N on XBLA, DS, and PSP

By: Derek Yu

On: May 25th, 2007


N, the physics-ey based platformer from metanet, is purportedly hitting Xbox Live Arcade this fall, along with the DS and the PSP. Dubbed N+, the game will remain faithful to the original, but the plan is to include some new features.

It’s cool to hear that the XBLA port is being facilitated by Klei Entertainment, the creators of Eets. Indies helping indies… it brings a tear to my eye.

Way to go, guys!

Edit: I mistakenly wrote that one of the new features will be a level editor, but N already has a built-in level editor. And I knew that! Why did I do that? Just another great mystery of the universe.

  • Xander

    Awesome! An XBLA N game where you could download other peoples creations is likely to make my 360 weep. Hopefully with a joypad I wont be half-bad at it this time. And the next XLBA indie title will be…?

    (This is where you grin and say ‘Aquaria’. But probably not. Come to think of it, Soldat would be an awesome addition wouldn’t it?)

  • PoV

    > Soldat would be an awesome addition wouldn’t it?

    If it only looked better.

  • Stwelin

    If only it weren’t so god-damn buggy.

  • KKairos

    Dude…This makes me happy. Not that I’m ever goign to have a 360 until later, probably…Moreso that I might someday have a DS, and having N on it would make me very happy.

    One thing though: If the PC freeware version magically disappears I’m going to be very not happy, because I like free things.

  • Fishy Boy

    This is all very excellent to see that N has come so far, but I’ll leave the praise to the previous posters to point out that N has had a level editor for quite a bit. Still, this will be pretty cool!

  • raigan

    “some new features, like a level editor.”?! N _has_ a built-in level editor — there are an astounding +90k user-made levels to prove it: http://numa.notdot.net/

    we’re going to keep developing the free flash version of N, once Robotology is out.. so, not for a while.

  • Aubrey

    Congrats again raigan! Looking forward to multiplayer – I assume there will be something like co-op or vs time attacks, right?

    Oh… and thought about ghosts for solo time attacks?

  • http://www.the2bears.com the2bears

    Wow, great news for you guys :) It’s stories like this that keep my smiling and excited about games.


  • http://josephkingworks.blogspot.com Joseph

    Sounds awesome, but what about a wii port? Is that even possible?!