The Making of Guxt

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: August 24th, 2007

The Making of Guxt - Translated by Shih Tzu

Pixel recently posted a little “making of ”" title=“Direct link to Guxt” >Guxt" feature on his website, which Shih Tzu was kind enough to translate to English for all us gaijin. Thanks, Shih Tzu — you rock!

The feature, er, features screen grabs of the game in development, with notes describing what was being worked on at each point. It’s a pretty cool window into the acclaimed game designer’s creative process and an interesting read for folks wondering what it’s like to make a game. (Man, I would love to see an afterword for Cave Story as well, or maybe a postmortem or two!)

View the translated Making of Guxt online here.

Download the zip (with bonus screen grabs!) here.

Thanks again, Shih Tzu! Excellent work, as always.

  • Derek

    Brandon’s back online?! :O

  • BMcC

    Almost! :)

    I wanted to get this online while I had the chance. (Still gotta do moving stuff through the weekend.)

    But I got a new computer (!!!), a nice studio setup, and I’ll be back for reals as soon as I can get the cable guy to come over and hook up my internets. Hopefully… this week?

  • BMcC

    I miss it around here. :(

  • Derek

    Dude, you’ve been saying that you’ll be back for soooooo long… :(

    (We miss you, too.)

    (Sweaty manlove.)

  • BMcC

    I know, I feel like a jerk. ;_;

    But I promise you this: When I am back, I’ll be back *hard.*

  • Rz.

    i have missed BMcC like an old man misses shuffleboard. :3

  • Jesus

    guxt? whats that? i’ll dl if it sounds fun.

  • Shih Tzu

    Guxt is a vertical shooter from the creator of Cave Story. You can download it at the link below under the year 2007.

  • Joseph

    Hey that’s really interesting seeing Pixel’s process. I just wish there was an easy difficulty setting for Guxt, my reflexes are nowhere near as good as Pixel’s.

  • Joseph

    How’s Guy Balding btw?

  • Peni

    this game is sooooo goood! pixel is God I want to have his baby. only a god could make a game this awesome. I wish I was like him.