Hikkoshi (Lonely House-Moving)

By: Derek Yu

On: August 29th, 2007


Hikkoshi is the latest flash game from NIGORO, a cute story about a boy running after the girl he loves. Moles, birds, and luggage are all that stands between them!

The controls and game mechanics are very simple. Use the arrow keys and spacebar to move and jump. Collect food to replenish your life. You get points by jumping over things or more if you jump on top of them (only some things can be jumped on).

It’s hard to distinguish food and hurtful objects at first – just know that there are only four types of food: the white and black rice balls, the blue and white cans of what looks like Pocari Sweat, and the corn and lemons that the farmer will toss you.

It’s fun! Can you beat my level 3 score of 757521?

(Source: dessgeega, from The Gamer’s Quarter forums)

  • Xander

    I’m all for ever increasing highscores, but I’m hoping (because I keep dying rather than anything else) that there is some way to have a finite conclusion. I’d just find it too sad if he -never- caught up with her.

    “Sure, I’m ranked No 1 on the leaderboard. But, was it worth it?…*wanders the desert between the winds*”

  • agh

    There is an end.
    Its quite easy to get to it on level 1.

  • Sanders

    Xander: My thoughts exactly. I can all the points in the world but it means nothing without youuuuuuuuuu… (T_T)

    I wonder if I should wait till there’s a translation like with Rose and Camillia. But since the game isn’t that text heavy I should give level 1 a go to see what happens.

  • Sanders

    Well, actually that ending was pretty straight-forward. No need for translations. (^_^)

  • Average Higgins

    Holy crap, I just found out that if you run into a pair of panties, instead of sustatining damage you wear them on your head.

  • Romantic Guy

    That guy is a fool for runnig after that truck. With all that stuff falling off the truck she is bound to come back anyway.

  • Peach

    Catch the panties with your head for the super secret special ending.

  • Tim

    But I’ve never stolen any screenshots!