Everyday Shooter Heading to PS3

By: Derek Yu

On: July 11th, 2007

Jonathan Mak

Other indie news sites broke this story first. But none of them broke it with this sexy pic of Jonathan Mak.

N’Gai Croal’s “Level Up” blog is increasingly becoming a place for juicy exclusives. This time N’Gai (awesome name) reveals that Jon’s sensational musical shoot ‘em up, Everyday Shooter, is hitting the PS3 to join Jenova Chen’s fl0w. There’s also an interview with Jon before he headed to E3 (now one day in and counting):

“Nothing I’m doing is specific to the PS3. I try not to buy into using new technologies simply because I feel that old technology is already so rich. It’s sorta like how an acoustic guitar, while being very simple, is still very expressive. That’s how I feel about old technology.”

The best part is that I can totally hear his voice the whole time I’m reading the interview.

No word yet on the fate of the PC version of the game.

  • nullerator

    If the PC-version has been cancelled, I’ll cry. :-(

  • King-N

    I still can’t afford a ps3.

  • PHeMoX

    It’s 100$ less now, but even then it’s a bit too steep …

    Anyways, congrats to Jon!

  • raigan

    i was over at jon’s on tuesday and it’s awesome, it’s just totally smooth as hell. good lord.

    p.s – i’ve got a copy of the pc version sitting right here on my desk.. *GLOAT* ;p

  • fish

    i playtested the PC version.
    and played it with a 360 controller.
    it was bliss.

    itll be years before a ps3 enters my home, but this is a pretty fucking awesome story anyway.

    yay jon.

  • Derek

    Raigan, just out of curiosity, did you guys become friends through game development or did you know each other before?

    Also, what’s up with Canadians and being awesome at making indie games?

  • fish

    there’s something in the water in ontario.

    that’s my theory.

    montreal has all the giant stupid studios (and even more coming soon), and T.O has all the crazyawesome indies.

    its not fair.

  • Twisted Rabbit

    The ps3 is my blu-ray player, and i lobe him. But i wonder how long wit will take before Sony tries to lap up Aquaria. BUT if anyone does, i hope its Sony and not Microsoft!

  • fish

    attention jon, derek, metanet and all other indies with games with e-publishing deals…

    how hard is it to negociate the right to have your game published on other platforms?

    lets say i make a game, and that sony approaches me to have it out on PSN, can i say yes but i also want it out on steam, XBLA, wiiware, whatever? is that even an option?

    exclusivities piss me off.

  • Dan MacDonald

    Outpost Kaloki is being remastered and released on the Wii network as Space Station Tycoon…

  • the2bears

    This is really good news, and congratulations to Jon.

    “Also, what’s up with Canadians and being awesome at making indie games?”

    Hmmm… if only we could find a counter-example ;)


  • moi


  • raigan

    our experience is that everyone wants an exclusive, however it’s not unconditional — for instance (hypothetical) they might want an exclusive, but only for handheld OR non-handheld. and usually this is only for X months after release.

    @derek: i met him at U of Toronto, we had an electrical engineering class together (in compsci they make you take at least one hardware class) — he had already made all sorts of games (including a text-mode robotron clone that won a gamedev.net contest i think) but mare and i were still just learning the basics.

  • Jim McGinley

    Jonathan Mak rocks. The fact he refused to use the H in John just makes him that much cooler. Can’t wait to buy the final game.

    The water in Toronto smells sometimes, so that might explain everything. Damn you Geosmin! http://www.toronto.ca/water/supply/odour.htm

    Please allow me shamelessly plug 2 Toronto indie game things I’m involved with:
    1. Jugglin’ – http://www.bigpants.ca/juggling
    2. TOJam – http://www.tojam.ca

    Once again, super congratulations to Jon

  • PoV

    Yeah, Toronto does smell. :P :). Why do you have to be a 2 hour drive from London? :P

  • jonathan mak

    thanks guys!

    oh my god e3 is fucking tiring.

  • nullerator

    So, PC-version?

  • moi

    If there was a PC version he’d have fucking answered after the 832nd person questioning him about it.
    So I guess that means NO PC VERSION!

  • skaldicpoet9

    No PC version, that is sad, because I am definitely not buying a PS3 anytime soon. I think that Sony’s initial $599 price tag was a slap in the face to gamers everywhere, it’s no wonder the Wii is in the lead for total console sales lately…
    Man, and I really wanted to play this game, oh well…

  • PoV

    Well, it’s easier not to support a PC version, then it is to support one. Supporting a PC version is a heck of a lot more costly than supporting a console version. In fact, probably don’t need to support it at all as a console game. Jon’s only one guy, and while others are more than happy to help customers (making the sale), some of us developers would rather spend our time making games.

    Also, the PC’s not that lucrative a market for core gamers. Many have computers yes, but the classic arcade gaming mindset of “pick up and play” is something consoles do much better. Everyday shooter certainly falls in to that categorization.

    So fine, don’t buy a PS3 to play it. If you really care, go visit your friend that bought a PS3, or sneak download it at Best Buy/EB.