PopCap on the Topic of Creativity

By: Derek Yu

On: June 26th, 2007



“Popcap games’ lawyer replied my mail and the one from my lawywers’ office. In essence, they don’t give a shit. I think they knew what they were doing from the start and they are bad businessmen. You know that to think of a game and to actually make it takes a lot of energy and money. Ripping off someonelse’s idea is bad; they don’t belong in the game business.” -Roy Ozaki, President, Mitchell Corporation (Link)

(Source: Indygamer)

  • Derek

    The first of the angry posts, the last of the children.

  • PoV

    Heh, fun image. :)

  • BenH

    PopCap copied games first, so naturally they don’t others doing it. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, the stories I could tell you about PopCap, their lovely lawyers, and their “creativity”. Except then I’d get to have another fun conversation with same said lawyers. Guess I’ll just leave you in suspense, sorry.

  • AdamAtomic

    hahaha this is hilarious…i found out about puzzloop a while ago but this was a funny reminder!

  • http://mooktown.blogspot.com/ papamook

    funny gif. zuma does add a fooking lot to puzzloop however.

  • King_N

    I can understand a good “inspired by…” game, but this is just blatant coppying.

  • Neon

    it must have been an unannoucned and denied ODE to puzzloop ;)

  • Teh Lawyer 303

    PoopCrap games, fucking thieves. and Dawson, didn’t he win the TIGSource sexiest gamer contest? I mean, you see the relation here, dontcha?

  • Bad Sector

    Hahaha, that was superb :-)

  • frosty

    I seem to recall them saying in an interview that Bejewelled was a copy of a Java game they found on someone’s website.

  • http://studioeres.com/games/ rinkuhero

    Priceless entry sir.

  • Gr.Viper

    IMO, 90% of shareware games nowadays are rip-offs. Just browse though big shareware portals and you’ll see dozens of similar games differing only in the colour of tiles. And each of them will be tagged 20$…

  • Melly

    Hypocrisy taken to a whole new level.

  • Lega

    Utterly sickening. It is sad to see a man show such blatant hypocrisy. Sad indeed.

  • http://studioeres.com/games/ rinkuhero

    Also funny is that the Google ad right under that entry advertises Zuma.

  • X_Sheep

    Also Rocket Mania is a ripoff of this arcade game.

  • PHeMoX

    Bad business … I guess they’ll do anything to please their shareholders…

  • Pyabo

    OMGponies!!111 Derek, that image rules.

  • http://www.arsecast.com DrDerekDoctors

    LOL! I was wondering why this was taking so long to post, and it was because a special commemorative GIF was being crafted. :)

    Spookily it ties in very well, timing wise, with a rip-off feature I’m posting in a couple of days…

  • integral

    rofl nice pics

  • http://www.g4g.it FireSword

    Dawson fuXXed Tom’s wife.. haha that’s funny. They made a lot fo sex during pause for scene shot in the actors’small room. From the article the tokyo guys accuse the american juries to be racist against asians.. that’s why they wanan trial in Japan so they can use katana to cut their balls? haha.
    I agree anyway, if u do a copy of a game your only option is to make it free not sell it.


  • Hooker with a penis

    Now this was right on the nail!

  • Keke

    Well every game they have made is a copy of some really old arcade classic. Some games they have improved, and some not. Anyways they have done nice job to make the games feel/look/sound pretty okay. And what comes to creativity… well ofcourse those PR/marketing guys wants to make ppl to _think_ they are creative and original in their ideas! What would you expect?

  • Gr.Viper


  • Derek

    Zing! :)

  • Hooker with a penis

    Well, you know.. about the honesty – You’re absolutely right! That’s it. Unfortunately there’s PR/marketing guys and their whole existence is based for creating false images and lies for all kinds of products. so.. I dunno – blame the system?! It’s shit I know. Since a lot of opinions are based on subjectivity it’s really hard to pin out these rotten apples.
    When company managers, though, squeek putrid mess like this, well.. BINGO! WE GOT A WINNER! =)

  • Roy Ozaki is a such a badass

    Anyone who says Zuma added to Puzzloop never really took the time to play Puzzloop…

  • http://studioeres.com/games/ rinkuhero

    I don’t think marketing and PR is always about false images. I’m marketing my own game and I’m careful not to produce any false images about it. Marketing as I see it is the art of letting people who might find something that you sell valuable to them know about what you sell.

  • Quiest

    I think cloning a game is okay, as long as you are not making money with it.
    It`s a good training for new hobby game devs like me (I`m currently remaking Polarium for the GP2X for GBAX competition).

  • Hooker with a penis

    rinkuhero, yeah but you’re not “a marketing/PR-professional” as the big industry sees it. That’s something I forget to mention. Sorry for being a bit unclear. I know some ppl who work in a firm specializing in marketin/PR and they could sell ice to eskimos. No respect.

  • Karzon

    Pixelus is a copy of an obscure chinese GBA game called something like “chang poo”. Which in turn is probably a copy of something earlier.

  • anonymous

    pixelus is cribbed from compile’s guru logic champ.

  • obviousJoke

    I would like to invite you all to an upcoming tolerance seminar with special keynote speaker Adolf Hitler.