BQuest Update 69

By: Tim

On: June 22nd, 2007

New Bitmap Image

milestone time?

  • Screwtape

    So… what are the odds of there ever being a Macintosh or Linux version of this (very, very pretty) game?

  • SomeGuy

    Very good.

  • FireSword

    I like this shitty game.
    haha ;)

  • Derek

    FireSword, why are you such a dickhead?

  • Koach

    Throw that milestone!

  • BMcC

    Hay doods. First off… AWESOME job, vitaminNewB! That looks dope!

    Secondly, a family reunion thing crept up on me. I’m leaving today at noonish for a week. : BUT I’m bringing my laptop and I’m gonna bang out a ton of BQ work. My plan is to make a beeline for Milestone 2.

    If there’s internet there (and I pray there is!), I’ll make a pretty big update in the forums. If not… well, let’s not even think about that!

    Anyway, through AQ and BQ I’ve definitely got my game-making mojo back. (I’ve got to thank the likes of Derek and Alec and Niklas for this… thank you! So much! These have been dream projects.) So now I’m ready to get this thing done so I can get to my own big project… I also wanna play the finished game as much as anyone! ;D

    In conclusion: Milestone 2 ahoy!

  • BMcC

    And yeah, very good odds for a Mac and Linux version. ;)

  • FireSword

    At Derek..

    Sorry dude, couldn ‘t resist..
    i tried the previous build and found it
    very good.. but the shitty thing was too irresistible not to mention it.. ;)

    May i call you DerkHead? or u prefer
    DickHead? haha :D

  • BenH

    That’s some wit right there.

  • BenH

    FireSword, please lend me some of your wit

  • BenH

    Oh, and web design skills, too ;)

  • fish


  • CosMind


    what’s the “AQ” project you’re also rocking on? top-secret, or already unmasked knowledge?

  • shinygerbil

    this looks sexual, even though it’s not really my thing. Sex-You-All.

  • iopred

    CosMind: Aquarius

  • iopred

    ..and of course by Aquarius I mean Aquaria

  • fish

    IM working on aquarius.
    its like an underwater metroidvania mixed with ecco.

    but its not like aquaria at all, my mermaid girl has a robot arm and the main villain is the mariana trench, so there.

  • FireSword

    Peace people. haha :)

  • Alec

    @ BMcC

    Go get ’em, tiger!!

  • Joseph

    Keep up the good work guys, you are almost to the end of the tunnel (sorta) can’t wait to play it :D