Dream-Build-Play Winners Announced

By: Derek Yu

On: August 13th, 2007

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

(Dream-Build-Play is a contest for games built with Microsoft’s XNA Studio.)

Check the results: in a surprise move, D-B-P officials have chosen 2 games for 1st place, and 2 games for 2nd place, offering XBLA publishing deals to all of them! Whoa. That’s kind of a big change to the rules. But more games is never a bad thing.

Congratulations to the winners. Dead Samurai is the one that piques my interest the most, with its gothy atmosphere and sweet, bloody action. It’s made by the guys who did the Zombie Smashers series of games, which I enjoyed.

But hey, no Samurai Soul Hunters? What gives?!

  • Neon

    Uhmm is my family secretly imbread or can you download anything.

  • Neon

    *not download

  • PoV

    Well, at least everyone gets a copy of Windows Vista. :P

  • Twisted Rabbit

    looks yummy

  • http://waru360.codesan.com/ waruwaru

    Yeah, I am a bit disappointed that Samurai Soul Hunters didn’t make it either.

  • eg

    Well, at least everyone gets a copy of Windows Vista. :P

    That’s supposed to be good news?

  • Dan MacDonald

    The games that won were all complete games that were nearly ready to go live. The first two games were made by single dudes, which is pretty cool. Especially Dish, I talked to the developer, he’s really cool (and not at all gothy).

    The Microsoft guys basically told us the really liked SSH and that if we added a little more content they’d be happy to stick us in front of publishers and put us in touch with the right people.

    The funny thing about XBLA is that Microsoft doesn’t really control the slots, they promise release slots to publishers to fill. They had 4 available slots a and the awarded all of them to DBP finalists. They would have published more if they had the spaces, but at this point they’ll have to rely on their partner publishers to get the rest of the games out.

    I spent a lot of time with a developer from Yo Ho Kablammo and The Dishwasher and they are both every deserving developers. Congrats to all the finalists really, it was a great showing.

  • Shih Tzu


    Is The Dishwasher no longer in black-and-white, though? That’s a little disappointing. The Sin City vibe was really stylish.

  • raigan

    Microsoft _do_ have control over all their slots of course, they’ve just stupidly let publishers claim and sit on slots rather than only giving out slots to people who have something ready to go.

    Totally excited about Graviton, Badminton, and Dishwasher..

  • Mazapán

    Hey, cool to see Gravitron Ultra making it this far. I’m in the same summer course as them! (smug smile)

  • Dan MacDonald

    Yeah the available slots have more to do with the amount of budget Microsoft has to be releasing 2nd party titles. Especially XNA ones, will require a lot of work from the Microsoft side to get them though cert etc because that’s a new process for them.