La Mulana Video Walkthrough

By: Derek Yu

On: May 4th, 2007

“Greetings, La Mulanites!”

Some guy on Something Awful is working on a complete video walkthrough of La Mulana, the epic MSX-style platform game. It’s not complete yet, but there are already 56 videos done!

Unfortunately, dude decided to narrate over the entire walkthrough. Not only is it completely unnecessary, but… well, it sounds like a prepubescent Anthony Michael Hall talking through a rubber hose. WHY?! Honestly, I really dig his enthusiasm, but it makes the videos hard as hell to watch.

(Source: Independent Gaming)

  • crackers

    Ugh, the voice.

  • Underwhelmed

    Like the love child of weird Al and… um Weird Al.

  • iopred

    Lets play threads == voice overs.

    Without someone speaking they are so horribly boring.

  • Alonso

    His permanent verbal intervension simply cannot be adjectived. It hurts.

  • crackers

    He sucks at Gradius too.

  • Anthony Flack

    Now, this is how you do it:

  • TFMurphy

    The voice over is actually pretty good, although it helps that La Mulana is a game where *hearing* the player’s frustration is remarkably entertaining anyways. It also helps that he knows his games and he knows the references. It’s not a flawless playthrough, but it’s amusing, nonetheless.

    Besides. If you don’t like it, it’s not like it’s the only video walkthrough for La Mulana. It’s not even the first. jman2050](’s playthrough started almost 3 months ago, though it’s sadly incomplete, while [“Exploring La-Mulana” has been complete for 3 weeks now. Neither have any voice commentary.

  • Mr E

    Peni, I think you need to get laid.

  • Stan Cannon Stud

    MUTE BUTTON MAN!! thats tha key

    just use that and pop-in some METALLICA CD and get on rocking dog!!1! metallica rulz1

  • Rz.

    Wow, Anthony. That video is so great it deserves it’s own post, really. He actually answers the phone during his “review”. C-c-c-CLASSIC!


    I have to agree, the voice sucks so much that I could not watch the first one through the end. At least it gave me will to get back to the game seriously, as I haven’t finished it yet

  • Mr. Business

    From the looks of it, this guy beat everyone to the punch.

  • Mr. Business

    Oh jeez, beaten to the punch.

  • negative zero

    his voice is annoying, but the commentary is actually pretty amusing. it’s fun to see someone else go through all the highs and lows that you went through in la mulana…almost nostalgic.

    hope he does a walkthrough for hell.

  • jc

    this bit of the game is totally hilarious

    i can’t tell if the guy narrating thought he was making it funnier or if he really didn’t understand the humor in the segment (maybe both)

  • Demicol

    As iopred already said, Let’s Play = Voice overs / commentary. The whole purpose of “Let’s Play XGame” on Something Awful is for someone else to play the game while doing commentary on it. Lots of them even have quest commentators from other users.

    You get used to his voice eventually.

  • Shinji16

    I think he’s awesome.

    Then again, I’m also usually the ‘village idiot’.

  • Hell

    No prepubescent boy is walking through me!

  • deadeye

    As Demicol said, it’s a Let’s Play thread, and commentary is a given. If you check out other Let’s Play threads, you would see that his commentary is actually pretty damn good by comparison.

    Strange timing on this update, though. I just started watching this LP earlier today. Good thing it’s there, too. I totally gave up trying to play La Mulana on my own. Fuck, that game’s hard.

  • the other Derek

    Bash the game itself, that’s fine. But bashing an LP is cowardly. Especially when there’s millions of other poorly made gameplay videos on YouTube to target. Furthermore no one has the balls to do a proper walkthrough, so this man deserves some credit.

    WTF Derek… did you even play the game or finish it?

  • Madamluna

    If you guys don’t like the commentary, use Starman Junior’s narration-less video walkthrough. Problem solved.

  • Derek

    I gave him credit for his enthusiasm, but his narration kicked my ears in the balls.

  • Demicol

    Is anyone else getting the “must have an account” message when trying to visit SA forums?

  • Gearheart

    As has been said it’s a let’s play, not just a walk through. People want the commentary. So even though you found the commentary annoying, it is neither unfortunate nor unnecessary. You should have researched it a little more before bashing the dude.

  • deadeye

    Demicol: SA makes the sub-forums visible to members only occasionally. It’s part of their insidious plot to drum up new membership.

  • deadeye

    Which, of course, costs :10bux:

  • bathroomrage

    It’s not a walkthrough you faggot, it’s called a Let’s Play. It’s a Something Awful games subforum where games are taken, and either screenshotted or made into videos with commentary in the form of captions, or in the case of the video, voiceovers. The general idea is to be funny, or informative, but of course, fucktards like you can’t always understand the purposes of these things and make idiots of yourselves.


  • bathroomfan

    Oh no, the “faggot” doesn’t know about the members only part of the forum because you have to pay to see it! The general idea is to be nice and explain to people the origins of the video, but of course, fucktards like you can’t always understand the purposes of being helpful and make idiots of yourselves.


  • devin

    bathroomrage, you made me cry.


  • inconsequential

    Does any one know what program/dev environment La Mulana was made with?

  • Derek

    Yeah, I get the point… Something Awful takes something and gives it a new name and all of a sudden it’s supposed to be special, and anytime somebody says anything bad about it the entire nest of prepubescent Anthony Hall soundalikes comes out and raises hell in a the way that only angsty preteens can.


  • Anthony Flack

    Oh, just admit you were wrong, Derek. You didn’t find the voiceover really annoying and these guys have proven it.

  • Derek

    Okay, I was wrong. :'(

  • negative zero

    lol…prepubescent Anthony Hall soundalikes.

  • SA Fan

    No, you’re supposed to say “lol prepubescent Anthony Hall soundalikes”, without the ellipsis, because that’s Clever.

  • Smithy

    This conversation made me LOL so much! I’ve never cried from laughter before… Lol!

    Anyway, as the *real* Tigsource forums administrator, I have decided to ban Derek for this disgrace, once and for all!

    He’s a hacker anyway… Always pretending to be in charge in an attempt to usurp my power… Pfft.

  • BMcC

    LOL, Anthony!