Forums Back

By: Derek Yu

On: July 3rd, 2007

Back in Business

The forums are back! The database needed repairing, apparently.

Also, we’ve been getting some errors with Rails on the frontpage (e.g. “undefined nil class blah blah”), and I want to let you know that we’re aware of it. The mighty Jeff will update our blog software as soon as he’s finished conquering the nearby planet of Zenorbium-23. It is inhabited by a warlike race of sentient insects who worship a fifty-thousand legged deity whose name cannot be pronounced by human tongues.

Jeff believes that their queen’s milk may be used as a cure for genital herpes. All hail Jeff!

  • Derek

    Test comment!

  • Guert


  • Albert Lai

    I’ll sign up for that genital herpes testing thing. For no real reason, of course.
    It’s just be nice.

    Please accept my request ;_;

  • MattC

    I love it when you link to an image! No, really, it makes me smile every time. If you see any more instances of this, please don’t hesitate to email me!

  • Derek

    Shaddup, MattC. ;_;

  • siiseli

    ah, the forums, i missed you

  • Lorne T Whiting

    Don’t worry, Derek, we, the many-as-one (that is, the many that are not MattC… But are telepathic rats), still love you.

  • Quiest

    Hail Jeff!

  • moirémusic

    Hey, is there an rss/xml feed that lets you view (in a feed reader) just the *first* post in a thread, instead of all posts? This is how feeds coming from most other forums are read. It get confusing getting every reply in addition to the original post. Thanks for any help.

  • MattC

    While it’s true that I may not be telepathic, I wasn’t being [too] facetious when I said it brings a smile to my face. I apologize if I’ve embarrassed you and made your eyes leak commas.

    Additionally, while I was researching the stars of the galaxy I came across this site of my indie/casual/google ads/mainstream gaming needs.

  • nikki

    still banned so it’s not fixed