Kokoromi 2.0

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: July 30th, 2007


On the topic of Phil Fish, Montreal-based experimental indie game development collective Kokoromi (profiled here in This Magazine) just launched their new site. It’s nice — you should check it out!

As for Fez, Phil linked me to a corrected version of the infamous “somethig” screenshot. (Which, I agree, deserves to be a meme.) Fix your lookin’ balls on it here.

…I liked the old one better.

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC


    (I like that.)

  • Um


  • Zetetic Elench

    If ‘somethig’ does not make it into the game I will bellow a hearty cry of disbelief and disappointment.

  • haowan


    I think you mean “STARIG”?

  • Um

    Non, je n’ai pas voulu dire pour dire cela aux français fous.

  • fish

    oh, that picture.


  • Neon


    Did you use a translator or is my french bad. That scentence looks all butchered like to me.



    Vous deux are doing us Canadian indie gamers proud. *sniffles*

    If there’s anything i could do to help i would but really i can only do some vector graphics (not for in a game, i don’t think.) and uhh well i speak english and french. But if you got this far in indie gaming then i doubt the language barrier is much of a problem.

    Wait… do these guys read this forum?

  • Um

    Ceci n’est pas un forum.

  • fish


    dude, i post here all the time.

    and what do you mean this far?
    we’re just getting started.

    i was born ready.

    the night is still young.

    lock and load.

  • moboid

    fish you forgot Let’s roll.

    Yes, I am the Bono of the group. Or maybe the Bonowannabe.

  • Neon


    it’s forum-ish. do you havea a better name.


    Yay, i didn’t know who you were so i wouldn’y really know if you read or posted anything here.

    And if you got on to TIGS then you’ve come pretty far in my books. This is where all indie game makers aspire to be… right?

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC


    @Fish: Aw, you don’t like that picture? I’ll use a sexier one next time.

  • fish

    its getting old.

    THIS magazine wanted a picture to go with the story. so they sent a photographer to heather’s place. really nice guy. we took a LOT of pictures. all kinds. and then we took 2 of those band shots, as a joke, and of course they used that one.

    there were much better ones.

    oh well.