that light up as you complete stages, and the way the chocolate gets munched up and leaves crumbs, make me feel like I’ve been stuffed into the warm belly of a Taun Taun after spending hours on the cold, frozen surface of Hoth.

Like Zen Puzzle Garden, one of Joseph’s previous games, the gameplay is simple but the puzzles can be devious. I really love the mouse control… it makes playing a breeze. The object is to click and drag chocolate (and other obstacles) around so that your animals can eat them without leaving any chocolate left. Chocolate of the same type sticks together, making your task more difficult.

The full game costs $20 US. For real fans of the genre, I think you’re getting your money’s worth, since Chocolate Castle comes with a whopping 120 levels and an editor. For me, it’s a little steep, but I’m going to buy it anyway, because this is a developer I want to support!

  • Alec

    This game is so well made… I may get over the $20 thing yet.

  • anonymous

    lol… $20 isn’t going to put a dent in your pockets! :D

  • rinkuhero

    Yeah, I don’t see $20 as steep, it seems to be the average price for non-freeware independent games.

    This is a great game, the puzzle design impressed me quite a bit, although I wish the sprites had animation when they were eating the chocolate, and I wish the levels had music playing during them, those features would have added a lot to it.

  • anonymous

    funny to see derek and alec complaining about $20 being steep.

  • Derek

    Eh, I don’t really see what’s so funny about it! I’m not a huge fan of puzzle games, generally.

  • Alec

    I ended up buying it, cause I want it so bad and it rocks. :D

    But yeah. My share of IGF money will go towards paying rent, and buying food so that I don’t die in the next few months. Maybe even a computer that doesn’t crash randomly.

    Ah, luxury.

  • Anthony Flack

    Pff, it beats having to hold down a real job, I’ll tell you that.

  • mook

    if only was as cute as this game