Aggressive Sokoban

By: Derek Yu

On: July 13th, 2007

aggressive sokoban

Aggressive Sokoban (direct download) takes Sokoban and puts it on its side, turning the slow-paced original game into a manic platformer where deft maneuvering and precision box throwing is the key. The player is presented with 14 rooms split into two worlds (6 in easy, 8 in hard) and the is charged with completing them as quickly as possible. A special mode lets you try out each level before you attempt a time attack on an entire world.

It’s incredibly fun and the cute graphics and music tie the entire package together! Go for the “A” ranking!

(Source: dessgeega)

  • fish

    what the fuck is wrong with that background?

    also, that guy kinda looks like my guy, dammit.

  • Derek

    Aye, yeah, the image reduction looked terrible. Fixt.

  • Jesse

    It don wurk.
    I clicked the first link.
    I get ActionScript errors.

    Using Firefox…
    According to I have Flash 9 installed…

  • basara

    Its not working for me either, I get a black screen that does nothing :

  • Derek

    Oh really? Try this direct link to the game, then:

    Let me know if that works and if not, I’ll host it.

  • ithamore

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the online version (I’ve played it before), but a downloadable version is available at 3Punge:

    Direct Download:

  • Derek

    Hey guys, sorry – I didn’t even realize there was a flash version. The download is further down the page, but I included a direct link in the post. :)

  • Miscellamer

    The guy looks like a mime.

  • Mazapán

    Oh wow. And it’s all Action Script 3, the source is included.

  • BranDude

    I got a S+ on Course 1 and an A on 2. Finally, a game on tigs that I am decent at!