Here Comes a Kitten…

By: Derek Yu

On: July 13th, 2007


…to chase away the anger. :’(

  • papamook

    aaaah… and relax

  • fish

    that cat looks slightly…challenged.

  • Optrirominiluikus

    your anger was justified. but the kitty works ^__^

  • shinygerbil

    At least it’s not showing you its pokemans.

  • Cas

    I want to shoot that kitten though :/

    Why do I like blowing stuff up and shooting things so much?

  • murse


  • King-N

    Not exactly as cute as my dog, but still a fluffy ball of joy to chase the gloomies away.

  • Koach

    @fish: you have archived something that happens seldomly to me when sitting in front of my comp: you made me laugh out loud. that was some serious hittin’ the nail on the head… but it might’ve been the beer, too ;)

  • makeshifter

    damn you overly cut kitten. DAMN YOU!!!!!!

    well now what?

  • makeshifter

    i meant to say cute not cut

  • makeshifter

    i know this isn’t tigsource type stuff but try playing dystopia ,a mod for half life two, or generally any game that has you use steam. i’ve found that only cute little kittens and a game where you make seeds grow with words can calm me down.

  • the2bears

    Calming apathy taking over… rage subsiding…

    Aaachoo. Damn allergies.


  • Lurk

    I have a great idea for a match-3 game with kittens…

  • Oddbob

    Super Kitten Binbagging?

  • Dan MacDonald

    Whenever I see kittens I’m always saddened by how many God must have to kill… I mean the collective readership of tigsource alone has probably killed thousands! (millions?)

  • Twisted Rabbit

    makeshifter is that a plug for General Electrics Seeds of Imagination? awesome. I did a term paper on Seeds of Imagination

  • DrDerekDoctors

    I’m killing one right now. HELL YES!

  • PHeMoX

    *i meant to say cute not cut*

    Don’t they all say that? :p

  • makeshifter

    lol ummm i dont really know the name if you could give me a link though i would be happy to tell you

  • makeshifter

    nm i looked it up and yes thats it. and dear sweet jesus you did a REPORT ON IT!

  • Peni

    The kitty is sad that you all are masterbating.

  • Twisted Rabbit

    Yup, and i got a decent grade as well… It was interesting to say the least

  • makeshifter

    peni. no just no. we dont care about that kinda stuff. besides i’d say that cat is smiling. or its hunting a bug.

  • Peni

    I apologize.

    Its just that my life is a complete mess. I recently came out, and everything is new again. I had a hard time dealing with my conflicting emotions, yet still sometimes the old me breaks through, interrupting my slow progression towards becoming someone that could actually be loved.

    I long so very much for the touch of another human being… someone to hold me through the night and comfort me throughout these turbulent times. Its just… to live so long without an intimate human connection… I feel like I have to lash out on the internet to try to make others feel the way I did every day that I was trapped in that closet.

    I hope you guys can support me as I go through these intense physical and emotional changes. I’m grateful for your patience and understanding.

    Manhugs for all!

  • makeshifter

    IT BURNS IT BURNS!!!! seriously. this is a game website. we don’t need to know that kinda stuff. just say your sorry and leave it at that. im a physiologist so as creepy as it is i understand many a thing. I’ve talked to literally insane people and understood. its creepy how empathetic i am. but these other people have stopped listening. and even im getting to that point i bid you. nay beg you to stop talking like that. i suggest poetry. as you find many a person will ignore you. fight back. make them except you for who you are. really though. your only making it worse by accepting that you are being ignored and cast out. for when they begin to accept you you can live a normal life. now i bid you good day.

  • Dan MacDonald

    dood.. he’s a troll.. he’s just baiting you. :|

  • Peni

    Where did you get your phd? a community college? its acceptm not except you wannabee doctor. LOL.

    and please…please stop masterbating.

  • makeshifter

    i actually got it off the internet. its legit too i passed with flying colors. of course i had to lie about my age. but its not as if im opening a business. as for the troll. well feh if he is a troll non of this is costing me anything so whatever i’ll play his game if not. well. i don’t know. but if you didn’t catch that last part i said im going to start ignoring him.
    or her? whatever.

  • Faunis



  • PHeMoX

    *I’ve talked to literally insane people and understood.*

    And right there is were you give yourself away. ;) There’s no true understanding insane people. Off course, there are all kinds of types, but most of them are a complete mental chaos.

    Then again, most geniuses are/were pretty much 95% insane.

  • PHeMoX

    No wonder Einstein agreed to build the atomic bomb, eey? He is said to have said that he ‘regretted having worked on it’ … lol, like *he* didn’t know what he was working on. :p That makes you wonder huh ;p