Cave Story PSP: Release Candidate 1

By: Derek Yu

On: July 10th, 2007

Cave Story PSP

There are some known bugs as a result of the PSP’s wider screen, but otherwise… oh boy! For the back story and some yelling back and forth, read this post.

(Source: Timmy)

  • Splinter of Chaos

    So my question is if you’re a fan of Pixel’s Doukutso, are you obligated to buy this or not to?

  • haowan

    This is free, it’s not a commercial release. You may be thinking of the Variant Interactive version, which will hopefully never see the light of day anyway. And which you shouldn’t buy.

    Actually, since they (Variant) mention Shih Tzu so often, it’d be good to get some kind of definitive statement from him on the matter.

  • >:/

    That Variant Interactive version will never come out. Their site is all vaporware, designed to look like they’re up to something when it’s obvious to anyone who’s been watching that they aren’t. The most they’ve done besides selling Cafe Press junk with old concept art for games that will never get finished on it is publish indie PC titles that were already available elsewhere. Putting Cave Story on the PSP obviously requires a bit of actual programming work, so no chance of that!

  • MisterC

    I kinda like the widescreen shot there. I thought that boss was kinda hard because if he wasn’t off screen, he was taking up most of the screen.

  • Echo

    Excellent! I hope this spurns on the DS port – I really want to play it. :D

    Feck it, I’m almost tempted to get a PSP just to play this…

  • PoV

    Don’t jump on the PSP bandwagon just yet. You need an old enough firmware on it to trick the system in to running unlicensed 3rd party apps. Pain in the arsecast.

  • wildweasel

    Been goofing around with this since five hours ago. I’ve already made it back as far as the Sand Zone, and I love it. Ever since my computer magically started to not like playing Cave Story anymore, I’ve been waiting for a PSP port. And here it is!

  • MedO

    wildweasel, does it crash with a bluescreen a few seconds into the game? I’ve had this problem and found a solution after a lot of digging in the net. These directives may be a bit off because I’m running a german WinXP and have to guess the english names:

    Go to Control Panel -> Sound, click the “Advanced…” Button in the “Speaker Settings” part of the window, and choose the second tab.

    Now, turn down the “Hardware Accelleration” slider. It still worked on the second lowest setting for me, didn’t try the second fastest.

    I wonder what causes this, however. No mere program should be able to do this to a system. But then, can Cave Story be called a mere program?

  • CosMind

    so, is the new widescreen format a stretching of the original aspect – or, is it actually displaying a wider view of the playfield?

  • PHeMoX

    A wider view of playfield, but that’s not working flawlessly just yet. The firmware can be problematic, since there’s no fail-safe way to reverse your firmware, it’s very tricky and there’s no guarantee that it won’t mess up your PSP beyond repair…

    Cool game, but I’ve recently stopped playing all 3rd party homebrew stuff I had because I had to have new firmware for newer games (Metal Gear Portable Ops for example.)

  • haowan

    pfft – the new 3.50 downgrader is really easy to use and they put in a whole bunch of failsafes to make sure the old situations in which you could brick your console won’t happen. The only thing you can do now is turn the thing off when you’re actually flashing the firmware, but that’s always going to be a problem.

    Additionally, if you have a certain motherboard type, Sony has put checks in to ensure that you cannot upgrade to newer firmwares once you downgrade – seems a low blow to me – but if you have an older PSP this is not really a concern IIRC, and the downgrader warns you about it before it works its magic anyway.

  • Daiz

    PSP Downgrading isn’t really that hard, I’ve downgraded two PSPs (my own some time ago and my friends just today) with success. And the downside of needing older firmware isn’t even a real downside because you can always install custom OE firmware, so you will be able to play homebrew games and games that require newer firmware.

    My own PSP had a lower motherboard than TA-082, so the process went like 2.50 -> 2.71 -> 1.50 -> 3.40 OE-A. My friend’s PSP was a bit more tricky, since it has a TA-082 motherboard and had 2.81 firmware. So, he first tried with GTA:LCS and upgraded to 3.03. The game was updated version though, so it didn’t work. Then we had to find Lumines, which was a fucking pain in the ass to find, because it was sold out in almost everywhere. Well, we found it yesterday, so today we upgraded to 3.50, but then the downgrade didn’t work quite right and it downgraded to 2.71. After that, we couldn’t find a proper downgrader, so we tried to update it to 2.80 and downgrade from there, but the update didn’t work for some reason. Then, we actually found a working downgrader for 2.71, and it worked! We’ll install 3.40 OE-A to his PSP tomorrow (since it can’t be done with the normal 32MB stick, not enough space, so we’re going to use my 4GB stick), so we ended things today by putting Cave Story to his PSP. And it worked. (with kXploit, but with custom firmware you won’t need that)

    Just thought I’d share this story.

  • nathaniel;

    the fuging game wont let me go to the hell stage ive played thruoght the game 3 time in two days getting absoultyly every thing and ive done it fast and the prehab build just wont open