Guxt v.

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: April 29th, 2007

Guxt version
Hooray — Guxt has reached version 1.0! I’m just gonna borrow wholesale from Tim’s blog if ya don’t mind:

Some noticeable differences:
– Trial Mode is now called Score Attack.
– The cleared.bin file from the previous version cannot be used to unlock this new mode, although all replays will work.
– Several sprites and enemy flight patterns changed.
– An additional bonus (like Ikachan) can be found by shooting one of the middle tiles halfway through Stage 3.
– There’s a proper ending sequence now, in which the entire cast (enemy ships and bosses) are properly introduced as the credits roll.

This should be the final version of Guxt released by Pixel for a long while."

I also noticed: The game now has an icon, a manual, and those darn little lines on the side of the screen are finally gone! Very cool. I think I’m gonna try and actually beat this thing now.

Though, there’s a clear binary sitting right here if I just can’t cut it. (Simply unzip into the temp_guxt folder created when the game runs.)

Enough talk! Download Guxt here.

(Source: Indygamer)

  • Dustin

    I guess the problem with heavily derivative games like this is professional ones will always be better. This looks and sounds pretty nice (Except the colors), and would play pretty well if it were fair (But that’s a trait of the genre I guess, pissing off its players), but it won’t be as good as Gradius or Life Force or Ikaruga.

  • lol

    i’m with nub ^

  • Shabadage

    I’ll agree it’s not nearly the masterpiece that people make it out to be, and it was far too hyped (Mostly due to a new version every 2 weeks). But the game is still fun. I’ll play it till I beat it, then maybe a few more times just for fun, but it’s not going to find a permanent place on my drive like Cave Story did.

    I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with the boss battles though, I was expecting much more to them considering the levels themselves are so short. Most of the standard enemies have more design in them than the bosses. They seem to hail from a time when Solar Striker was the 4 color shooting king.

    I don’t agree with the game being “unfair” though, sure there are some annoyances (The squid thingies from behind comes to mind), but you seem to always get a clue on which enemy is going to fire next. (Which is something I may have to steal)

    If I’d have to rate it (as just a game, not including the cool playback feature), I’d probs give it a 6/10; citing the short levels and basic bosses as the main detriments to the game. By themselves, these two problems wouldn’t be that bad, but when you combine them, it hurts the game.

  • axel

    I think it’s a fine game, if you’re not a hardcore fan of the shmup genre. It’s not epic, but it’s a fun way to kill a few minutes (or hours, at least in my case).

    Let’s see what he comes up with after this. Cave Story sequel? ;)

  • Derek

    Yay! I just one-credited it. Very fun.

    It’s… good. I really like it, but then again, I’m not a hardcore shmup player by any means. Of the shmups I’ve played, I feel like it’s one of the more fair. I also like that the levels were short… it let me get good at the game quickly.

    It’s a game that’s not really about being good at dodging, but knowing what’s coming and knowing what to do in each situation… what weapons to get. But it’s a lot of fun and I really dig the overall design and the typical Pixel polish!

  • Akhel


    …alright, I’m leaving now.

  • Joseph

    Its pretty frustrating, but fun. I guess I’m a masochist :P

  • Underwhelmed

    I get the impression that nobody would care about this game much at all if it wasn’t made by Pixel.

    It’s decent, and I appreciate the art style and the music, and admitably after a game like Cavestory it’s hard not to hit the sophomore slump, but this just isn’t all that special.

  • Derek

    Probably the fact that it *was* made my Pixel and is following Cave Story is the reason why you’re underwhelmed.

    It’s not the most amazing game ever, but it’s solid.

  • Smithy

    I just picked up my old copy of Gradius after many, many years of not playing commercial games. Got to the final miniboss in the third stage on medium mode (which I’m pretty sure is actually an error in translation; it should probably be *impossible* mode.)

    I hate that game now. Freaking impossibleness!

    Oh, and guxt looks cool.

    *Smithy runs away hoping nobody notices his off-topicness*

  • Smithy

    “Got to the final miniboss in the third stage on medium mode”


    I meant to say… I got to the third miniboss in the final stage on medium mode…

    Freaking dsylexicness!

  • Sergio

    It’s called dyslexia. ;)

  • GrViper


    Ok, I’ve been waiting for 1.0 as an excuse for not playing Guxt – now I’ll have to :)

  • Anthony Flack

    I doubt that Pixel has the sufficient energy and masochism to top Cave Story, now that he knows exactly what making a game like that involves. He’s not a student anymore; I think we need to recognise that for most people, making ambitious freeware games is an unsustainable proposition which you can typically only manage for a few years in your early 20s.

    I quite like Guxt, in its small way. It’s not going to top Ikaruga, sure, but then again it’s really not that similar to games like Ikaruga. And also I don’t like Ikaruga very much, so that’s perhaps a good thing.

    Actually I’d say it’s not really any more derivative than your average indie game; it’s just that shooters are so stereotyped. Misrepresented by the hardcore fans, and misunderstood by most others…

  • caffeinekid

    Arse attacking alien ships are a jip. :(

  • Akhel
  • Dustin

    I mean there’s no reason to play this above prettier and bigger budget shooters because it doesn’t deviate or innovate.

    Hell, don’t even have to go professional, just look at Super Ken Senshi; that game was AWESOME.