Weekend Videos

By: Derek Yu

On: July 13th, 2007

Everyday Shooter, official E3 trailer:

Jon Mak on Everyday Shooter, artistry as a game developer, and “innovation:”

Hahaha… I love Jon! The interviewer might as well have been a cement brick. Gotta stay until the end, it’s awesome.

De Blob gameplay video:

It looks fun, although I wish there was more interaction with things other than buildings. I also second that the original blob character design was better. But then again, you have to remember that they’re marketing for people like this:

“The wii version will be better then the PC, also because the blob doesn’t look like a chode”Kojjiro, YouTube user, probably not his school’s valedictorian

That’s it! Have a great weekend, folks!

(Sources: Indygamer)

  • Peni

    Dat shooter gamez l00ks like it gonna pwn. ps3 r0x0rz bea7ches.

  • http://josephkingworks.blogspot.com Joseph

    Derek you are really active on TIGSource does that mean you are done doing art assets for Aquaria?

  • rinkuhero

    Back in the Ohrrpgce community there were *tons* of “what should I make a game about? give me ideas and I’ll make a list and make a game like that” posts. Argh!

  • Bonekhan

    Both games looks wonderful, though I will definitely have De Blob when it comes out.

  • skaldicpoet9

    Hmm, I was under the impression that Everyday Shooter was going to be Free ware…so does this mean we are going to have to pay like 50 bucks to play this game because Sony is releasing it? ‘Cause that would be a shame…

  • http://mooktown.blogspot.com/ papamook

    lol, I was feeling too lazy to blog today as well so I just posted a movie too. how coincimental…

  • Dust

    i love that interview, i saw it a while when looking up info for everyday shooter.

  • Ilia Chentsov

    Reminds me of High Plains Drifter.

  • Rz.

    that interview wasn’t so great, i think. Jon seemed nervous as hell and the questions were a bit iffy.
    wowowow that interviewer was hilarious though “*nodnod*…sweet.*nodnod*” he seemed to be thinking “what a geeky fag” the whole time.
    :( JMak is sexi though

  • FF

    JMak pwn3d that interview, GameZombie is our bitch.

    @Rz: GTFO hater!

  • Rz.Rz.

    sorry. ;_;

  • http://isadorblog.blogspot.com Isador21

    So true, it’s sad when people just BEG for freakin’ clones …
    Narbacular Drop ftw :3

  • I Am Too Scared To :(

    In all honesty, I thought the interview was great. Until when he was complaining like this:

    “How can you do that and call yourself an artist or I’m indie or whatever”

    It sounded damn pretentious to me. Attempts at game making, no matter what the subject, should be encouraged. Not everyone makes games that are supposed to be art, and no one should be discouraged from trying.

    I am extremely ecstatic for him that his game got picked up by Sony, and deserves the publicity. But now that he’s on top he shouldn’t downplay other people. It makes you look like an ass.

    While I’m anonymous, I’d also like to say that his game isn’t really that innovative. It’s a shooter with geometry-wars controls with music added on top. Hell, it’s even called “Everyday Shooter”.

    I’m not trying to downplay his accomplishments or anything, I want to reiterate that I am totally stoked for him! But damn, the end of the interview made me lose respect for him.

  • LOL

    The only reason it bothers you is cause you know he’s fucking right. ;)

  • Gah

    You missed the point of what I was trying to say. Congratulations. I must have missed the transition from encouraging people -> immature squabbling and elitism.
    People are asses.

  • konjak

    I don’t think you need to be anonymous, it’s just your opinion.

    Personally, I don’t think he uttered anything special in that interview. Kudos to him, but what was special with his answers? They sounded pretty run-of-the-mill “indie is the only creative scene” to me. :D

  • konjak

    Keep in mind, I hate how infested the scene is with shmups, so I hate on everything. :(

  • namuol

    If I’m part of no elite and certainly not on “the top”, but why do I agree with Jon Mak?

    I agree that it’s a bad idea to discourage any young game makers, but if Mak is anything like myself, he probably just has more faith in people and expects great things from them. Hell, despite optimism like that I am still constantly surprised and amazed by new indie titles.

  • konjak

    By the way, is it known if Jon is in on developing the game? I learned that the students that made De Blob originally sold off ALL their rights.

    It just seems like a move you shouldn’t do.

  • rinkuhero

    I don’t think he’s discouraging them. I doubt he, like, sees an 11 year old asking for ideas on the Game Maker forum and replies with YOU IDIOT THIS ISN’T HOW YOU MAKE GAMES JUST GIVE UP or something. *That* would be one thing, but just saying that it’s a horrible way to make games in an interview is something else.

  • kthxbyehaveanicedaysoup

    Jon Mak is right. IMHO.

    OK. First of all, Gah, the interview is from March at the IGF. Check out the Game Zombie website. Guess you missed that. Doing your homework is fun. Was it before he won or after? Hmmm….. uhh….who cares?

    Second of all, it was unscripted. His views may have changed by now. I think he’s what’s known as a human. Not sure though. He has some pretty Sweet hair. And he plays the guitar. And programs. And makes games. And runs some forums. I think.

    Third of all, GIVE THE DUDE A BREAK!!

    Forth of all, can you do better? Can you program, make music, design games, create something that’s interesting, and deal with the stress that he has had to without flipping?

    Fifth of all, Innovative? K. So let me get this straight. J Mak has his opinion of what a game/indie/art should be, and you have yours. J Mak has his opinion of what innovation is, and you have yours. What’s the problem? I believe J Mak would know more than anyone else ( or at least you) what it means to be indie and an artist. And he’s entitled to his own opinion, just as you are. Get over it.

    Fifth point five of all, I’m not sure how he’s discouraging anyone from making a game except for you.

    Sixth of all, Jon Mak’s game is called Everyday Shooter. What’s yours called? Kthx.

    Seventh of all, Jon Mak is one of the few PEOPLE today, along with Alec and Derek, paving the path for indies to at least gain some recognition by the mainstream. GIVE THE DUDE A BREAK!! He’s doing his best.

    Eighth of all, NERD RAGE ROrXox. Embrace it. It just shows he’s a passionate person.

    Ninth off all, Meh to your comments. They seem a little Meh and pretentious to me. Congratulations. You just made yourself look like two fat Camel Jibblies.

    Tenth of all, JON MAK RoxkrzZ!!!! Keep it up bud. Never give up!!!

  • konjak

    You can’t really say someone can’t react to his statement if he might have changed his opinion since then, though.

    But yeah, it’s a spontaneous interview.

  • Okay..I give up

    This is toward “LOL” and “kthxbyehaveanicedaysoup”

    I wasn’t trying to sound pretentious, Jesus Christ. I said many times I was elated for the guy. I’m really happy for Jon Mak, truly.

    I don’t make games, nor do I want to, so making personal attacks at me as a developer / etcetera mean nothing for your arguments.

    My whole point that I thought I was getting across (obviously not, most likely due to my shitty writing skills) was that once you succeed, you shouldn’t call out people on forums who are at least trying, just because they aren’t original / innovative. I feel its more beneficial to have everyone try to create something, eventually they will evolve into good programmers / developers.

    Thats it. All I was saying. Give me a fucking break. Your type are the reason I stayed anonymous on my little thought-rant. I was giving my thoughts on what Jon Mak SAID, not attacking him personally, I think he’s an awesome guy and have expressed many times how stoked for him I am.

  • nullerator

    Heh, Jonathan Mak kind of reminded me of Frank Grimes for some reason…

  • http://www.rsblsb.com Shawn

    “By the way, is it known if Jon is in on developing the game? I learned that the students that made De Blob originally sold off ALL their rights.”

    He didn’t sell anything. He’s making the game exactly how he wants and doing all the work himself.

  • http://www.rsblsb.com Shawn

    I also think you guys missed his point. His point isn’t to discourage people who want to make games, but rather to give advice that it’s not about making what other people want; it’s about making what you want.

    If anything it’s a “hey! you don’t have to listen to what other people want, just go play some games and make what you wish someone already made but hasn’t.”

    There isn’t any elitism in anything Jon said.

  • PoV

    Common sense is elitist.

  • Farmergnome

    Damn that game looks sweet, oh and chill, at least its not another f*kin match 3.

  • Aubrey

    Jon Mak isn’t elitist. He’s just BETTER THAN YOU.

  • uh…

    Thanks Cap’n Obvious

  • Hooker with a penis

    I agree with Shawn and others.
    I think what Jon said about that forum guy has a huge point.And I think he had the right to attack, if that’s what it’s taken as.
    The industry gets by developing games a lot by based on polls and with the same kind of attitude as a guy who’s favourite game is, “uh well.. quake” and goes to forums and just asks others “what do you want”. Sure making games like this gives various technical abilities – but what games are to me aren’t all about that. If you do that, sure – try to sell your skills to a big company. But is it “indie”? NO.
    I just don’t understand why pointing this would be pretentious? And what comes to the “anonymous-Okay..I give up”: when you say someone’s is pretentious, you are attacking.
    And also I think he didn’t bring his statement up in a manner of:”I have just succeeded, and now I can dis the lowly worms”
    I’m not now attacking you – just a correction. Whaddya think?

  • ugh

    Calling something pretentious is OBSERVING, not attacking. You people are idiots (attack) and I get a awesome kick out of you all arguing about what is essentially a guy making a shooter where “every level has its own chain system” and talking about innovation (observation).

    The interview sucked by the way. You put two 12 year olds talking about games in their place and it would sound slightly more high pitched, but still just as stupid (theory and attack and observation).
    John Mack, yet another reason why indy gaming isn’t what it could/should/ever will be. This loner obviously doesn’t get out much, and makes games accordingly. He relies entirely on himself to achieve tasks that aren’t built for one person.

  • BTW

    That little rant right there ^^ wasn’t by the same person who did the little “pretentious talk”, just to clear things up. I like Jon Mak, was just giving thoughts on what he said. :)

  • Hmmm….

    Jon Mak likes making games. Jon Mak says maybe I’ll throw this in a few contests and see what happens. People like game. People like game good enough to nominate for some awards. Jon Mak wins, probably to his surprise. Jon Mak goes home. Jon Mak hears Sony likes game, probably to his surprise. Sony says lets make a deal. Sony cuts Jon Mak a sweet deal. Jon Mak has a deal with Sony. Old interview gets posted on TIGsource. World blows up and pigs start flying. Moon turns blue. Ugh make match 3’s in game maker. Ugh real mad Jon. Sony no like Ugh. Ugh make red, blue, yellow match 3 game maker. Ugh say pretentious and other word to big Ugh brain. Ugh go cry now because Ugh loser and work at post office. Ugh from cave. Jon Mak from Canada. Ugh mad Jon Mak winner. Ugh suck thumb cry like baby.

    Jon Mak Rox. 4Life.

  • fish

    i say amen.

  • Hooker with a penis

    Amen! =)

  • Hooker with a penis

    and i suggest you “anonymous” come up with somekind of alias so it would make everyone’s interraction with you easier. I’m honestly quite surprised it takes only few “that kind of people” to critisize your arguments and you like to figuratively “hide”.

    If you’d check back at some posts you’d notice what a gigantic ass I’ve made myself here. yet I’ll still live with it. Okay, I was wrong – and in circumstances where I wouldn’t have been, and had still faced disagreement, I’d like been “like totally whatever, dude. xD XoXoXo <3"

    Sure, hey! hate the world.

  • Derek

    Ugh is:

    1. An over-the-hill, disgruntled employee of a mediocre mainstream game company working on a number of dull 3D platformers / FPS’s.

    2. A coward who likes to hide behind pseudonyms and “argue” that people can’t make games with anything less than a team of 10 because he himself doesn’t have the determination, creativity, or talent to do so himself.

    3. Will continue to avoid responding to any arguments against him and instead will come back sporadically to spit venom at people more interesting and talented than him (people will real opinions about games) because it’s the only way he can feel good about himself.

    What’s funny is that in 10 years, some other asshole just like Ugh will be trolling websites, making fun of our current crop of mainstream 3d titles… telling people about “gaming’s mediocre past in the year 200X” and trying to convince people that you can’t make a _real_ game without a team of 1000 people, 5000 quantum computers, and a cyborg.

    At that time, Ugh’s tiny, closed-up little mind will still be wrestling with the idea that, in his lifetime, he has contributed nothing but a few hundred thousand lines of code to a couple of mediocre 3d game engines…

    Jesus, I think I just made myself depressed. :'(

  • Hooker with a penis

    Now now, Derek.. there, there. Weep on my shoulder..
    ..Perhaps another kitten..? =)

  • PHeMoX

    *i say amen.*

    Hell yes! Ow and may ‘Ugh’ trip over his own shoestrings soon.

  • PHeMoX

    By the way, the interviewer could have done a better job, he seemed uninterested , unmotivated and not that prepared, but I guess the latter is normal for an unscripted interview.

  • fish

    “An over-the-hill, disgruntled employee of a mediocre mainstream game company working on a number of dull 3D platformers / FPS’s.”

    hey, me too!
    now im depressed too!

    i wear black on the outside because thats how i feel on the inside!

  • krizzle


  • Stwelin

    Jesus guys, you’re not gonna convince everyone that Everyday Shooter is 100% innovative indie sex on a stick, just relax, if you’ll enjoy playing it, more power to you! If someone dislikes it, trying to prove them wrong is just as bad as when they try to force Halo down our throats. :(

    You’re never gonna please everybody.

  • Um

    Nobody tried to do that.