Introversion: the first of the last of the slogans

By: Derek Yu

On: May 25th, 2007

The First of the Last of the First of Something

Apparently, the full slogan is “the last of the bedroom programmers… the first of the children!”

In other news, mobile Defcon.

  • PoV

    PoV, “Slogan’s are soo 1940’s”. Now with extra cheese.

  • PoV

    If it ain’t American Shareware, it ain’t worth sharingâ„¢

    Player Games. Games for the player’ers in all of usâ„¢

    If you’re having fun, it’s Fun Gameâ„¢

    Only the best. Best Gamesâ„¢

    Games that’ll make you a man. Man Gamesâ„¢

  • crackers

    Are they going to start telling us to suck it off.

    Or was it suck it down?

  • Albert Lai

    Shareware. We actually hate sharingâ„¢

    This is a Korean MMORPG. You now know everything about this gameâ„¢

    Did you see the ad above this Flash? Are you sure? Did you click on it? Hold on, lemme pause this game to let you click on itâ„¢

    This game, honestly, just consists of doing random tasks to make bars go up and go *ding!*, but you’ll play it compulsively anywayâ„¢

  • Stwelin

    The graphics were done by the programmer, just shut up and enjoy the abstract apspectâ„¢

  • Derek

    I love you guys.â„¢

  • Eric

    Fuck them, I program in a garageâ„¢

  • RZ

    Programming: The Only Bedroom Action They’re Gonna Getâ„¢

  • GrViper

    The only place where introverts yell slogansâ„¢

  • BeamSplashX


  • BeamSplashX

    Oh, and:

    Trademark. We trademark our trademarked slogans.â„¢

    We put the TM in TiMe to die.â„¢

  • WFT

    *”Games that’ll make you a man. Man Gamesâ„¢”*


  • Xander

    Hard Time; Even if you’ve only an arm and a leg, you’ve still got a rep to protectâ„¢

    Mobile Defcon; Where would you like to have a God complex today?â„¢

  • DrDerekDoctors

    Introversion: We’re just like you bedroom coders. Only we’re in an office and we’re outnumbered six to one by PR c***s.â„¢ ;)

  • balls

    TM â„¢

  • shinygerbil

    Slogans Actually Work. See, You’re Discussing Us Even Nowâ„¢

  • Aubrey

    If I ever get rich, you can trust me to stay coding in my bedroom or garage (in one of 15 mansions dotted across the globe). Did anyone watch Tomb Raider last night? It’d be like that, but with incredibly poor use of the space.â„¢

  • Joseph

    You guys should go on tour LOL

  • Albert Lai

    I actually never learned the difference between challenging the player and making jumps that require two-pixel precision to pull off.â„¢

    Did that boss just own you? Sorry, grinding for hours to beat it is part of the game. It’s authentic!â„¢

    Learning curve? Don’t make me laugh! Too late! Ha ha ha!â„¢

    By “point-and-click” I actually mean rapidly clicking around the room in hopes that eventually you’ll find something useful, rather than any type of guiding systemâ„¢

    To achieve your goal, you have to make a series of events happen by clicking on them, though these don’t necessarily connect to each other logically. Or at all.â„¢

  • Rz.

    hey, i didn’t actually post here. :( fuck you

  • Derik


    Impostors run amok! (TM)

  • Impostor ™

    In Soviet Russia, slogans invent you!

  • Optrirominiluikus

    In the world, Introversion rules.

  • Fost

    Introversion: making more money than the rest of you tramp indies, so who gets the last laugh â„¢

  • Tom Cruise

    Last of the bedroom scientology cultists â„¢

  • Fost

    So, what happened to make posts with the word s_c_i_e_n_t_o_l_o_g_y need moderator approval?