By: Derek Yu

On: June 21st, 2007


Still playing through all of Ikiki’s games! This one’s number five for me, and boy, it’s a doozy. I was attracted to it by the small thumbnail on the games page – it looked like a fun game in a cave. You know, maybe something like Spelunker?

Little did I know they were caves of smelly SHIT.

Tarenagasi, which I think translates to “Poo Cannon” in Japanese, has you flinging excrement all over the walls of what appears to be Mario’s house, covering his lovely entrance room with your gut garbage, which is fired in prodigious amounts via a large cannon attached to your bum. That’s basically the entire game.

Is it some kind of commentary on how the commercial games industry craps out sequel after sequel? Who knows. But it’s funny as hell!

Use ESDF to move and Space to jump, while aiming and firing using the mouse. Left-click will shoot a load out of your cannon. Right-click will make your player, er, fill the cannon back up. The three modes you can choose from on the title screen only change the time limit. Mode three is the unlimited time mode, which let me create this masterpiece right here.

3.5 smelly Ikikis out of 5!

  • ARelativelyHotGirl

    This is my kind of game!

  • Neon

    This is the definition of “wtf” or the spawn of a better question: “why the fuck?!”

  • Jared

    Yes! Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this one to get some notice.

    According to the translated description, the house is that of Ikki’s older brother.

  • Derek

    Testing, testing!

  • makeshifter

    #1 ummmm ewwwwww
    #2 older brother? he has some serious issues. either diarrhea related or not. of course i also have issues with my smother… i mean mother.
    #3 jarred were did you find a translator i’ve been trying to find one all week.

  • makeshifter

    uhhhh this game is crap. no pun intended.
    after a minute of this game i had had enough. it gets boring doing the same thing over and over again.

  • makeshifter

    oh my god i get the pun now!

    wanna know why the house looks like its Mario’s. cause it is! look at the drawing of the character in the main menu. doesn’t it look suspiciously like Luigi. and this is mario’s mansion.
    after the whole being kidnapped by the king boo. and the ass cannon may be from the vacuum that Luigi used to defeat the ghosts. ikkie may have thought that since Luigi was taller he was older. and every one knows that Luigi hates Mario.
    this seems way to much to be a cowincedince what do you guys think.

  • Guert

    I do admit that the hero of this game reminds me a lot of Luigi…
    Coincidence? I think not!
    Makeshifter, I follow your theory ;)

  • fucrate

    Sir, I played Tarenagasi and I have to ask, how the hell long were you shooting turds?? That must have taken about twenty minutes! Twenty minutes you COULD have been using to play Hakaiman!

  • http://ptoing.net ptoing

    Or 20 minutes working on Aquaria >:0

  • Derek

    Nah, it only took me 6 minutes! I yam DA SHITMASTUR. :B

  • makeshifter

    is that a good thing?

    any way i believe that the whole luigi hating mario is real. and the rest is me just making random conclusions. but seriously… who the f*** cares! the Japanese have, are, and always will be fucked up and hard to understand. still loving the ikikie game makeshifter out.