Gamekult Interview: Nifflas

By: Derek Yu

On: June 22nd, 2007


“”">Ico [has] affected everything about what I value in games: atmosphere over gameplay and power-ups, items, bosses… Ico is not about what the game is, it’s about what the game is not – despite the very little music, very small amount of possible moves, bonus games, etc. It’s so incredibly beautiful in every way. So I’d say it have had a huge impact of all my future game designing.

Knytt is built on the same philosophy, and I had to create the Ljus level in Within a Deep Forest (the only level without music) after playing Ico (I was near the end of the WaDF development when I played that game for the first time). But even before I had played Ico, I value atmosphere a whole lot.“ -from the ”">interview

I didn’t realize Nifflas was Jesus. But I had a hunch.

(Source: Timmy)

  • Twisted Rabbit

    How i love ICO and Shadow Of the Colossus.

  • Twisted Rabbit

    To bad i cant read the interview.

  • mjau

    TR, there’s an english version of the interview if you scroll down, hidden behind a link in a box at the bottom of the first post. ‘Cliquez pour lire le texte caché’

  • Derek

    The English translation is at the bottom. Unless you can’t read English. ;)

  • PoV

    I can’t speak, read or understand English at all. What are my options?

  • KoKos

    I can read both french and english fluently. Is there a japanese version ?

  • Derek

    I want to start a band called *TELECHARGER*.

  • Tr00jg

    I loved Knytt…

    So simplistically beautiful.

  • failrate

    How to translate any site with Google.

    Also, &sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1 might not even be necessary.

  • failrate

    Well, that didn’t work out right.
    Basically, hl= is the target language abbreviated, and sl= is the source language abbreviated. So, en and fr for this one.
    u= is the url in full, including the “http://” bit at the beginnining.

  • Twisted Rabbit

    Much thanks. English makes me feel safe…

  • konjak

    Not one single thing should ever be valued over gameplay.

    Guess that’s why I couldn’t ever play far in Ico.

  • Markham

    Am I the only one who saw the link at the bottom of the original interview that pops up the English version?

  • Evil-Ville

    I almost soiled my pants when I saw my name.

  • Evil-Ville

    I almost soiled my pants when I saw my name.

  • Evil-Ville

    Oops, sorry about that. I thought it didn’t work the first time.

  • DrDerekDoctors

    Have you just shit yourself three times as a result?

  • Evil-Ville


  • J

    “Not one single thing should ever be valued over gameplay.”

    That’s retarded. Would you say something equally silly about movies? (“Not one single thing should ever be valued over cinematography.”) A lot of people enjoyed Ico the way it is, which just goes to show there are many things to enjoy in a game, just as one could also enjoy a movie for the clever script or good acting. And actually, you’re setting up a false dichotomy there, because it’s quite possible to enjoy Ico’s simple gameplay in the context of the game’s visual, aural, and narrative elements.

  • Koach

    Jazzy Neeflus? Jeflas Nifsus? Whatever it may be, no doubt Knytt is a dope game and I’m really looking forward to Knytt Stories.

    Per coincidence I started playing Shadow of the Colossus a couple of days before this post and the paralells somehow pushed into my conciousness… Ico will be next then… oh ramble.. back to work

  • Melly

    If Jesus made games… he’d be Shigeru Miyamoto.