Braid Preview & Interview

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: June 8th, 2007

I'd quite like to play it myself.  Curse you, Graham!

Graham Goring, The Arsecast Host, recently previewed Braid, the upcoming time-bending platform game by Jonathan Blow, which won the Innovation in Game Design award at the 2006 IGF. He had some nice things to say. Very nice. Check it out.

You might remember Braid being previewed a while ago in a similarly enthusiastic way. I was skeptical at the time, thinking it was hyperbole. But if Graham feels this way about it… I’m inclined to believe.

BONUS CONTENT: Why not chase all this down with an interview with Mr. Blow over at You’ll be glad you did.

ALSO: Screenshots!

  • BMcC

    I _think_ this is my 50th article as an editor on TIGSource…

    Party at my place!

  • BeamSplashX

    Your place? TIGSource? Space… the final frontier?

  • Xander

    Ahh! This is becoming intolerably cruel. Quit teasing me with games I know I can’t play yet! It does sound fantastic though…

    Also congrats! And your place is with us, forever… foorreeevvveerrrr….

  • Derek

    BMcC is the man, man!

  • Isador21

    Why’s there so many awesome games coming out this year???
    Here’s a list :
    – Crimsonland 2
    – Next build of Cortex Command (Yes, it counts)
    – Gish 2 (Not this year but still…)
    – Portal (Valve, not indie but awesome)
    – Aquaria
    And now *THIS* ?
    Just knowing about the art not being static makes me feel weird inside …

  • Xander

    I’d like to nominate Ska Software’s 360 title. Apparently he’s making one?; Dishwasher.

    Apparently it’s awesome. O.O

    It’s like the Oneechanbara and God of War meets Zombie Smashers. I want. I want now. (When BMcC retires can I have his job? Or if he meets an accident inolving tampered with Party cake…)

  • BMcC

    This cake is delicious!


  • PHeMoX

    Floating puzzle pieces for the win!

    Me likes the graphic style, very cool.^^

  • Twisted Rabbit

    Dont forget we cant eat Limbo yet and it looks so so so so so very gooooood. Drooooolss… Limbo

    I agree that portal, while not indie, will rock this world.

  • DrDerekDoctors

    If you want to be truly indie, you’ll diss Portal and insist it was better when it was Narbacular Drop, and that it’s lost its soul now. ;)

  • Radix

    “Now You’re Thinking With Narbacules.” Eh.

  • fish

    john blow is a pimp.
    i saw him dance at a party once.

    Braid is gonna straight up murder, y’all.
    seriously, its gonna make a lot of us look bad!

    cant wait for that thing.

    here’s a prediction: a year from now, number none in partnership with Publisher X announce Braid+ for PSP and DS.