Sim Stalag Preview

By: Tim

On: April 20th, 2007


As Radix describes it, Sim Stalag is basically a concentration camp construction kit.

The game involves constructing buildings to manage your morale and health levels, but you get ever-larger trainloads of POWs every X days which forces you to expand. You also have minimal funds, so balancing your POW workforce (which has a negative health effect) against outsourced construction (which costs monies) is important.

  • Prisoners of war will attempt to dig tunnels and escape, assuming that morale is low enough and patrols are not carried out regularly.
  • You can choose the amount of salt to put on fries served at the canteen.
  • The current interface will eventually be replaced by PIPBoy-style cartoon panels and game over screens.
  • Release date: very soon.

[Source: Total Klik]

  • Pani

    Game u da year. Kill dem jews!

  • Dracko

    Will likely be a better game than Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

  • BMcC

    Ugh… I hope you mean “POW” camp (or _something_) instead of “concentration” camp… :(

  • Radix

    Shit. I guess I have to actually finish it now.

    BMcC: To paraphrase myself: You can run your camp however you like, and are judged at the end on military rank (how much you don’t piss off your superiors) and postwar status (how bad you don’t treat your guests).

    It’s the player’s choice whether they treat it as a death camp or a resort, and both approaches have their challenges. Though I couldn’t resist the title, I’m not treating of the camp as necessarily German. You won’t find any swastikas, that’s up to the player.

    On the release date: probably not so soon now that I’m prettying up the interface.

  • Radix Fan

    I always knew Radix was a Nazi! <3

  • GrViper

    Heh… why *building* a camp? I’d rather see Auschwitz survival simulation. First person view, with historical data and based on survivors’ stories..

  • crackers

    I’d rather see a concentration camp survival sim set in America during Indian removal times where you have to play as a young Cherokee woman and avoid disease, death and rape by US soldiers. Play like Pacman, it would.

  • TeeGee

    Ouch… a risky theme…

    But the hype in the press will sure be interesting ;). Good luck with this and prepare to hide from Mossad agents.

  • gum

    GrViper: That was no doubt the worst idea ever.

  • BeamSplashX

    Survival in the Nazi concentration camp system was based quite highly on chance. So it would be like trying to hit an enemy in Deep Dungeon.

  • ZombiePixel

    There was a game like this for the C64 back in the day, only it was all about nazi concentration camps with the goal to eliminate prisoners.

    Regardless of your motive, I hope you can understand the shitstorm you’re in for.

  • GrViper

    gum, BeamSplashX: It can be done (and chances of player’s success can be increased by carefully scripted events). Not a day-by-day imitation but display of certain situations people had to face. The problem is that not many would spend more than five minutes in it because of the pressure. Not much of a problem, though.. the goal of the game would be to show what should not be forgotten – *not* to entertain.

    Anyway, I’ll wait for this build-a-camp release.. used to build some prisons in Dungeon Keeper.

  • Xander

    I like the idea, it’s kind of an ‘It’s only as violent as you are’ style of gaming, so you could theoretically run the nicest POW camp there has ever been, or you could be a deranged host with a nervous twitch and his personalised ‘Kill’ button that releases Dogs on anyone who’s productivity slips under satisfactory means.

    It’s certainly a controversial subject, but by giving the player the freedom to choose what happens (and by not glorifying it; ‘YOU KILLED 5,000,000 JEWS! SUPER ZAPPER RECHARGE!’) it could work out pretty well.

  • crackers

    So it wouldn’t be like death messages in Defcon then.

  • Optrirominiluikus

    Who says it has to be about nazis and jews anyway? This could just as easy be a Guantanamo Bay simulator.

  • FireSword

    You are on Drugs if u play this.. lol
    Next time they should try do a game
    in which they give u points in how effectivly C4 a Mosquee.. :(

  • GrViper

    There’s been a suicide bomber game at ExperimentalGameplay for quite a long time ;)

  • PHeMoX

    lol, as long as you don’t give it names like Sim Auschwitz, it’s likely it’ll go unnoticed and won’t be ‘stopped’.

    On the other hand the abbreviation CCC looks a bit KKK-like

  • Simon Carrington

    did you ever finish it?