Scientology PWNED… PWNED

By: Derek Yu

On: May 15th, 2007

Scientology PWNED... PWNED

Zi-Xiao Liang, creator of Scientology PWNED, has informed me that his game (in which you blow away the faithful followers of Xenu) was the target of local police, who are making him change the name of the game.

I don’t really have an opinion either way, but I suggest that the name of the game be changed to “American McGee’s Scientology PWNED,” therefore putting all the blame squarely on American McGee. And because we also need more games that have American McGee’s name in the title!

Check out this IGDA thread for more info.

  • Shinji16

    I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • PoV

    Call it “*Censored* PWNED”, because that’s exactly what’s going on.

  • crackers

    Oh snap! The cult’s gotten to the the man now.

  • waruwaru

    Change it to “PsyEntology PWNED”, and put some small disclaimers into the credit/story.

  • Albert Lai

    Such as the “locations and places in this book are entirely coincidental, etc.” in every novel written ever.

    Anyway, I propose, possibly, “People I have rarely interacted with before, yet I’m going to shoot them anyway for completely arbitrary reasons PWNED”

  • Shabadage

    had it been named “Terrorists PWNED” you would have never even gotten a call from the police.

  • !CE-9

    I feel very safe in our so-called civilisation. and I haven’t even made it to Toronto yet.

    here, some shit:

  • crackers

    Maybe he should change it to Scientology PWNS. It’s not much of a change and would probably suit the game more.

  • Anthony Flack

    I propose “Scientology Is A Dangerous Cult And It’s Up To Each Of Us To Publicly Denounce It Every Chance We Get: The Game”

  • Shinji16

    :: reads comments so far, and stifles a tear ::

    TIGSource, I love you so much…

  • FairPlay

    I kiss you Anthony. The past couple of days I’ve been on a Scientology binge, watching things around youtube and Panorama’s recent documentart what-not.

    The problem is, if you call Scientology nuts, dangerous and immoral, you kind of have to make that accusation of most other religions*. Luckily, I don’t have a problem with that.

    *Scientology may be new and an obviously cynical scam mixed in with its own brand of NLP (pt2), but all religions have similar traits.

  • Underwhelmed

    Right, because nobody saw this coming.

    File this under “yawn” unless of course the author refuses to change the title. It would take real chutzpah to stand behind a game advocating the genocide of a religion*

    *and by religion I mean freaky UFO cult.

  • negative zero

    here’s hoping they didn’t choose the name just to grab attention or cause meaningless controversy. that’s pretty cheap…and stupid.

  • Anthony Flack

    Oh, I dunno. I was quite serious about it being our civic duty to denounce Scientology publicly. This was just a quickie school project, not some grand artistic statement, but the fact that it is having a dig at Scientology is a definite plus as far as I’m concerned.

  • GrViper

    Maybe change PWNED to OWNED?

  • Sergio

    Drugs are bad, guys.

  • qnp

    Hey, that’s some extra free exposure for the game right there…

    Rename it:
    S.C.I.E.N.T.O.L.O.G.Y. Pwned

    Yanked *(from the game)*

  • DrDerekDoctors

    Haha, the man investigating it is called Detective Chris Kiriakopoulos, and it reminded me that I used to work with a woman called Tracey Kiriakopoulos, who was known around the office as Tracey CrappyPooPoo.

    Happy days…

  • Fost

    So, where does Zi-Xiao Liang live? The US? I only ask because I don’t understand why the police have turned up at his door? Is there some legal reason why that’s happened or does he live in some fascist state? (in which case, why do they care about scientology?)

  • DanDanger

    Yups, you should change the name of the game incase they decide to come round and “get you” How about “Pedo-Scientologists PAWNED”?

  • contra

    Now it is funny and ironic and we can makes jokes about it but on one hand I find this really scary. To be under the investigation of local police and questioned alone in an interviewroom for making a silly little game seems really disturbing. Personally I probably would have shat in my pants and deleted every trace of the game.

  • Derek

    Fost, I believe Zi Xiao lives in Canada.

    So either the Scientologists have the Canadian police (mounties?) in their pockets or…

    Well, there isn’t really any alternative, really! :O

  • OrR

    Scientology isn’t a religion, it’s a criminal organization. And this is a scandal. :-/

  • PHeMoX

    Screw them, this is pure censorship. I wouldn’t change a damn thing. I vote for Scientology Pwnd.

  • farts

    I like the “No, go fuck yourself” approach. I don’t really understand Canadian law, but I don’t suppose it can be so alien that a beat cop can legally demand something like this, without any counsel or judicial involvement. Tell them to come back with a warrant.

  • Smithy

    There are Canadian laws against hate speech, which I’m guessing were considered broken by the title.

    It’s a freaking dictatorship up there! Lolz.

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    Furthermore, the web site also includes comments from third parties which infringe on trademarks of the Religious Technology Center. We hereby request the webmaster to submit identifying information for the following violators: “crackers”, “Anthony Flack”, “qnp”, “Fost”, “DanDanger”, “Derek”, “OrR”, and “PHeMoX”, so that we may take action against any and all unauthorized infringement upon hahahaha just kidding this is Shih Tzu

  • archimed


  • OrR

    That sounded awfully real… :D

  • negative zero

    nice one



  • Dustin Gunn

    Like I wrote about in here:

    he’s not only removed the download but censored the word “scientology” on his webpage.

  • Shabadage

    No talk of cruise missiles or we’ll all end up in prison.