Ron Gilbert and Penny Arcade Adventures

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: May 9th, 2007

i <3 ron gilbert
Whoa. It has just been announced that Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert is working with Hothead and Penny Arcade on Penny Arcade Adventures.

That is pretty darn sweet. Ron is one of my heroes. My hopes for this project have just increased!

  • Splinter of Chaos

    I thought Tim Shafer was responsible for Monkey Island.

  • Advenith

    Before, it was a “I might buy it” sort of thing. Now, this is a more pressing monetary demand for me than college, gas money, and hookers.

    (Also, Tim Schafer was only partially responsible. He did a good portion of the dialog, along with Dave Grossman. Their writing actually turned it from a serious game into a comedy. He also co-created Day of the Tentacle.)

  • Smithy

    Oh man…

    That IS sweet news!

    Totally mint!

    Or at least, it would be if I knew what “Hothead” was.

    But Monkey Island is awesome!

    Not quite as cool as Full Throttle was, though. Or Grim Fandango. Or anything else Tim Schaefer created.

    Tim Schaefer PWNS Ron Gilbert!

  • Nikica

    Ron PWNS Tim

  • Tim

    oi i resent that comment

  • koach

    Muhahaha, mos definitely Ron PWNS Tim! Nothing tops Monkey Island… well maybe DOTT, but Full Throttle and Grim Fandango can never compete with MI (though they still are damn hot games).

    Well, I’m already anticipating the Gilbert vibes in Penny Arcade – I sure am curious what inpact this will have on the game…

  • Smithy


    Tim PWNs Ron.


  • junkboy

    The expression “pearls before swine” comes to mind.

  • Smithy

    The phrase “SHUT YOU FACE” comes to mind…

    tim pwns ron.