GDC: Everyday Shooter

By: Derek Yu

On: May 11th, 2007

Check out this great video
(source: Tim W.) where Nikki Inderlied talks to Phil Fish and some other guy about Everyday Shooter. Dammit, it is no coincidence that (ES developer) Jon Mak was absent during the video… these guys are totally working for him as PR!

I love the part where Nikki asks Phil whether he thinks Everyday Shooter should have won the grand prize, and he gets a little bit nervous. You know why that is? It’s because I was standing right behind the camera with my shirt off, holding a baseball bat with a rusty nail through it… all like sweating profusely with my eyes bugging out… blood all dripping down my mouth because I just chewed off the head of John Romero… my nipples all pierced with CliffyB’s earrings… CliffyB’s actual ears on a necklace around my neck…

Wait, what, where was I? Oh yeah! Jon Mak is a P-I-M-P, and Everyday Shooter is a rad game. Totally deserving of its wins… which were very many!

True life adventure: some drunk guy at a party at GDC talked to me for an hour before I realized that he thought I was Jon Mak. I politely corrected him:

“Dude, I’m Jenova Chen.”

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