metablog: are we all caught up now?

By: Derek Yu

On: July 22nd, 2007

Limp Chain (lol)

I’m back! What a wonderful break. Lorne gets brownie points for posting in my absence. During the Indie Rapture he, and he alone, will join me in the Indie Kingdom of Heaven. (It’s a cardboard box outside a warehouse in Hoboken.)

I want to point you fine folks today at the metablog, wherein discussions are taking place concerning Robotology, their current project, its history, and lots and lots of physics. Does “David Wu’s amazingly awesome implicit-Euler-based solver” sound amazingly awesome to you? Then you best be getting yo’self down to the metablog, post haste! (Get it? Post haste? Maybe not…)

(Source: GameSetWatch)

  • Tim

    lol I was just about to post the same thing. :D

  • Derek

    Tim, look into the mirror… I AM you. :O

  • Tim

    Haha… ok, I’ll go unearth some gems and post about them right away. ;)

    Oh yeah and welcome back. :D

  • BeamSplashX

    I am the cardboard box.

  • Zaphos

    Oh no … link to metablog has an extra quotation mark at the end; makes computers sad.

  • Derek

    @Zaphos: Whups.

    Thanks, Tim! :)

  • +Peter

    If a cardboard box in Hoboken is Heaven, what is that little city across the river?

  • makeshifter

    a place where michle jackson was hired to work at… so basically a hell where you watch bad dances and get raped.

  • makeshifter

    DONT FLAME ME!?!?! *cowers*